The 5 Surprising Benefits Of A Duct Cleaning Service | Frisco, TX

The 5 Surprising Benefits Of A Duct Cleaning Service | Frisco, TX

If you are a new Frisco, TX, homeowner, it might seem like there is an endless supply of things you have to do now that you are responsible for the maintenance of your home. From plumbing to electricity to shutters and painting, it can seem like something always needs to be done. Homeowners that are used to renting are often overwhelmed when they realize that anything that goes wrong is now their responsibility to deal with. This can get very overwhelming quickly, which is why we are looking at one thing you don’t want to forget: duct cleaning service.

An air duct cleaning service is one easy and quick way to restore the air in your home without too much hassle or fuss on your part. These days people spend more time than ever at home, especially since many people are now working from home. This can be great, but not if the air in your home is not fresh. In that situation spending more time at home may be actually working against you. Many people complain that it seems that cold season never ends, when really it is dust and allergens hiding in their ductwork that is responsible for most of the symptoms that they keep experiencing.

That is just one of the many benefits that come with a regular duct cleaning service. If you hire a professional to handle your service then there are many more waiting to come your way. This does however bring up a very important point, which is that only a professional HVAC company should be hired to clean your air ducts. These days there are a lot of companies that advertise duct services, but just because they can stick a vacuum in your vents doesn’t mean you should trust them.

In fact, your home HVAC system is one of the most expensive investments that you have made into your home, so you need to be careful about who you let handle it. It is always best to hire a professional HVAC company to perform any type of cleaning to ensure that no component of your system is damaged. You don’t want to replace any ductwork prematurely just because someone didn’t do the job properly. Therefore, take a minute to look at your options and make sure that you choose a heating and AC repair company that is properly certified in Frisco, TX, to handle your duct cleaning service.

Now that you know who to hire, it is time to take a look at the benefits of having your air ducts cleaned on a regular basis. Here are the top five benefits of having your air ducts cleaned.

Helps Refresh Your Home as a New Homeowner

If you are a new homeowner one of the most compelling reasons to call and get a duck cleaning service is because it can instantly help refresh your new home. Older homes tend to carry with them older smells and if you don’t know much about the people who owned the home before you there might be some hidden allergens and irritants hiding inside of your air ducts. While you contemporarily mask smells to sell a home they will come back once you move in and I run the AC or the heat on a nonstop basis.

There may be many things in your air ducts that will surprise you during a duct cleaning service. Our team has found everything from actual garbage and bottles, two layers of smoke and animal hair. Everything that is in your air ducts, the air is passing through which means you are breathing particles that come from all of those things. Out of sight does not mean out of mind when it comes to your health. Therefore the best way to make sure that you are living hopefully in your new home is by booking an air duct service and getting ahead of anything that may be hidden inside.

Eliminates Mold

Another great reason to call for a duct cleaning service if that is a great way to get mold and mildew out of your air vent that might be hiding deep inside of your ductwork system. When most people think of mold they think of bathrooms and basements but in many homes, the mold actually hides deep down inside air ducts. This is because it does not take very much moisture at all for mildew to start to form. If you happen to spill half a glass of water or even a few droplets down your air duct then this could produce mildew and not very much time.

The surface of your air ducts is really moist because of the constant airflow coming out of your air conditioning system. Therefore it is a high conductor of mold and mildew and a natural place for it to form. However, because you cannot see it you start to think that there’s nothing wrong and that there’s nothing in there. The only indication that mold or mildew might be down there is if you smell a musty scent coming out of your air ducts but many times this is confused for other issues. The goal in the situation should not need to cover up the musty smell but instead to correct the presence of mildew by having your ducks thoroughly cleaned.

If you have never had your air duct service cleaned and are thinking about a duct cleaning service but now is the right time to act. Or you look into the issue the quicker you can find a solution that will leave everyone in your family breathing better. And people have allergies to mold and all people will have some respiratory symptoms after being exposed for a lengthy period of time. Every time air pushes through your air ducts it will pick up the spores and fly them around your home underneath your nose. A thorough duct cleaning service is the only way to know for sure whether or not mold already exists within your home.

Removes Bad Smells

We have already discussed a few things that could be causing bad smells within your home such as mildew and smoke hidden underneath your ductwork system. However, this is just a start of the many things that could be hiding in your ducts which is why an air duct cleaning service is so important if you want to get to the root of a bad smell that seems to have permanently permeated your entire home. Smells that don’t go away and are hard to mask often stem from your air duct system because your AC is continually spreading the smell throughout your house on a constant basis. This makes it impossible to ever catch up with the smell.

Believe it or not there may be real causes for disgusting odors in your home that range from Stinky smoke residue to dead animals inside of your ductwork that are now rotting and the smell is drifting out. As part of a duct cleaning service the HVAC company that comes out to complete the service will take pictures of your ducks. This gives you a chance to look inside and really see what may have settled in there. If you are a new homeowner or have lived in your home for over ten years and never had a duct cleaning service you may be surprised by what you find. This is even more true if you have small children in your home who tend to get into things and drop things that you would never imagine. Just ask any plumber who has ever fished items out of a toilet.

Improves HVAC Lifespan

Another great reason to look at a duct cleaning service is because keeping your ducks clean and unobstructed can actually help lengthen their lifespan. Most people don’t give a lot of thought to the average lifespan of the air ducts, but in reality most air duct systems should be replaced every 20 to 25 years. The best way to lengthen the lifespan of your entire HVAC system is by keeping your air ducts clean. Outside of avoiding the cost of replacing your air ducts you may be surprised to learn that duct cleaning service can actually lengthen the lifespan of your HVAC unit as well.

The very simple reason that this is true is because your HVAC system will have to work less hard to push air through clean air ducts. Things like vent ductwork inside that you cannot see, foreign objects or just a tremendous amount of dirt can all make it harder for air to push through your air ducts forcing your HVAC system to cycle more often than it should. When your air ducts are clean then your HVAC system will not work as hard to push air throughout your home which will reduce the wear and tear of your system overtime. This is one reason why most HVAC companies in Frisco, TX, will suggest that you have a duct cleaning service at least once every 2 to 3 years. This timeframe can change however based on the amount of traffic in your home and how much dust you tend to accumulate. A smaller home without children for example will probably not need a duct cleaning service as much as a larger home with three or four pets and three or four children.

Reduces Allergy Symptoms

It should come as no surprise with all the things that we have already mentioned, that one of the biggest benefits of duct cleaning service for people with allergies is that it removes quite a bit of allergens from the air. All types of allergens can be hiding inside of your ducks and eventually they will build up and thicken. Some of the most common ones include dust, dander, smoke, pet hair, and pests.

The longer they are allowed to sit in your air ducts the more they will bother you, but they can be removed in just a few hours if you call a duct cleaning service in Frisco, TX. Then you can actually say that the air you breathe within your home is clean. The best air purifiers in the world will not be able to keep up with contaminated air that continues to run out of your air vents. It is a losing battle until you remove the allergens that are hidden under the frame of your HVAC system.

The problem is that all air in your home has to flow through the air vents, and that means that tiny allergens, mold spores, dust particles, etc are getting picked up every single time your AC or furnace runs. If you run in Frisco, TX, your AC runs practically around the clock during some months. This means that you are probably breathing allergies around the clock as well.

Many people report that their allergies actually lessen immediately after a duct cleaning service in Frisco, TX, which is just one of the many benefits of going ahead and booking your call. As soon as the allergens are out of your home you will start to feel better and may even be able to reduce some of your allergy medicine (with the advice of your doctors). If this is one step you have not yet tried to help reduce your allergy symptoms, then now is the time to give it a go. You may be surprised by just how much a small duct cleaning service can change the way you feel when you spend time at home.

If you are ready to refresh your home in Frisco, TX, give One Hour Conditionings & Heating of Dallas a call. We will gladly come out to your home and take care of your ducts.

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