7 Benefits Of Regular Air Conditioning Service | Dallas, TX

7 Benefits Of Regular Air Conditioning Service | Dallas, TX

If you have an air conditioning system, you must ensure you take care of it. Otherwise, it could end up costing you much more than just repairs. The problem with AC units is that they are mechanical items and will not last forever. This is even more true for those who live in Dallas, TX, given how harsh summers can be. Unlike other seasonal locations where the weather cools off from time to time, you can count on high temperatures for the entire summer. This is one major reason why people often book an annual air conditioning service to stay ahead of any issues.

The point of an annual air conditioning service aims to troubleshoot current problems and ensure that no new problems are hiding around the corner. While it is impossible to predict every single thing that could go wrong with an AC unit, there are usually some signs that a component is starting to show signs of wear and tear or is starting to fail. The HVAC technician’s job while at your home for the air conditioning service is to catch these signs and act proactively to protect your home.

When an HVAC technician comes out to your home for an air conditioning service in Dallas, TX, they have a few primary goals. The first is to carefully remove all dust and debris from your unit to function better. As a bonus, this will also help boost the energy efficiency of your HVAC unit. The second goal is to inspect it and look for parts that are either broken or starting to show signs of wear and tear. If any of these parts are identified, then the technician will recommend you replace them (on your own timetable, of course).

Finally, at the end of the air conditioning service, the HVAC technician will write up everything he saw and hand the written report and estimate back to the homeowner. This is debatably the best part of the entire air conditioning service because it offers you a comprehensive look into the health of your HVAC system and helps you determine if it is time to start thinking about a replacement unit or repair. Most people appreciate having a status check, so to speak, on their HVAC system because it gives them time to budget.

You cannot budget for an emergency repair or breakdown because you had no indication that it was coming, but you can budget for something you know is coming your way. The clear advantage of keeping up with air conditioning service is that it can help prevent getting blindsided by an expensive repair or replacement. At the very least, if your technician warns you that your system is starting to age and should be replaced in the next couple of years, it gives you some time to start budgeting for the repair. This is one major reason so many take advantage of the simple annual cleaning service.

Now is a great time to start if you have never had an air conditioning service. It is never too late to jump in and get a good look at the inside of your AC unit. There are so many benefits to an annual service that most people find after the first year’s service, they are inclined to get on a list and stick to future cleaning. If you haven’t yet booked your service, now is the time. If you are still not sure if you should opt for an air conditioning service or not in Dallas, TX, keep reading to learn more about the top seven benefits of regular air conditioning service in Dallas, TX.

Extend Your AC System’s Lifespan

The number one benefit of opting to book an annual air conditioning service in Dallas, TX is the simple fact that doing so might extend the lifespan of your AC unit. No one wants to replace their AC unit prematurely, especially when you consider the high costs of replacement. So if you could do anything to put that off as long as possible, you would, right?

Well, one easy thing you can do is schedule your annual maintenance visit. This visit allows an HVAC technician to really get inside of your AC unit and see how it is working and how it is faring. While a machine will eventually wear out, many components can be replaced along the way, and the quicker you replace worn components, the less they can damage other components in the AC. The end result is a system that doesn’t completely shut down and needs to be replaced at age ten. In some cases, your system might be able to reach a lifespan of 12-15 years.

This adds about 50% more to your unit’s lifespan, which is well worth the small cost of your air conditioning service. Plus, as mentioned earlier, it will hopefully help you avoid an emergency replacement which is a very tempting piece of mind for most people on its own.

Even homeowners with a new AC system should consider booking their annual air conditioning service because good service starts early. The better you take care of your AC while it is still new, the longer it will be able to perform that standard. Therefore, don’t make the mistake of thinking your new model doesn’t need any attention. You wouldn’t ignore oil changes just because you have a new car, don’t ignore an AC service just because your system isn’t too old.

Extra Security

Most people don’t think of their AC unit as a security threat, but given the clever way burglars find these ways into homes, they can. If you regularly leave your windows or doors open to encourage airflow in your home, more than just bugs can get in. Most people don’t think twice about leaving a window screen open, but screens are easily cut and damaged. If your home is closed up tight because your AC is working at peak capacity, you don’t have to worry about leaving your windows open. An efficient AC is always more secure than some open windows and doors.

Improve Air Quality

Another great benefit from keeping up with an annual air conditioning maintenance visit is that it will improve the air quality within your home. For most homeowners dealing with the Dallas, TX summer, the windows in their home stay tightly closed and sealed all year. This is because it is so hot that the idea of getting fresh air into your home is nonexistent. You may not think about it much, but that means that all the air you breathe within your home is produced from your air conditioning unit.

If your air conditioning unit is dirty or filled with debris, then you will be breathing that same dirt and debris consistently. One of the biggest objectives of an air conditioning service is that it includes a thorough cleaning of the indoor and outdoor unit. Removing dust and debris from inside your unit means that the air you breathe won’t be pushing dust particles through with it. It can also help keep up with other allergens and animal dander that may have settled into your unit as well. For homeowners with allergies, air conditioning service can be the number one way to ensure that their air quality is safe to breathe.

Reduce Home Humidity

Another great reason to consider booking your annual air conditioning service if you have not done so yet it’s because it could help reduce the humidity within your home. An air conditioner‘s primary job is to help keep your home cool but it can do this because it also removes the humidity from your air as it works. You will not be able to remove or decrease the humidity in your home if your air-conditioning system is not working at a small capacity. You will often notice this is a problem if the air in your home is sticky even though the thermostat reads that it is cool enough.

The good news is you can quickly come back to this issue by having your air conditioner service and an HVAC technician look at your home and the air quality within it. Some homes benefit from having a whole home dehumidifier connected to the air conditioning unit. This can be a quick way to craft a problem that lasts for the lifetime of your AC unit. Therefore if you are having a lot of issues with humidity in your home this is something that you should bring up and talk to your local HVAC technician about during his or her visit.

Talk About Beneficial System Upgrades

That leads us right into the next benefit: an annual air conditioning service is a great time to talk about the potential to upgrade your system. There are a lot of add-on devices that can help improve the efficiency and overall performance of your air conditioning within your home. If you are experiencing a specific problem that is causing you issues or starting to stress you out, it might not be a bad idea to contact an HVAC technician and talk about what solutions there are for you. Sometimes the simple solution is the best, and it is worth taking a minute to look into it with a technician.

Improve System Efficiency

Another great reason to take a second look at an air conditioning maintenance visit is the fact that it will help improve the efficiency of your system. An air conditioning unit that is way down by dirt and debris will not be able to function as easily or as smoothly as an air conditioning unit that is clean. Once your air conditioner unit has been cleaned out, you will find that the air can flow through it much more easily. It will have to cycle fewer times to produce the same amount of air and maintain the temperature within your home.

Just skipping a few cycles a day is enough to help reduce your energy bills by a significant amount that is measurable. If you want your air-conditioning unit to work less but not sacrifice any of its cooling power, then an air conditioning maintenance visit is a great start. Keep in mind that it is not just a cleaning aspect that helps improve your system efficiency but also troubleshooting and correcting problems so that your AC does not have to work as hard. Many people report noticing their energy bills reduce after they complete a full air conditioning service. When you add up the savings each month, the service will practically pay for itself, making it a no-brainer.

Remove Unwelcome Pests

Finally, a hidden benefit of choosing to have your air conditioning serviced is the discovery of unwanted pests that might be hanging out in your indoor or outdoor AC unit. It is not uncommon to find bird nests or small animal nests from squirrels or chipmunks inside of AC unit cages. While it may not seem like the small animals are harming your unit, over time, they can cause the fan to bend or get knocked out of alignment. When this happens, the only option is to replace the entire unit.

There may even be unwelcome pests such as spiders or mice camped out inside your indoor AC unit, which is just as troublesome, especially when you consider the fact mice and rats leave many droppings behind. If an HVAC technician notices this problem, they can take appropriate action, and you can then seek out proper pest treatment.

If you are ready to schedule an air conditioning service in Dallas, TX, give One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas a call. We will be happy to come out and take a look at your AC unit.

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