Survival Tactics After You Call Emergency Heating And AC Repair Service | Dallas, TX

Survival Tactics After You Call Emergency Heating And AC Repair Service | Dallas, TX

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Tough weather can stress your heating and AC systems as they try to keep up with a cold snap or fend off extreme heat and keep your family comfortable. Stress can lead to breakdowns, and a need to call for emergency heating and AC repair service, then wait while they deal with a peak demand for their services. Some manage their schedule better than others, and you can wind up waiting for service without clear expectations. You might even have to wait until the next day if they close in the evening, or go to sleep with your system off, waiting for them to open in the morning. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, TX, we’ve been serving the DFW area since 1988. We knew from the beginning that meeting our customers’ needs required planning, commitments, and availability, and we’ve taken the time to do it right.

We schedule appointments and keep them, and offer emergency heating and AC repair service 24/7. That’s why people call us from all over the metro area, and our consistently high level of service excellence is why they keep calling, year after year when they need emergency heating and AC repair service, maintenance for their systems, installation of new equipment, and more. Survival tactics while you wait? Our job is to make sure you don’t need them, but there are things you may need to do. One of the benefits of having prompt emergency heating and AC repair service available around the clock is that hopefully, you won’t be tempted to use any backup techniques that aren’t safe, involving indoor combustion sources that produce carbon monoxide or use dangerous fuels meant for outdoor use. In most cases, conserving the heat or cooling that you already have and preventing solar heating through your windows when you need AC, or using it if your heater has failed in winter, can help you stay comfortable while our experts are on their way to arrive at their scheduled time at your home.

Handling Emergencies with Your Heating System

It can get pretty cold in our area at times, so when your heating system isn’t taking care of you, our emergency heating and AC repair service in Dallas, TX responds. If you have a heat pump or similar source, issues are similar to those with air conditioning. Furnace issues are a bit more complex, and many of them can be prevented with regular maintenance and tuneups, but when they happen, it’s time to take action. Some of the best strategies to deal with no heat include covering your windows at night to prevent heat loss and closing doors to avoid drafts, but stopgap measures involving gas appliances and portable devices have their dangers, both carbon monoxide and accidental ignition of nearby items. Our emergency heating and AC repair service is your source of professional expertise that will get you on the road to warmth as soon as possible.

Possible Electrical Issues

  • When Your Furnace Shows Signs of Electrical Trouble
  • Dimming Lights When Furnace Starts

If your lights are dimming when your heating starts to operate or you have to reset your furnace circuit breaker more than rarely, our emergency heating and AC repair service can take care of locating the source of the likely overload or other electrical issue for safety as well as more reliable heat. Electricity is a complex subject, and our experts can diagnose issues that go beyond simple repairs, with experience that helps us speed up the process. One simple check to make, though: it’s always possible that your home is entirely without power, and your system is not keeping your home at the desired temperature because of that. Another key item to check: if your thermostat is not powered and operating correctly, all bets are off for system operation.

Sounds and Smells

  • Gas Odors
  • Other Smells
  • Loud Furnace

Gas odors, as always, require a proper emergency response before any further repairs. Our emergency heating and AC repair service can then help with furnace repairs for gas and other odors, loud noises during ignition and air handling, and other odors and sounds such as rattling and squealing during operation. Since your system draws air in as well as circulating it around the house, any sources of odor will be distributed as well if they’re near your air intake. The same goes for airborne particles, pathogens, and allergens, which can affect your health as they circulate. Additional air filtration in a HEPA unit and UV light treatment can help to remove and neutralize these concerns and provide higher quality air in your home.

Airflow Issues

  • Cold Air Blowing With a Warm Thermostat Setting
  • Barely Warm Air Blowing

Aside from air circulation without heat from the furnace, efficiency issues could indicate a problem with the interface between your furnace and ventilation equipment, which needs attention from our emergency heating and AC repair service before you continue to operate the system in many cases. Our customer service personnel can answer questions and get our team directed to take care of you as soon as possible, 24 hours a day. Airflow issues can also result in uneven heating throughout your home, either from the temperature of the air being distributed being too low, or the force of the air being blown. Outside of your system, vent blockages such as furniture clothing, pet beds, or other materials can also reduce the warm airflow and keep rooms from being fully brought to the desired temperature.

Furnace Efficiency and Operation Issues

  • Furnace and Boiler Leaks
  • Heat Seems Fine, But Fuel Bills are Up
  • Nothing Happening with Your Furnace
  • Recurring Heating Issues

Besides issues in the interface between the furnace and air handling, there are other issues that could result in efficiency loss, with either your system working harder to keep your home warm and perhaps failing to do so on really cold days, or using a lot more fuel to do its job. Our emergency heating and AC repair service can take care of your efficiency problems, which may show up as higher energy bills, but ultimately are signs that your system is not operating correctly and may fail at some point. Of course, if that has already happened and your system doesn’t respond even with the circuit breaker reset, we’re the ones to call so you can get warm.

Addressing Emergencies with Your Air Conditioning System

If your AC isn’t working, one of the first survival strategies is to make sure you’re not heating your home with sunlight through the windows. Fans can help you feel cool, but of course, they’re not reducing the temperature of the air. If you have an attic fan, removing heat from the attic using that fan can keep your home from heating further, especially upstairs. You’ll probably find your basement is the coolest place to sleep and relax, but if you call our emergency heating and AC repair service in Dallas, TX, we’ll be doing our best to make sure your home will be cool all over very soon.

Sounds That Aren’t Right

  • Strange Noises from the Outdoor Unit
  • Strange Noises from the Indoor Unit

Most of us tune out the sounds around us over time but notice new ones. Don’t ignore unusual sounds from your AC system. From buzzing and rattling to more alarming sounds like screeching and grinding, your system can make a lot of sounds that indicate mechanical components need attention. Sometimes electrical components that are failing can cause sounds like chattering or clicking that might remind you of a car with a low battery that’s trying to start. Our emergency heating and AC repair service can use information about noises to help diagnose the problem, but some of our customers do a great job of reproducing the sounds as well.

Water and Ice Issues

  • AC Liquid Leaks
  • Ice Forming on Your Indoor AC, Possibly with Puddles Below

Liquid leaks can come from many causes, so it’s best to have our emergency heating and AC repair service investigate and correct them promptly. They can be from ice melting that formed on your evaporator, which cuts into your efficiency and can even stop the flow of cool air and put a strain on your system. If your evaporator is located somewhere other than your basement, water leaking or pooling from the ice or blocked condensate flow can get nasty, moldy water flowing into your home’s walls or ceilings creating an expensive mess. Emergency heating and AC repair service is the way to go before things get really messy.

Electrical Issues

  • Recurring Breaker Trips
  • Dimming Lights When Your AC Comes On

Your AC equipment does use a fair amount of power, but your home should be wired to support it. If you’re having a recurring need to reset your circuit breakers to get your AC working again, or the lights dim when it starts up, it’s time to have someone investigate the problem as they’re both signs of drawing more power than expected. If you smell electrical odors or burning plastic that could be AC wiring, shut down AC power and call our emergency heating and AC repair service in Dallas, TX. Failure of your thermostat or problems with its wiring and power can also keep your air conditioning system from operating correctly.


  • Burning Smells, Especially Plastic or Electrical
  • Other Odors, Especially Moldy
  • Gas Smells
  • Unusual Sweet Smell in the Air

Whether odors coming from your system are signs of trouble within or other odors that it’s picking up and distributing, it’s important to shut down while you get help from our emergency heating and AC repair service in Dallas, TX. In particular, gas smells are either picked up by your AC or are from your nearby furnace, but either way gas emergency procedures should be followed. Sweet smells could be from a refrigerant leak, an emergency AC issue. Moldy smells probably indicate a need for cleaning the evaporator or ducts to restore healthy air, and burning plastic or electrical needs attention right away as well, and likely a circuit breaker shutoff.

Airflow Issues

  • Cool Air Isn’t Cooling Your Whole House
  • Air Flows But Isn’t Cool
  • No Air Flow

Cooling the air properly and getting it everywhere in your home are two important concerns with airflow. The root of a lot of airflow problems is a blockage in the air path, which is why we talk about air filters changing so much. Our emergency heating and AC repair service can help, and carries belts and motors to repair many air circulation systems. The evaporator unit in your home cools your air and pulls some moisture from it at the same time, and if this process doesn’t happen right you can get icing that blocks the airflow as well. Over time, your ducts can accumulate enough dust and other material to actually shrink their inside measurements so air is passing through a smaller space lined with a felt-like collection of debris. Duct cleaning service can make a big difference in airflow as well as air quality when the material is removed, especially allergens and organic material that could encourage bacteria and mold growth.

An Emergency Heating and AC Repair Service You Won’t Have to Wait For and Wonder About

At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas we provide emergency heating and AC repair services in the Dallas, TX area. We can be reached 24/7 for our customers to get information and help, knowing that we keep our commitments and respond as quickly as possible. Our skilled, expert HVAC team arrives on time and has the experience to get the job done without delays, often using parts already in our vehicles. We’re the general HVAC services team that many homes and businesses count on for emergency heating and AC repair, routine repairs, scheduled maintenance, and new equipment installation. We welcome your call to schedule your next maintenance visit, and please call us 24/7 if you have emergency HVAC service needs.