Keeping Your AC Repairs Routine, Not Emergency Calls On The Hottest Days | Flower Mound, TX

Keeping Your AC Repairs Routine, Not Emergency Calls On The Hottest Days | Flower Mound, TX

At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, we’re here for you when your AC in Flower Mound, TX has trouble keeping up with summer heat. Our team emphasizes preventive care as well, so we can take good care of you and your AC system before trouble strikes. In many cases, our expert AC repair team can anticipate problems and put in the work to correct developing issues at a time that’s convenient for you. We service all types, makes, and models of air conditioning equipment from traditional central air to heat pumps, variable speed compressors, mini-splits, and custom installations with a combination of features. Our maintenance services are designed to bring your system up to date, clean out the effects of weather and standby time over the winter, and anticipate problems so we can provide the care your system needs at your convenience.

AC Repair for Modern AC Technologies

Air conditioners come in many types these days, but it’s the same principles at the heart of the ones we provide AC repair for. Our team has been trained and works on the latest systems with compressors that provide varying levels of cooling to match the needs of your home. If you have one of these types, you’ve been enjoying the savings on energy use and the more gentle cooling that they supply when nudging your home’s temperature down just a bit to the temperature setting. Our AC repair team is also well versed in systems where the compressor remains outside and there are individual cooling lines running to each room to supply custom-installed air distribution heads. These are called ductless mini-split systems, and they’re used as supplemental cooling, cooling for rooms with special uses such as the home office, and sometimes even with multiple outdoor units supplying the rooms and spaces of a whole house with highly efficient cold air.

Common Preventive Repairs

Experience and a bit of industry information help us predict which components of your system are going to need AC repair during the upcoming season. For example, we can take a look at fan belts and test fan motors and see if they’re showing signs of significant wear, then swap them out during a pre-season AC repair call or maintenance visit. A test of your refrigerant can indicate if some has been leaking, and help us protect your compressor while restoring your system’s efficiency by replacing it. Our sniffer helps us find the leak so the cause is covered, too, it’s a device that’s good for even pinhole leaks outside or indoors from your evaporator coils. We like to give you a fresh start each year. It’s better for your system if we take care of AC repairs so it doesn’t run hard during the summer and get increased wear from components or systems that aren’t up to the job.

How Maintenance Fits Into Your Long-Term AC System Planning

Identifying preventive AC repair items is part of our annual maintenance visit, but we go a lot further in inspecting and preparing your AC system. Outdoors, the unit is usually in need of some serious cleaning from the off-season weather, with dirt, dust, and debris blown in and even small animal nests inside. With nesting can come some damage as they scavenge your unit for materials, and we make sure that we restore any wires or other parts that need it. Cleaning the coils is essential for efficiency, as dirty coils don’t release the heat from inside your Flower Mound, TX house as well as freshly cleaned ones do. Likewise, the electrical components involved in starting your unit every time the thermostat says it’s time need to be clean and in good shape electrically so you don’t hear the telltale repeated clicking or buzzing that indicates a system trying to start and not being able. One other component requires a careful check outside, the fan that helps airflow across the coils for heat dispersion. If there’s any reason for us to suspect that it’s not going to perform, we can save you a lot by taking care of it. Indoors, we perform similar services, from the air handling equipment and motors to air filters, coil cleaning, and condensate drain checks and cleaning. Our team is thorough, so you can relax and enjoy the summer cooling.

Indoor Air Quality Components

Whether you have the latest compressor technologies or not, you may have invested in indoor air quality components that reduce the amount of particulates, chemicals, pollen, pet dander, and so many other substances that circulate in your indoor air. They’re why many homes actually have much worse air quality than outdoors, even near major cities. IAQ components also include humidity control, which helps stabilize your home’s moisture level. While it’s true that AC systems remove some moisture from the air, the amount varies according to the amount of cooling being performed. If your home stays cool without much AC operation, a dehumidifier can take up the slack. During wintertime, a humidification component can boost the moisture in dry weather, too. Your skin, wood furniture, books, plants, and other moisture-sensitive items will appreciate the consistency.

HEPA filtration is another important part of indoor air quality, and you may already have one or more portable units if you don’t have one installed on your AC. We’ll service that, along with air purification gear, germicidal UV lamps, and any other indoor air quality components that are making your air more breathable. Since dirty ducts contribute to air quality problems, we also provide duct cleaning and inspection for your home, typically every few years.

Your AC Repair Experts in Flower Mound

Call on our team at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas to keep your air conditioning system in Flower Mound, TX running smoothly and efficiently, with maintenance and preventive repairs to help you sail through the summer. We’re ready to serve you for routine care and emergencies, so call us today!

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