Your AC Repair Technician’s Opinion On Why Your AC Freezes | The Colony, TX

Your AC Repair Technician’s Opinion On Why Your AC Freezes | The Colony, TX

Have you noticed ice or frost buildup over your air conditioning system? Understandably, you find it hard to imagine that this could happen. Imagining that the same appliance that helps to keep your home cooler under the hot Texan summers is itself prone to freezing seems inconceivable. Unfortunately, this happens, and only a little is known of the reasons for the freezing. Some homeowners don’t know the signs.

Unfortunately, a frozen air conditioner portends various issues within the air conditioning system despite being a serious issue. You should immediately contact an AC repair technician for various inspections whenever you notice this. If the air conditioning system is frozen, its cooling efficiency is impacted, and you might need help to attain your preferred temperature settings. Hence, your unit will use more energy as you crank it up to ensure that your home is properly cooled, albeit in vain.

To recognize that you need the unit serviced by a professional technician, it is critical that you also understand the reasons behind the freezing of your air conditioner. Below are some of the notable reasons why air conditioning systems freeze:

Dirty Evaporator Coils

When last did you have the evaporator coils of your air conditioner serviced? Improperly maintained evaporator coils are the main reasons the air conditioner might become frozen. Before reaching the AC unit, you should realize how much dirt and debris has accumulated on the air filters and ducts. If the evaporator coils are covered by dirt and debris, they will prevent a proper heat exchange from the refrigerant. This will eventually and, unfortunately, result in excessive freezing around the evaporator coils.

The barriers or obstacles that impact the airflow into the air conditioning system include, among others, dirty air filters that haven’t been replaced or cleaned recently. Others are clogged air ducts, leaks in the air ducts, and blocked supply registers. Though you might clean the filters yourself, if they have resulted in the freezing of the AC, then you might want to have a professional AC repair technician come over for a further inspection. They also will be able to clean the filters and ducts professionally.

Restricted or Reduced Air Flow

To transport the heat out of the room, your air conditioning system should draw warm air via the evaporator coils & into the ductwork. In the interim, the heated refrigerant keeps the humidity from the hot air that condenses on the coils from freezing. Poor airflow is caused by a restricted heat transfer in an air conditioner that isn’t working properly. When this occurs, heat is no longer transferred to the evaporator coil, allowing condensed air to condense into ice. Ensure frequent air conditioner maintenance by a qualified AC repair technician to avoid the hassle of unusually low airflow. It is advisable to have a professional identify any potential airflow obstructions that may be freezing the air conditioning unit.

Reduced Refrigerant Levels

If an AC functions properly, its evaporator coils usually expand the coolant within, making the coil quickly cool. This helps in the heat transfer process because the refrigerant can absorb the heat from the air inside your The Colony, TX home and diffuses it outside. However, when the refrigerant levels are low, there is less heat transfer, freezing the coils. Since the unit doesn’t use up the refrigerant, the reduced levels mean only one thing, a refrigerant leak. have an AC repair technician inspect the air conditioner for leaks, patch them, and recharge the system.

Refrigerant Leak

Even a small cut in the coolant line can lower the pressure inside the evaporator coil. The refrigerant is compelled to expand more. As a result, making the evaporator coils colder. The surrounding droplets then freeze as a result of the cold coil. A larger chunk of ice might be anticipated to build up on the coils if the system keeps losing refrigerant. If you call a reliable AC repair pro to help, this complicated issue can be resolved.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

The thermostat controls indoor temperatures by turning the blower on or off based on the previously set temperatures. It is like the brain of your air conditioner. If the thermostat is malfunctioning, it might send a command to your AC unit to run all day and night. This means that you will incur high energy utility bills. Unfortunately, this impacts the heat exchange, making the air conditioner freeze. Besides increasing utility bills, this will also result in energy wastage. Hence, if you suspect the thermostat is misbehaving, contact the AC Repair technician in The Colony, TX immediately for an inspection. You can also avert this eventuality by having a routine air conditioning service.

Low Fan Speed

The fan speed determines the volume of air blowing over your air conditioner’s evaporator coils. Hence, it must blow fast enough for enough air to flow over and around the evaporator coils. This is the only way to ensure the air conditioning system doesn’t freeze. Unfortunately, your fan being a mechanical component, is prone to failure. If you notice insufficient airflow in your home, have an AC repair technician inspect the fan for any damage and repair or replace it.

Malfunctioning Blower

A blower fan’s primary job in a central air conditioning system is to draw heated air into the ductwork before redistributing cool air across your house. Therefore, heat transfer stops when the AC blower fan or motor malfunctions or stops working. Suppose the air conditioner is left running. The water vapors near the evaporator coils freeze. This problem is simple to identify and fix for a qualified AC repair specialist.

Routine Air Conditioning Service Protects the AC From Freezing

Have you noted that you’re The Colony, TX AC is frequently freezing? Then there is an underlying problem that could be averted through routine maintenance. Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, your reliable AC repair company, to have the unit inspected and the underlying issue fixed.

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