Learn Why You Need AC Repair Service | Lewisville, TX

Learn Why You Need AC Repair Service | Lewisville, TX

To the residents of Lewisville, TX, an air conditioner is an appliance not to miss. The scorching summers and mild winters make an HVAC unit an absolute necessity. With the high temperatures in the summers and, at times, freezing winters, the only refuge to turn to is your air conditioner, and these units do a great job at ensuring comfort at your home despite the extreme weather.

Because of this, air conditioners are extremely important. However, even the best electrical appliance can run into issues, and air conditioners aren’t immune. Hence, it is important to retain a professional AC repair technician for routine maintenance and inspection of the unit. Whether you run a ductless, central, smart, or mini-split air conditioner, you will at one time have to repair it. Hence, regular maintenance prevents costly repairs and replacements while ensuring that your unit operates at peak efficiency. But why would you need an air conditioning repair service?

Your AC Unit Is Not Turning On

If your air conditioner is not turning on, it might have developed some issues that have a few potential causes. First, if the outdoor breaker fuse isn’t in the right position, then the air conditioning system will most likely not turn on. The other issue might be a tripped circuit breaker somewhere along with your home’s electrical system. Finally, the other cause is a switched-off thermostat. However, these aren’t the only causes. For example, if the air filter is blocked or clogged, it prevents the entire air conditioning system from running.

The other reason why your air conditioner isn’t turning on is probably because of a clogged or blocked condensate drain or improperly functioning condensate pump. Though you could check some of these issues yourself, it could help to enlist an AC repair service to do the inspection. Again, if there is a developing issue within the unit, the professional will certainly fix it before it becomes a costly problem.

The HVAC Isn’t Cooling Or Heating Your Indoors Enough

Do you notice uneven temperatures in your house or an increase in your energy utility bills at the end of the month? Some issues within the unit might be the reason. For example, if the air conditioner doesn’t cool your Lewisville home sufficiently, then either of the following might be the culprit.

Dirty Air Filters

The most prevalent reason for air conditioning unit failure is dirty or clogged air filters. The airflow into the air handler is significantly reduced whenever the dirt and debris buildup on the AC filter. The low airflow places a lot of strain on the air-handler motor. This can result in the system overheating as time progresses, making the motor burn out and stop working. However, a hike in your heating and cooling bills is first experienced before this can happen. This is because the working efficiency of the air conditioner system takes a toll.

Additionally, when AC filters are overloaded, they won’t do a great job at preventing the debris from entering the vents and ducts. Whenever the vents are blocked, they will not blow out enough air as they would, had they been clean. Whenever you schedule a regular maintenance service from a reputable AC repair company, they will ensure that your filters are clean or replaced to ensure that the system is clean.

Fan Is Malfunctioning

There are many reasons why your air conditioner’s unit might be malfunctioning. It may be a simple reason, like a tripping breaker or something complicated. Below are some issues that might make the fan stop efficiently working and prompt a need for an air conditioning repair service.

Broken Condenser Fan Motor

Because it is a moving part, the condenser fan is prone to wear and tear. As time passes, the motor might burn out and require a replacement. If the motor turns slowly or runs intermittently, it might neon its way out. Ensuring that your HVAC unit has regular maintenance from a reliable AC repair service in Lewisville, TX, could see the service life of your condenser-fan motor extend by some months or years. The professionals clean the unit and remove any buildup of dust and dirt that might strain the motor.

Capacitor Is Failing

When you turn on the air conditioning system, do you hear a humming sound, but it does not start to cool your space immediately? Then the air conditioner might have a broken capacitor. If you have ever experienced this, it is high time you call an AC repair technician. The air conditioner’s capacitor looks much like a cylinder-shaped battery, and it sends electrical power to the air conditioning system’s motor whenever you start it up.

Issue with Its Condensate Pump

The role of a condensate pump in your air conditioner is to remove the water that accumulates within the air conditioner. If it isn’t receiving power or one of its parts is failing, the condensate pump might stop working.

Further, the condensate pump’s float rises with the water levels and then hits the float switch, making the pump swing into action. It might also be suffering from debris buildup or some wear and tear. This might result in the pump malfunctioning. A blockage in the drain hose of the pump is the other potential problem that might cause the system to stop functioning properly and prompt a need for AC repair in your Lewisville, TX home.

Strange Noises

The AC systems usually aren’t noisy and are quiet whenever they operate. Though you may hear some noise when the unit turns off when the cycle ends, that is normal. However, whenever you notice some strange sounds such as buzzing, rattling, squealing, or hissing, then the air conditioner needs the attention of an AC repair professional. The sounds could be a sign of some lost parts, and for the humming and buzzing sounds, the most probable issue is an electrical problem. However, if the odd sounds are persistent, ensure that you enlist the services of a repair professional and shut the unit off.

Air Conditioning Repair Services In Lewisville

Though an important electrical appliance for any home, the air conditioner is also prone to problems. However, through routine maintenance, you can avoid some of them. This means getting the services of a professional AC repair company for help. Do you need any AC repair service? Call our reliable technicians at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas today.

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