Reasons To Have A Ductless Air Conditioner Installation | Lewisville, TX

Reasons To Have A Ductless Air Conditioner Installation | Lewisville, TX

According to the Department of Energy, air conditioning uses about 6% of the entire energy produced in the US every year. This translates to over $29Bn in energy bills. Hence, homeowners must find alternative means of saving on the heating and cooling in their homes, and a ductless air conditioner goes a long way at ensuring that. In addition, they minimize the financial stress of the expensive energy utility bills to the Lewisville, TX homeowners.

Also called minis-split systems, the ductless AC systems don’t use ducts to supply your home or office with cool air. Instead, they usually feature an outdoor compressor and an indoor air-handling unit. Two refrigerant lines connect the compressor and the air handling system. One of these lines removes the condensate, and the other brings in energy. Below are some reasons to consider mini-split air conditioner installation at your home.

Easily Blends with Interior Designs

Installing the traditional AC systems involves interfering with the beauty and feel of your home’s interior space. The air conditioner installation team must dig into the walls of your living room, kitchen, dining room, and bedrooms. This means destroying the design and appearance of your interior space to install an air conditioner. If you want to retain the interior design of your Lewisville, TX home, then consider installing a mini-split air conditioner. These units also come in various shapes and colors for an easy blend with the other components at your home.


Mini-split air conditioners are far more energy-efficient than other systems like central air systems. They are only using a fraction of the total energy used by the central and room air conditioners. Because they don’t have air ducts, the ductless systems don’t lose heat through holes, cracks, and loose connections. Additionally, the lack of air ducts means that you won’t have to enlist the services of AC repair technicians for ductwork cleaning, meaning that you save some money.

The leaks in ductworks are responsible for about 30% of the energy used by the ACS. Hence, the mini-split air conditioner installation ensures that you avoid this budget. You can then use the savings to pay for other utility bills or invest in other productive activities. Further, the federal government might also give the homeowners some tax and utility rebates for the first year after installing ductless ACs in their homes.

Easy Installation

Installation of central air and other air conditioners requires more time than ductless air conditioner installation. Hence, the need for wall repairs is effectively eliminated. Consider ductless air conditioning installation

whenever seeking the best type of air conditioner, which needs fewer service fees and less installation. You will not have to dig deeper into your pockets to pay more money to the installation professional after they spend an entire day installing an air conditioner. This is because installing a ductless air conditioner takes less time to complete.

Reduced Noise

Most homeowners do not want the humming and hissing sound that the air conditioners produce during the operation, especially those having toddlers in their homes. Asking a reliable technician for a central air conditioner installation might go against whatever you are trying to achieve. In addition, the noises produced by some of these traditional ACs while running, working, or studying at home becomes a challenge. The next time you want to install an AC, consider replacing your central or traditional air conditioner with a ductless AC unit for more comfort and convenience.

Takes Up Less Space

Replace the traditional AC with a mini-split air conditioner to make more space while enjoying the comfort and quality indoor air. The mini-split air conditioners use less space, are smaller, and are less bulky than traditional air conditioning systems. Don’t compromise the availability and beauty of space at your home. Have a professional install a ductless air conditioner and enjoy all the aesthetics of your more or wide-spaced home.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is among the primary considerations when buying any electrical appliance, which is true for an air conditioner. Since they don’t feature air ducts that are usually prone to leaks like the traditional-style air conditioners, the ductless AC systems don’t have such issues; after all, they are ductless. Hence, they are more efficient and consume less energy in the process. Work with a reliable air conditioner installation service for higher energy efficiency, meaning that you can save more on the monthly energy bills.


Some members may need different temperatures for different rooms if you have a large family. In this case, a multi-zone ductless is your safest bet. Hence, visit an air conditioner installation service provider and consult them on the size and brand of your Lewisville, TX home before you purchase and install one. Ductless air conditioners are flexible and can serve the personal room temperature needs of all people living within your home. In addition, unlike the traditional-style air conditioners, mini-split air conditioners don’t compromise the convenience and comfort of some family members at your home.


Today, many homeowners are going green. They are looking to reduce the carbon emissions into the environment. For example, the air conditioners release about 117 Metric Tons of carbon dioxide into the environment. The environmentally cautious residents looking to reduce carbon emissions and reduce global warming can use the mini-split air conditioners to supply cool air into their homes.

These air conditioners usually reduce the negative effect on the atmosphere or environment by using less electricity. Because these air conditioners use electrical power, the emission levels are reduced to almost zero levels. The ductless air conditioners are environmentally-friendly

Low Maintenance Costs

Some air conditioning systems feature intricately complex systems that need the attention of an AC repair technician regularly. When you install a mini-split air conditioner at your home, you won’t have to incur expensive maintenance. No duct cleaning and repair expenses, only vent and filter cleaning.

Ductless AC Installation in Lewisville

Since the traditional-type air conditioners require a lot of maintenance and consumption of energy, it is only imperative that you search for an alternative. Fortunately, you can install a ductless air conditioner that has less maintenance and consumes less energy. An air conditioner installation company can help you select the right sized air conditioner and install it in your home. If you need an air conditioner installation service, call us at One Hour Air Conditioning & and Heating of Dallas.

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