What Are Common Emergency Heating And AC Repair Issues? | Richardson, TX

What Are Common Emergency Heating And AC Repair Issues? | Richardson, TX

A furnace can prove to be a particularly tricky heating system. Although furnaces are safe and rarely result in safety issues, they occasionally develop problems that might become even worse. Although there’s no reason to get worried about your furnace, you must have a technician conduct routine maintenance. Leaving the furnace unmaintained for a long time and failing to conduct timely repairs might result in an emergency heating and AC repair.

However, some issues arise just from nowhere and require the immediate attention of a technician. This is the reason you are recommended to have the contact details of a furnace repair technician. Furnace emergencies can result in fires and have other detrimental impacts on your Richardson, TX, home.

What’s the Difference Between Regular and Emergency Services?

Any furnace repair professional claims to provide timely and reliable services. However, there is a distinct difference between an emergency heating and AC repair service and standard HVAC services. They include:

Response Time

Unlike standard furnace service providers, emergency professionals have an immediate response time. They understand that the emergency could result in serious damages. Although a contractor desires to attend to your furnace issues immediately, most standard service providers aren’t willing to drop everything to attend to your issue. This is where the energy heating and AC repair services play a critical role. Within a few minutes of your call, the technicians will be at your home properly prepared.

All Hour Services

Most furnace repair technicians work hard. However, they also need time to rest. The emergency heating and AC repair service providers in Richardson, TX, are available 24/7 to ensure you aren’t overwhelmed by the emergency. Their teams are rotated and always on call to ensure a technician is always available. This sort of availability is what makes emergency furnace repair service providers indispensable, and you always should have the contacts of one with you. Imagine when your furnace breaks down mid-winter on holiday, and you don’t have anybody to call. Wouldn’t that be frustrating? The availability of an emergency furnace repair technician is critical.

Any-Day Services

Imagine your furnace blowing out on holiday, like Thanksgiving Day, or even on a weekend that is not a normal working day. This could ruin your day. However, emergency heating and AC repair technicians offer daily furnace repair services. Hence, should your heating system break down on a holiday, weekend, or even at night, you’ll have a technician on call to help you.

The furnace repair technician can tell you the various things that constitute a furnace emergency. However, when searching for an emergency heating and AC repair technician, it is recommended that you hire one near your home. This adds to the availability and punctuality. If the company is located too far from your home, they will take time to arrive at your home. In emergencies, there isn’t even a second to waste. Hence, delayed repairs could end up costing you a fortune. The technicians might also charge transport fees. They include:

What Constitutes a Furnace Emergency?

Furnace Doesn’t Turn On

On those cold winter nights, your furnace must always be properly working. A furnace that doesn’t turn on is a reason to call an emergency heating and AC repair technician in Richardson, TX. There are many reasons your furnace might not turn on or not work. This might sometimes be a simple issue, probably a power problem. However, the problem can sometimes be as severe as malfunctioning or a breakdown that needs a replacement.

Ensure that you enlist a cooling and heating technician immediately if you notice that your furnace doesn’t turn on. Among the best ways of avoiding this problem is scheduling routine furnace maintenance. When the technician comes for maintenance, they will provide thorough inspections and tune-ups of your unit. Doing this will ensure that you don’t face those emergency heating and AC repair issues. Other benefits of routine maintenance include lower risk of repairs, extended lifespan, and lower monthly heating energy bills. Scheduling maintenance is an important way of avoiding those emergencies.

Odd Noises from Your Furnace

Although heating and air conditioning systems might sometimes make some noises after a while, this doesn’t mean they produce too loud or uncharacteristic sounds. Whenever the noises become repetitive, too frequent, or loud, that might be a cue that you should call an emergency heating and AC repair technician. The professional will inspect the unit to determine the reason for the sound and the effect of the needed repairs. Below are some of the noises that your furnace might produce:

Grinding or Scraping

The blower wheel could be broken or loose and rub against the furnace’s housing if your furnace starts producing a grinding noise. It is also possible that a bolt or other hardware piece fell off and stuck in the blower motor or fan. If the furnace makes metallic grinding noises, it’s crucial to turn off the system and call an emergency heating and AC repair technician for help. Both of these problems have the potential to harm your furnace seriously.

Loud Rumbling

During normal use, dirt and soot accumulate on your furnace’s burner, obstructing airflow and producing a loud rumbling sound. However, if your furnace is creating a loud rumbling noise and you haven’t been keeping up with maintenance, your furnace might develop several issues that might lead to emergencies. Rather than have to call an emergency heating and AC repair technician in Richardson, TX, to repair your furnace, meticulously follow a maintenance process.

Thumping & Banging

Does a furnace make loud banging sounds, especially when the system is turning on? Then that unit needs immediate attention from an emergency heating and AC repair technician. The loud banging and thumping sounds could result from several serious problems, such as an unbalanced blower wheel or motor, delayed ignition caused by a gas build-up, and the expansion and contraction of the air ducts. Gas build-ups and ignition problems can particularly become dangerous. Hence, whenever you hear those loud banging and thumping sounds, turn off your furnace and immediately call a furnace repair technician for further inspection.

Sounds from Ducts

Vents and ductwork that make low bass noises like pounding, popping, or bonging are frequently growing or contracting. This frequently arises when the air ducts are installed improperly, have weak joints, loose vents or ducts, or touch other components of the home’s structure. Due to thermal expansion, the air duct metal will pop back into its contracted, cooler state.

Should this be the cause of the loud noises, it rarely causes harm but may be irritating and interfere with sleep. It would be preferable to have it inspected by an emergency heating and AC repair technician if you hear these noises, even if they are coming from the ductwork. You should check these sounds during your HVAC maintenance appointment during the fall.

Thermostat Is Broken

Thermostats may cease functioning if disconnected or fall out of calibration. Your furnace can stop heating as a result. Thermostat repairs are typically quick and simple. In most instances, electrical work or recalibration can resolve the issue. Installing normal thermostats is not particularly challenging, except for installing a zoned or smart thermostat. Automatically adjusting your thermostat to particular settings throughout the day can help you save money.

However, if the thermostat sends the wrong information to the furnace, the unit might overheat, resulting in other serious issues. Hence, should you notice that your thermostat has a problem, immediately call an emergency heating and AC repair technician in Richardson, TX, to effect the required repairs. Being an electrical device, DIY thermostat repairs are not particularly recommended.

Strange Furnace Odors

The air produced by your furnace should not have any smell. However, the furnace might produce smelly air because of various unit issues, such as dust accumulation in the furnace or gas leaks. Below are some smells that might signal it is time to call an emergency heating and AC repair technician.

Smoke Smell

Do you smell smoke? Does your smoke detector keep going off frequently? Then it would be best if you immediately shut down your furnace. The smoke might be a sign that the furnace chimney has a blockage. This means that your furnace is venting the smoke via your ducts instead. Inhaling smoke could have serious health ramifications for you. To resolve this problem promptly, enlist the services of an emergency heating and AC repair technician to have the chimney cleaned. They will also inspect the furnace to determine any other reason why it might be producing the smoke and resolve it.

Burnt Electrical

Have you noticed a burning smell from your furnace lately? That is a sign that your furnace is overheating. This will damage the metal and rubber components. An overheating furnace also can result in a fire outbreak. Hence, have an emergency heating and AC technician come over for a further inspection of the unit and to fix any underlying problems. This should, of course, be after you turn off the unit.


Have you noticed an increasingly persistent chemical smell like that of formaldehyde? That is a sign that your furnace heat exchanger might have cracked. Your furnace’s heat exchanger is the component responsible for moving heat from its combustion chamber to the plenum. If the heat exchanger is broken, then your home is exposed to a risk of fire hazards. This will also make the furnace leak carbon monoxide all over your home. Therefore, should you notice this particular smell, turn the furnace off and immediately call an emergency heating and AC repair technician to have the exchanger fixed.

Rotten Eggs

Is there a suddenly increased concentration of rotten egg smell at your home? Your furnace probably has a problem with the natural gas supply. Although natural gas is colorless and odorless, the gas suppliers treat it by adding methyl mercaptan, giving it the strong rotten egg smell you notice. This is to make the gas easily detectable. Have you noticed the smell at your home?

Turn off the furnace immediately and reach out to your natural gas company or an emergency heating and AC repair technician. These professionals will be able to give you further instructions on how to stay safe and ventilate your home besides performing any required repairs. Remember, don’t turn on the furnace until an AC repair or gas company technician assesses the technician and gives a green light. This is for your good because the gas could also result in fires on top of other health complications.

Furnace Is Overheating

Your Richardson, TX, furnace will begin to overheat if it operates for long times and works too hard. Typically, if a furnace overheats, a sensor will cause it to shut off. If this sensor is damaged, the furnace won’t be able to detect overheating. Furnaces frequently overheat because of a blockage such as debris or a dirty filter. For the most part, this issue is simple to resolve. If left unattended for too long, it might become a hazard. Overheating a furnace is particularly risky because it might result in fire risks and perhaps failure.

It could be challenging to determine whether your heater is overheating. Therefore, carefully pay attention to whether the unit is cycling off or on. If the furnace continues running and doesn’t turn off, then it is probably overheating. As mentioned above, this exposes your home to the risk of a huge fire outbreak, damaging your belongings. Hence, please turn off the system the moment you notice it is overheating and have an emergency heating and AC repair technician come over for a further inspection and repair.

Avoid Furnace Emergencies With Routine Maintenance

The only surefire way to avoid emergency heating and AC repairs is through undertaking routine repairs. This means that the developing issues will be detected early and resolved before they escalate. Do you need a furnace repair or maintenance in Richardson, TX? Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas.

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