Need A Smart Thermostat? Advice From An Air Conditioner Installation Technician | Lewisville, TX

Need A Smart Thermostat? Advice From An Air Conditioner Installation Technician | Lewisville, TX

Whether you are looking to boost your home’s comfort levels or even save on energy bills, investing in a smart thermostat is one of the best ways of doing it. Since they can automatically adjust your home’s temperatures based on your habits and schedule, the smart thermostats help you save cash. The thermostats can be programmed in a manner that allows them to adjust depending on the outside temperatures to ensure that you don’t have to keep worrying about cranking up your air conditioner whenever it gets too hot or turning off the furnace when the temperatures outside are too low. Add a smart thermostat to your air conditioner installation if you want a perfect blend of comfort and convenience.

Most smart thermostats can be easily integrated with devices such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri. As a result, you can issue voice commands to your thermostat to adjust the temperatures to your liking without leaving your couch. Whenever planning to invest in purchasing a smart thermostat, there are many different things that you must consider. What is a smart thermostat model suitable for your Lewisville, TX home? Will the said model be compatible with your heating and air conditioning unit? Will you need the help of an air conditioner installation technician to install the smart thermostat?

Further, you must consider other features that ensure convenience and comfort, like voice controls and learning abilities. However, don’t worry. This blog will teach you the factors you must consider before purchasing a smart thermostat. It will be an eye-opener to ensure you make the best and most informed decision.

What Should You Consider When Purchasing a Smart Thermostat?

As mentioned above, there are several things that you must consider before you purchase a smart thermostat. Below are several things that you should consider before you start the process of switching to a smart thermostat. Should either of the factors be unclear, you can consult your air conditioner installation technician for further advice.

Compatibility with Your Heating and Air Conditioning System

Compatibility with the existing HVAC system is among the most important when purchasing a smart thermostat. Some smart thermostats are only compatible with specific heating and air conditioning systems. Hence, checking this before you make a purchase is critical. To ensure that the smart thermostat and the heating and air conditioning system are compatible, you can check the AC unit’s manufacturer’s website for the least compatible models. You can consult your air conditioner installation technician or check online discussion forums. Below are some of the key points to remember:

  • If your heating and air conditioning system supports zoned heating and cooling, you must purchase a smart thermostat that supports HVAC zoning.
  • Do you have different units for heating and cooling? Then you will have to purchase separate smart thermostats.
  • If you use a heat pump, check whether your preferred smart thermostat is compatible with the model installed at your Lewisville, TX home. Additionally, radiant and baseboard heaters have special thermostats designed for their use.

C-Wire Requirement

Most smart thermostats need a C-Wire or a common wire to function effectively. Remember that thermostat installed in the home you were brought up in? There’s a high chance that it looks much different than the thermostats you see today. This is because they have very different needs than those used several years ago. If the old thermostat is still installed at your home, you might want to have an air conditioner installation technician replace it with a smart one.

One thing distinguishing your smart thermostat from those used several years ago is that modern units need a continuous power source. The role of a C-wire is to supply power to the smart thermostat. Since they require a constant connection to the electrical power source to run several systems and be connected to the internet, modern thermostats need to have a C-wire.

Where Can You Find the C-Wire on Your Thermostat?

Before you start to poke around the thermostat’s wiring, looking for a C-wire, remember to turn off the power. You should also remember that each smart thermostat model differs from the other. Hence, go through the instruction manual if you do not know how to shut off your thermostat to inspect the wiring safely. When you have safely turned the device off, begin by inspecting the terminal labels.

All the wiring at the back of your thermostat connects to a particular C terminal. Additionally, each terminal controls a specific aspect of temperature control. Check for the terminal that is labeled “C.” Is there a wire labeled C? That is the C-wire. Should the terminal be empty, that is a sign that you do not have the wire. Consult your air conditioner installation professional if you are missing the wire. However, there are several things to inspect before you call it quits:

  • Loose Wiring: You might have a C-Wire that isn’t hooked to the older-thermostat model.
  • The HVAC Control Board: The C-wire might also be connected to the HVAC control board. If there is such a wire, ensure that you note its color. The thermostat C-wire will match the color of the c-wire connected to the HVAC control board.

Missing C-Wire?

If the modern thermostat doesn’t have a C-Wire, don’t try running it. It is essential to have a C-wire to ensure the thermostat is always connected to a power source. Adding a C-wire to your smart thermostat wiring is the simplest way to make room for your new thermostat upgrade. It’s recommended to hire an air conditioner installation technician to install the C wire because doing so will require access to both your thermostat wiring and the HVAC control board.

Ease of Installation

Most modern thermostats have an easy installation process that homeowners might do alone. The wiring system is normally color-coded to help the homeowners with the fitting. The thermostats also feature labels indicating where each of the wires should go. You can refer to the installation manual or look for internet tutorials for a detailed installation procedure.

However, it is recommended that you leave HVAC matters to a professional air conditioner installation technician because there are many drawbacks to DIY HVAC repairs and installations. Once the air conditioner installation technician installs the smart thermostat, download the app on your smartphone and link it to the Wi-Fi in your house. The entire setup may be completed in a matter of minutes.

Note that the smart thermostat should be installed at the center of your Lewisville, TX, home, on an interior wall and away from any direct sunlight and drafty windows and doors. This ensures that it can get the correct readings to determine when to cool or heat your home. Otherwise, the thermostat might send the wrong temperatures to the heating and air conditioning system. This might result in irregular heating, higher energy bills, or even a strain on some components of the HVAC system.

Smartphone Compatibility

Some modern intelligent thermostat applications might not be compatible with the operating system installed in your smartphone. Therefore, check that out before you purchase a thermostat. Your air conditioner installation technician can be a great resource in determining the thermostat compatibility with your smartphone because of their experience working with such. Most thermostats have iOS or Android companion applications.

If your smartphone has a different operating system, you should contact the manufacturer or seek advice from the air conditioner installation professional on how to handle compatibility. Some smart thermostats also have a web interface that you can use to control without installing any application. Additionally, it is a great idea to check whether the application needs a subscription or if you’ll be able to access all the features for free.

Smart Display

An intuitive user interface is a must for smart thermostats. For instance, programming is much simpler when using an LED screen having touch capabilities. The status display feature is also useful because it lets you see your Lewisville, TX home’s current temperature, humidity levels, and whether heat or cool is on.

You should have an air conditioner installation technician install a smart thermostat having on-display controls if you want to change the temperature or create routines on the device. On the other hand, some models can merely display the temperature on the screen. People who prefer using a mobile app to regulate air conditioning settings are better suited for these smart thermostats.

The Options for Smart Home Integration

Most of the smart thermostat models are integrable with other smart devices at your home and the smart home systems. This includes adjusting the thermostat settings using voice commands through Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa and linking the thermostat with other devices like smart fans and smart lights. For example, if your home has smart windows and is connected to a smart thermostat, then the thermostat can turn the HVAC unit off whenever the windows are open. Hence, ask your air conditioner installation technician for the models that support such smart home integrations.

Motion Detection and Temperature Sensors

To better control the climate at your home, it is a great idea to consider thermostat sensors. The sensors can detect the temperatures of various areas where the air conditioner installation technician has installed them and then communicate wirelessly with your main thermostat. Your home’s smart thermostat takes an average reading and then uses it to calculate the required temperatures to ensure that your Lewisville, TX, home is comfortable.

The motion sensors detect when your home is empty or occupied and make the necessary temperature adjustments. The sensors are an essential component that helps the thermostats learn. They record the patterns and behaviors in your home and help automatically adjust your cooling and heating schedule. Having an air conditioner installation professional install a sensor at your home means that the thermostat can monitor the humidity levels. Hence, your home will always remain at the ideal levels of humidity.

ENERGY STAR Certification

When purchasing a smart thermostat, always look for its energy star logo because they provide greater cost savings and energy efficiency. The energy star models have been so verified based on their energy-saving data. To meet the energy star requirements, thermostat manufacturers must demonstrate how their models reduce the use of HVAC systems in different climates. Installing an energy star certified thermostat can save you a fortune on yearly heating and cooling bills. Further, having an air conditioner installation technician install a smart thermostat might see you get rebates during the purchase, reducing the cost of a smart thermostat.

Convenience Features

Although most smart thermostat models have almost similar features, there are several extra ones that you might want your smart thermostat to have. Before you purchase a smart thermostat and have an air conditioner installation professional install it at your home, consider whether it has:


This feature tracts where you are via the smartphone to adjust indoor temperatures depending on when you return to or leave your home. Geofencing is critical, especially when you forget to shut down the air conditioner before you leave for work. The thermostat will shut off the Ac automatically when it senses that you have left your home if it has a geofencing feature and turns the unit back on when you are about to come home.

Artificial Intelligence

With artificial intelligence, your smart thermostat can observe your patterns and behaviors and create a personalized cooling and heating schedule for your Lewisville, TX home.

Vacation Mode

Are you a frequent traveler? Then have an air conditioner installation technician install a thermostat model with a vacation mode. These models help in energy conservation while you’re away. It also ensures that your home doesn’t freeze or overheat.

A smart thermostat is a great addition to your home’s air conditioning. Are you planning to install one at your Lewisville, TX home? Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, your reliable air conditioner installation company.

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