Dry air inside your home can make it difficult to breathe and cause your skin to dry out. No matter how many solutions you slather on or how many glasses of water you drink, dry indoor air can continue to make you uncomfortable. So, what is the solution? A humidifier can add moisture to the air you breathe and balance out the drying effects of heating and cooling systems.

At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer a number of products that can help you feel more comfortable inside your home in Dallas, TX. Cold air holds less moisture than warm air and sends humidity levels plummeting. If you have a furnace at your home or business, this can intensify the dryness in the air.

What Are the Recommended Indoor Humidity Levels?

You should maintain a relative humidity of 30 to 50% inside your home. An instrument called a hygrometer measures humidity in the air. You don’t need a machine to tell you that your skin and hair dry out fast in colder temperatures. Place ice cubes in the glass and observe whether condensation forms outside the glass. If you have low humidity, the glass probably won’t sweat.

Impact of Low Humidity

A dry atmosphere can cause physical discomfort and affect your health. In dry air, your mucous membranes can’t stay wet enough. This leaves you vulnerable to contaminants filtered out by healthy mucous membranes. This can be dangerous during the cold and flu season because it impacts your ability to breathe. Installing a humidifier can reduce your risk of illness due to low humidity.

Types of Air Humidifiers

When choosing an air humidifier, it’s a good idea to understand how this works with your central heating system. Humidifiers release moisture and improve the humidity inside your home. The type of humidifier you need will depend on your HVAC system, your home’s size, and the amount of humidification required.

Types of humidifiers include:

  • Bypass – This type of humidifier uses an evaporative pad to circulate moisture throughout your home.
  • Fan – Fans also use an evaporative pad to moisten the air and circulate it.
  • Steam – This method uses electrodes to enable steam production. It’s twice as effective as the other types of humidifiers and requires electricity.

Choosing the Right Humidification for Your Home

The technicians at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating have helped many customers in Dallas, TX, determine the best humidification process for their home or business. We can evaluate the humidity in your home and make suggestions for systems that can make it more comfortable for you and your family.

Call Us for New Installations

Call our customer service team to learn more about the latest makes and models. Once we gather the information we need about your home, we will look for a humidification solution that fits your budget. You can choose from standalone products to ones that integrate with your home’s HVAC system.

Benefits of Getting a Whole-Home Humidifier

We will help you choose a system that increases humidity levels to 30 to 50%. Adding a whole-house humidifier can circulate air throughout your home and help prevent extremely dry conditions.

When you add a humidifier to your existing HVAC system, you can make it more comfortable for your family and guests. In some cases, it may even save you money by making your HVAC system work more efficiently.

You can improve the health of yourself or loved ones who frequently complain about cracked lips, dry skin, and difficulty breathing. Some people even suffer bloody noses when the air dries out. The main complaints regarding dry air involve asthma and allergy symptoms. Adding humidity to the air can help prevent an asthma attack and may even improve snoring. When you keep your lips and the interior of your nose moist, it can help you ward off cold and flu symptoms.

Protect Your Home

Dry air can suck the moisture out of wooden cabinets, flooring, and furniture. Over time, you may need to replace or repair these items. If you have collectibles and antiques, it’s important to manage the humidity inside your home. A humidifier provides consistent levels of moisture to protect the wood and other natural materials.

How Can a Humidifier Save You Money?

During the summer, there are dry days and more humid ones. Humidity makes the air feel warmer. When you have a great balance of humidity in your home, you might be able to turn the thermostat down as moist air makes low temperatures seem a little warmer. This can save you money on your monthly utility bills.

Let our contractors help you choose a whole-house humidifier that can reduce dryness and increase the comfort level of everyone who comes inside your home or business. Contact

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