Top Signs It Is Time To Call An AC Repair Company | Plano, TX

Top Signs It Is Time To Call An AC Repair Company | Plano, TX

An air conditioner is an appliance designed to last decades. But unfortunately, most homeowners replace them every year because of preventable damages. Though some damages need simple replacements, others might result in unprecedented losses to tens of thousands of dollars to your Plano, TX home if not urgently repaired by a reliable AC repair company.

Some damages are preventable by taking the necessary step to care for the air conditioner, such as enlisting a professional for routine inspection and maintenance of the AC. Air conditioning systems are lifesavers that keep homes cool during summers. However, the same thing that makes them effective also makes your air conditioner a target for different issues. Below are some of the air conditioner issues you might experience at your home.

Leaking Fluid From the Air Conditioner

Air conditioning units are also subject to leakages. This is the last thing you want to experience at your home because it could result in serious damage based on what is leaking. For example, the air conditioner could freeze when a moisture buildup sticks in your condensate lines. You can tell whether the fluid is leaking when you see pools of water somewhere near the air conditioning unit.

Generally, leakage from the plastic supply lines or the drain pan isn’t serious. However, a leakage from the refrigerant line might signify a bigger problem. Whenever in doubt, enlist an air conditioning repair service provider immediately after seeing the leakage to ensure it is nothing serious.

Various fluids may be leaking from your air conditioner, indicating a separate issue. For example, the fluids may be as follows:

Refrigerant: Is the fluid coming from the air conditioner green or light blue? There probably is a refrigerant leak in your unit. Refrigerant leaks must be addressed immediately by a reliable AC repair company as they could result in serious damage to the unit’s compressor. In addition, if left unattended, the refrigerant leaks could release harmful chemicals into the air.

Compressor Oil: Whenever it begins to run low on oil, the compressor puts more strain on the unit’s motor, resulting in total failure and burnout. If the air conditioner leaks the compressor oil, immediately enlist the help of an air conditioning repair company for further inspection and pathing of the leak, among other AC repair services. The professional will also add more compressor oil to the system and inspect the entire air conditioner for any signs of damage that may result in the unit’s failure in the future.

Outdoor motor oil: is your AC unit leaking the motor oil? This could be a sign of a worn-out motor bearing or shaft seal. You might also see some wet spots in your yard or driveway where the oil leaks and evaporates.

Malfunctioning Air Handler

The air handler will not run if it isn’t getting power. The relay (contactor) is most likely stuck closed or has burned out. If the AC unit’s start capacitor is malfunctioning or has failed, the entire compressor will not work. Though you could use a voltmeter to check for these issues, you should enlist an AC repair company to replace the damaged or failed parts.

If only a part of the AC’s air handler is working, like the fan, it is likely getting power, but some component is not working. If the AC’s air conditioner isn’t blowing air as powerful as you’d like, call in an AC repair company to inspect it to remove any dirt that may be clogging the filter to prevent airflow. If you use disposable filters, the professional will replace them with new ones. However, if you use washable ones, the technician will wash them to ensure air flows unimpeded into your indoor space. Enlist the professional for regular cleaning of the air filters and duct cleaning services.

Low Refrigerant Levels

The refrigerant is the component of the AC that makes it possible to cool the air by the AC unit in your Plano, TX. If there isn’t enough refrigerant in the evaporator coils or AC system, then the unit will not be able to cool the air effectively. Hence, your indoor space will be inadequately cooled. You will also have higher energy utility bills at the end of the month because you have to run the air conditioner for as long as you normally do to ensure your home is comfortable. Therefore, you should have an AC repair company send a professional to inspect the unit and top up the refrigerant.

Dirty Air Filter

Your AC’s air filter does more than keep your air clean. Air filters further protect the critical components of the air conditioning system from debris and dirt. If it gets clogged by dirt, airflow into your home will be restricted. This could result in problems throughout your entire AC system. A dirty air filter forces the air conditioner to work harder and use more energy. If the clogged air filters aren’t cleaned on time for a long time, it could result in damages like frozen evaporator coils or even cracked heat exchangers in the furnace.

The simplest way of addressing this issue is having an AC repair company send a technician to inspect the air filter per month and replace it if it is dirty. This will keep the AC system operating at its peak efficiency and also prevent issues from arising in the future.

Clogged Condensate Drain

The usual problem homeowners in Plano, TX, may experience with an air conditioner is a clogged condensate drain. The drain line removes moisture from the indoor air. When this moisture accumulates in a drain pan, it could overflow and leak onto the floor. Do you suspect you have a clogged condensate drain? Begin by inspecting the AC unit’s pan to see whether it is overflowing. If it is overflowing, enlist an AC repair company to remove the clog from the condensate drain.

Evaporator Coil Leaks

Dirty evaporator coils also can make the AC not cool your home. By its design, it won’t remove any moisture dissolved in the air when the coils are dirty. Hence, the frost builds up and blocks airflow through the coil. It is critical to note that some frost accumulation on the evaporator coils is average. The frost becomes an issue when ice covers over 50% of the evaporator coils.

Reliable AC Repair Company in Plano

Given the importance of an air conditioner to your home, especially in summer, you must leave nothing to chance to ensure that it is functioning optimally. However, some issues explained above still arise that make you call an AC repair company to service the unit. Call us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas if you need AC repair service.

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