Air Conditioner Installation: The Different Air Conditioners For Your Home | Plano, TX

Air Conditioner Installation: The Different Air Conditioners For Your Home | Plano, TX

Air conditioning is an integral part of our modern life and seems to take up a significant share of the can’t-do-without home appliances budget. Most homeowners are probably conversant with air conditioning, but a few may not know the various types of air conditioner installations available in the market.

Air conditioning units are designed to meet specific purposes and within certain spaces in a home. Thus, you need to choose one that will be cost-effective and provide the desired comfort levels. Below is a guide to the various air conditioning systems you need to know before scheduling an installation service.

Floor Mounted Air Conditioners

Initially, most homeowners would have their air conditioning devices installed on the walls and ceilings. However, air conditioner installation through the ductwork might be challenging with the current building technologies such as glasshouses.

Therefore, investing in floor-mounted air conditioning systems may be the most suitable and convenient option because they are easy to install and pump air up to 10 meters away.

Even though floor-mounted ACs have built-in ionizers and are good dehumidifiers, they are noisy, and you may have to remove the water manually once it condenses. Additionally, it can take longer to cool the room and uses a lot of power.

Air-Source Heat Pumps

These air conditioners can be placed outside your house. If you opt for air-source heat pumps, you can select from the two types available; air-to-air or air-to-water heat pumps.

The working principle of air-to-air heat pumps is that it absorbs the air from the outside and transfers it directly to a fan system for cooling the compartment. In contrast, the air-to-water heat pump absorbs heat and transfers it to a central heating system for water heating, radiator, or underfloor heating.

The air-source conditioning installation systems are economical in milder climates and have low maintenance since you don’t need fuel. Additionally, they are low-cost because they can help you save energy costs and distribute heat or condense the rooms evenly.

However, these air conditioner installations have various disadvantages, including having a lower heat supply than boilers, and their efficiency is below zero; hence, they may need backup heating during winters. The Airsource heat pumps are also costly, depending on size and quality. Also, installing these types of systems may be tricky due to their complexity.

Portable Air Conditioners

Are you in Plano, TX, and looking for air conditioners you can move around with? Then you should invest in a portable air conditioning option since you can obtain one with wheels or a light one that you carry with one hand without strain. This type of AC also saves you the expensive air conditioner installation costs. The portable ACs are not limited to small rooms alone. They can also be used in large rooms or for commercial purposes.

After purchasing a portable AC, you don’t need to seek air conditioner installation services, but you can connect it to the electrical socket and switch it on. Additionally, with the advancements in technology, you can obtain smaller and more affordable ACs in Plano, TX, unlike the previous ones, which used to be large and cumbersome.

One disadvantage of having portable air conditioners is that you must frequently move the AC when relocating to other rooms, which may be cumbersome. They also have a short cooling range, are noisy, and have to empty the drain tanks regularly. If you opt for smaller portable air conditioners, they may only cool a small space, which is inconvenient if you need them for an ample space within your home.

Window Air Conditioners

Before contacting your technician to perform an air conditioner installation on your home’s windows, you should consult with an expert on the right size for your wall or window.

The disadvantage of installing a window AC unit is that it is complex to fix as it can only be fitted in a specific area. These units are hard to drain, meaning you may be forced to uninstall them during winter.

Ductless Air Conditioners

Did you know that ductless air conditioners can be fitted to the interior of your walls? When installing the ductless system, one device is located on the house’s exterior while another is mounted on its interior, and the refrigeration tubing separates them.

Air conditioner installation of this kind is perfect for small and old homes. Ductless air conditioners are advantageous because they are quiet and flexible, and you don’t need to uninstall them during winter since they are small. On the other hand, they are expensive to install and can only serve a small area.

Central Air Conditioners

Do you need a luxurious air conditioner that can simultaneously cool various rooms in your home? If so, you should invest in central air conditioners. They consist of the condensing unit located outside the house and the evaporating unit placed near the furnace. The refrigeration tubing connects the two units.

Central air conditioner installations are relatively cheaper because they can use the original ductwork. In addition, they are placed outside the house and are less destructive when it comes to your peace of mind as they are quieter compared to other options. When installing the central air conditioning systems, technicians can also use infrared technology to help the owner detect technical issues, and it can be programmed virtually.

Like other air conditioners, central AC systems have their drawbacks, too. To begin with, they can be inefficient when duct leakage occurs. In addition, they have high energy consumption, which may translate to increased electrical bills with time.

From the above observations, we can deduce that some air conditioners are complex to install and require a lot of expertise. Additionally, while smaller room AC units require a standard 15 Amp – 120 volts single circuit, large room AC systems may need a dedicated 115 to 240 – volt circuit. Therefore, it’s always prudent to hire a professional contractor to do the air conditioner installation job.

Before Purchasing Your Desired Air Conditioner, Consult The Experts!

At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of DallasPlano, TX, we have professional technicians versed in different air conditioner installations to meet the diverse needs of our customers. If you need assistance in selecting a favorable device that is energy-saving, modern, affordable, and suits the size of your room, contact us!

Upon request, our staff assesses the client’s air conditioning demands to establish whether the AC needs an upgrade or repairs. Apart from conducting routine maintenance, our knowledgeable team also offers emergency services to clients if required.

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