You rely on your air conditioner to keep you cool during warmer weather. So, when it breaks down, it can be very uncomfortable for the entire family. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, TX, we provide comprehensive installation, repair, and maintenance services to keep your unit running in optimal condition longer.

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As an independently owned HVAC company, we provide local experts for fast, friendly service. Our affordable fixes come with upfront quotes so that the final bill won’t give you a case of sticker shock. We value promptness and don’t expect you to wait around once you’ve been given an appointment time. You have other choices, so we strive to provide the best service within the promised timeframe.

AC Repairs

If your air conditioner doesn’t cool your home sufficiently, a quick inspection can help identify the problem. Schedule an appointment for us to diagnose the trouble and let you know your best options. Whenever possible, we make the repairs on the same day. We fully stock our trucks to prepare for every contingency, and this saves time so that we can accomplish most fixes as soon as we diagnose them.

AC Installation

If you have an older unit, you may save money over the long run by replacing it with a cost-effective, efficient system. Our HVAC technicians can come to your home and calculate the best size for the area you want to cool. We take your budget into account and offer all the different choices so that you can make an informed decision.

AC Maintenance in Dallas, TX

Scheduled maintenance prolongs the life of your air conditioner. If you want your unit to run more efficiently, we can provide annual service to check the fluids and clean your machine before the weather turns warm. We can also come back in the fall to clean and inspect the unit after months of heavy usage. You can count on our AC pros for comprehensive air conditioning services.

Anatomy of Your AC

As part of our complete air conditioning services, we can fix or replace various parts of your unit. Learn more about the parts of an AC that keep you and your family cool.


Refrigerant is a special liquid that your AC uses to cool the air circulating in your home. It carries heat from inside your home to the outdoors. The refrigerant has to continuously move through the cooling tubes and coils to deliver cool air to the indoor unit and push hot air outside. Sometimes, your refrigerant may leak, or you may just need to top off the coolant to keep your unit running properly.


The compressor keeps the refrigerant under pressure and raises the temperature of the liquid. Due to the natural laws of physics such as Charles’ Law, Boyle’s Law, and Gay-Lussac’s Law, increased pressure results in increased heat. Your AC unit uses compressed coolant to create a temperature higher than that of the outside air. Heat flows from hot to cold areas. So, the warm air inside your home passes to the hotter air outside.

Condenser Coil

the outdoor air conditioning unit houses the condenser coil. The condenser coil takes the high pressure, high-temperature refrigerants the condenser coil is in the outdoor air conditioning unit. It receives the high-pressure, high-temperature refrigerant from the compressor. The condenser coil transfers heat to the outdoor air facilitated by the condenser band blowing over the coils. This causes the refrigerant to cool and returned to a liquid phase. It travels to an expansion valve that reduces pressure and cools down the refrigerant.

By fine tuning the various parts of the system, we can keep your unit running in top condition. Tell us what’s going on with your unit, and we’ll complete the necessary air conditioning services.

Expansion Valve

The refrigerant leaves the condenser as a liquid. It’s still too hot for the evaporator coils. The expansion valve releases pressure on the refrigerant to cool it; as the expansion valve decreases the pressure on the refrigerant, the liquid changes back into a gas. Additionally, the expansion valve controls the refrigerant flow to the evaporator.

Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coils serve a vital function when it comes to cooling your home. This is where the AC pulls the heat from inside your house. Copper tubes use the depressurized refrigerant that flows through the expansion valve. The indoor air handler blows heated air over the coils. Then, the refrigerant absorbs the heated indoor air and evaporates.

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