Reasons Why Homeowners Call For Emergency Heating And AC Repair | Richardson, TX

Reasons Why Homeowners Call For Emergency Heating And AC Repair | Richardson, TX

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Comfort isn’t the only reason why people call for emergency heating and AC repair, though it sure is an important one. When the temperature of your home starts to dip in the winter or head towards boiling in the summer, there can be a lot of concerns. Health is a critical issue, especially for seniors and those with respiratory conditions. Other consequences of temperatures out of control can include melting the icing on a production line of cupcakes, trouble keeping the fish tank at the right temperature for valuable pet fish, trying not to look like you’ve got “flop sweat” when you’re doing a video interview for a job, concern for your hairless cat in winter, or iced tea that turns into hot tea as soon as the ice melts. Our modern lifestyles are so much better with HVAC systems keeping our comfort consistent, and at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, we keep our customers in Richardson, TX and other area communities warm in the winter and cool in the summer, rather than the reverse.

Emergencies with Your Heating System

For many homeowners, heating is not only a health and comfort concern but essential for avoiding cold-related damage throughout the house. Water in the pipes is probably the biggest issue, as we’ve seen in recent years. There are many other ways that a home can be affected by cold, though, some are as simple but costly as a valuable bottle of wine that freezes, plants that perish, and personal items such as cosmetics and medications that are affected by the cold. We rely on keeping our homes within a fairly tight range of temperatures. Our expert emergency heating and AC repair team in Richardson, TX know that addressing questionable heating performance is important, and equipment failure is critical.

When Your Furnace Shows Signs of Electrical Trouble

If you wake up in the night and your home is cold, checking the lights is a good first step. If your power is still on, there could still be electrical problems affecting your heating unit, and you may have clues that help us diagnose the problem such as frequent circuit breaker tripping recently or the acrid smell that comes with electrical problems. You might also experience the effects of electrical problems on other equipment in your home, such as lights dimming when your ventilation fans start up.

Gas Odors

Gas odors can be from your furnace, or drawn into and distributed by your system from another source. Either way, it’s a gas emergency and should be handled accordingly.

Other Smells

Dirty ducts can have all sorts of material inside, and this can produce unpleasant smells as the organic material decays. If the smell seems related to your furnace and air distribution system, for health reasons it should be checked out.

Furnace and Boiler Leaks

For safety’s sake, if your unit is leaking, an emergency heating and AC repair team visit are essential to determine and correct the cause. You may be catching an emerging issue as it begins, which could save all sorts of headaches.

Loud Furnace

If you’re being startled by the operation of your furnace, either the air handling equipment or the burner starting, something needs attention and our team can help avoid damage from it. A mild flexing of your ducts is the exception, that’s fairly normal as the system pushes air through them after a rest.

Cold Air Blowing With a Warm Thermostat Setting

If you’re setting the thermostat to get some heat, and the air circulation system starts up but no warmth comes from the furnace, it’s time to call for help. Even if this only happens occasionally, an intermittent furnace problem is also a serious issue in need of expert attention.

Barely Warm Air Blowing

A poorly performing heating system can require an experienced professional in Richardson, TX to diagnose, because your systems may be operating, but not well enough, or there’s a subtle or unusual issue that our experience will help us find quickly. It’s worth having this problem investigated promptly since there are components between your air circulation and furnace that transfer heat which should be checked for your safety as well as comfort.

Nothing Happening with Your Furnace

The basic emergency heating and AC repair call. Even if resetting your circuit breaker gets the furnace operating again, you may want to have us check it, and if you continue to experience breaker tripping, definitely so.

Heat Seems Fine, But Fuel Bills are Up

If the amount of energy your system is using is rising, there’s likely to be an efficiency problem that needs attention. Your annual tune-up should keep your unit humming along and efficient, but there are issues that can arise that need prompt attention to avoid damage or air quality issues.

Anything Else You Suspect Is a Heater Problem

If you have concerns that seem to arise in relation to your heating, such as dry air once the heating season starts, that should be handled by your add-on HVAC system humidifier, our team can take the clues from you and investigate the issue. In some cases, you may actually avoid an emergency heating and AC repair visit later in the heating season.

Recurring Heating Issues

If you’re experiencing issues that don’t seem like emergency heating and AC repair issues, like a heating system that doesn’t always start when it should but eventually does, if you have recurring issues that’s a sign that something needs attention. That’s especially true if you haven’t had your annual maintenance, since that involves giving your system a once-over and tuneup that catches or helps avoid a lot of potential issues.

Dimming Lights When Furnace Starts

Even if your unit is not tripping the circuit breakers from time to time, dimming lights associated with heating system operation is possibly an indication that there’s an overload that needs emergency heating and AC attention before it gets worse or causes electrical problems.

Emergencies with Your Air Conditioning System

Leaks, sounds, and various forms of air conditioning system failure can all be reasons to call for our emergency heating and AC repair team to restore your air conditioning or deal with emerging issues before they become full emergencies. That’s particularly true of issues involving possible electrical problems and other urgent health and safety concerns.

Strange Noises from the Outdoor Unit

Mechanical parts in the outdoor unit include the compressor, fan, and contactor, each of which can make a variety of noises. Our emergency heating and AC repair team occasionally find other noise sources, including small animals living in the unit. Periodic maintenance can address all of these noise sources to avoid unit failure, and for emergency repairs, mentioning these sounds can be helpful clues.

Strange Noises from the Indoor Unit

Fans are the potentially noisiest components of your system indoors under normal circumstances, but other issues could also produce unexpected sounds. Your evaporator might make hisses or high-pitched noises, and any add-on equipment such as your humidifier and dehumidifier used to balance humidity when the AC is running could also make noises that our expert HVAC detectives can chase down and correct with professional promptness.

Ice Forming on Your Indoor AC, Possibly with Puddles Below

Airflow issues such as a clogged air filter can cause problems with your evaporator. It not only cools the moist warm air that passes through from your air intake and condenses moisture out of the air which drains away, but it also keeps from dropping to freezing temperatures thanks to the continuing supply of warmth from the air. When that balance is disrupted by poor airflow, ice builds up. Our emergency heating and AC repair team can identify the causes of this problem and address them so your system can continue serving you properly. If there are puddles below, a bit of cleanup is also in order, making sure that the drains are not clogged.

Recurring Breaker Trips

If your protective circuit breakers that control air conditioner power keep tripping, it’s time to call for an emergency heating and AC repair to investigate the source of the overload both for your safety and for the continued operation of your AC unit. If you have other related clues such as lights dimming sometimes when the unit starts, or electrical smells that might indicate a component or motor is failing, that can be helpful.

Burning Smells, Especially Plastic or Electrical

There are a lot of electrical components in your air conditioning unit, both inside and outside. If they develop smells that suggest they’re damaged, cutting power and making an emergency heating and AC repair call make sense.

Other Odors, Especially Moldy

Your evaporator system needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid mold and other growths that can plug the drains and result in leaks into the surrounding area, making a smelly mess that can result in odors infiltrating your airflow. Even worse, if your evaporator is located somewhere above your basement level, this unhealthy water won’t just contaminate your airflow, it will likely damage your home’s walls and other components as well.

Gas Smells

Natural gas smells can indicate that your AC system is drawing in from a leak somewhere in your home, and it’s time to take emergency precautions for a gas leak. If your furnace is gas-fired, our emergency heating and AC repair team can respond as well.

Unusual Sweet Smell in the Air

Refrigerant leaks can smell sweet and that’s something emergency heating and AC repair technicians can deal with quickly, saving this costly substance and repairing or replacing components to resolve the leak. Good news, too, if your system has been underperforming due to low refrigerant, you’ll have better results. You may also avoid damage to components such as the compressor.

Dimming Lights When Your AC Comes On

Something in your air conditioning unit is drawing more power than expected when it turns on. Are you also experiencing frequent circuit breaker tripping and needing to reset them? Our emergency heating and AC repair team can hunt down the cause before the problem worsens.

Cool Air Isn’t Cooling Your Whole House

While there are many possible causes for ineffective cooling, the efficiency of your air conditioner and your air circulation components are possible concerns. Sometimes the issue is as simple as a badly clogged air filter or ducts that haven’t been cleaned in a long time.

Air Flows But Isn’t Cool

Professional emergency heating and AC repair technicians in Richardson, TX can perform a diagnosis of your air conditioning system to determine the source of the problem. If you’ve had recent maintenance, that could help narrow down the possible causes since many issues would be discovered and corrected at that time.

No Air Flow

If it seems like your AC is operating but no air is circulating, clearly you won’t get much benefit from your energy consumption until it’s fixed. Troubles as simple as a fan belt or failed motor can be the cause, and our expert emergency heating and AC repair team can properly diagnose and repair them promptly, usually with parts we keep in our vehicles so you don’t have to wait long for cool air.

Emergency Heating and AC Repair That’s Concerned About Your Family and Available 24/7

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas provides emergency heating and AC repair services in Richardson, TX and around the metro area, answering our phone 24/7 and pushing to deliver services to your home as soon as we can, night and day. In addition, to prompt service, we also provide a skilled, experienced HVAC team in Richardson, TX that can resolve your system’s urgent issues quickly, usually with parts and tools already in our vehicles. It makes sense to have us as your source for all HVAC services, including emergency heating and AC repair, scheduled maintenance, routine repairs, and new system and component installation. Give us a call to schedule your next maintenance visit, and keep our number handy for emergencies, 24/7.