One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating is your one-stop source for superb air conditioner repairs in Dallas, TX. When you need assistance with heating, cooling, and ventilation in your home or business, our maintenance team is ready to spring into action and get the job done right the first time. We also have 24-hour emergency services when you’re AC or heating system decides to stop working in the middle of the night.

If your HVAC system makes weird noises or stops cooling or heating your home or business, schedule a service call so that we can let you know what the problem is. You receive a no-obligation quote before we begin work. Additionally, we won’t start repairs without your full understanding and consent.

Common Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repairs

    Here are a few signs that indicate you need air conditioner repair:

  • Warm Air: If your AC blows hot air out of one or more vents, it may be an issue with the thermostat. Make sure you have it set to cooling mode. Set it lower than the temperature in your home to make sure it’s working. If you continue to feel warm air coming out of the vent, you may have a problem with your compressor. We discourage DIY fixes due to the danger involved in working with electrical systems. For your safety and wellbeing, call a professional to diagnose and repair the defective part.
  • Poor Airflow: if you don’t feel steady airflow when the AC is running, you may have a blockage in the ductwork or a clogged air filter. When we investigate, we will also check the function of the motor and other parts of your cooling system. There are several remedies that we can employ to improve airflow in your home. You may need to install an energy recovery ventilator that boosts your AC’s power and helps rejuvenate your supply of fresh air. We sometimes recommend zoning systems so that you can have better control over different rooms and areas of your home.
  • Continuous Cycles: Your AC will turn off and on routinely. However, if you lower the temperature to obtain relief from the hot Texas summer days, it shouldn’t constantly turn on and off. If you notice frequent cycling, contact one of our AC pros immediately so that we can resolve the issue. This symptom sometimes points to the end of life of your current AC.
  • High Humidity: summer and spring typically bring moist weather and high humidity. A well-functioning AC maintains the humidity in your home at comfortable levels. When we stop by to inspect the unit, we will let you know if we can re-calibrate your unit to accommodate for humidity. If not, you may need to consider installing a whole-house dehumidifier.
  • Water Leaks: Another sign that you need an air conditioner repair is a water leak coming from your unit.

Air Conditioner Repair in Dallas, TX

Our repair services include around-the-clock emergency repairs. Our AC technicians are NATE-certified pros ready to repair all major makes and models of AC equipment. We will determine whether you need a tune-up or have a faulty part somewhere in the unit. As a factory authorized dealer of high-quality AC units, we can recommend the size and style of equipment that would work for you.

We train our team to stock the truck with various factory-authorized parts before hitting the road for service calls in the area. We also can perform home performance evaluations designed by the EPA and Department of Energy to determine whether you need to upgrade your AC system due to poor efficiency.

Flexible financing on seasonal repairs and new installations makes it easier to replace your system when you need it the most without blowing your budget.

What We Do on an Air Conditioner Repair Call

Our technicians go through a series of steps to diagnose the problem. While we are in your house, we act as conscientious guests in appearance, demeanor, and attitude. After we find the culprit, we will present you with a written recommendation for the required repairs.

When you speak to a customer service representative, ask about our affordable, flexible payment arrangements. We want to do everything we can to help you improve or replace your HVAC equipment and make your home the cozy haven you have worked so hard to cultivate.

Contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, TX to take advantage of our specials and discounts or schedule consultation with one of our knowledgeable technicians.