How To Prevent Expensive Air Conditioning Service Calls | Dallas, TX

How To Prevent Expensive Air Conditioning Service Calls | Dallas, TX

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Knowing when to call for air conditioning service for your Dallas, TX home or business can mean the difference between a major repair or a minor repair. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas we often hear from our customers that they heard the warning signs of AC failure or worse yet failed to do their yearly AC tune-up, which helps to prevent Air conditioning service calls from needing to happen in the first place. Indeed most times your air conditioner will try and give you warning signs that something is not quite right with the AC unit. When you know the warning signs you can address the issue head-on as well as early and avoid expensive air conditioning repair calls to your home.

First Things First

The first thing every homeowner should be doing is a yearly AC tune-up. This is vitally important to not only help you to avoid expensive air conditioning service calls but also to extend the life of your air conditioner. Every air conditioner needs yearly service in the form of an AC tune-up and failure to do this will shave off years of your AC unit’s life as well as contribute to energy inefficiency. When you have your AC tuned up in the spring you are preparing it for the rigors of operating in the heat and humidity of our area. Heat and humidity of course make your AC unit work hard. When you opt to have an AC tune-up there is less stress on the system during the summer months. Think about it this way, you have your car or truck regularly serviced, an AC unit is really no different, it needs maintenance and service. When you have an AC tune-up done you help to lower your utility bills in most cases due to increased energy efficiency and you help to improve the lifespan of your AC unit. You are also ensuring that you will be comfortable come summertime as your AC unit will be running in peak condition.

AC Tune-Up

You may be wondering exactly what goes into an AC tune-up. Well, for one thing, AC units can get pretty dirty inside and dirt, grime, and debris are the enemy of a healthy air conditioner. Did you know that just a thin layer of dust or dirt on your evaporator coils can cause them to freeze over and halt the entire operation of your AC unit? Another issue is your condenser coil, it is prone to the build-up of dirt and grime and if this happens it can interfere with the normal operation of your AC unit. That is just one example of many. Your air conditioning service technician will clean out your entire system, ensuring that it operates at peak performance in the heat and humidity that we experience every summer in Dallas, TX. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas we inspect your entire AC system top to bottom looking for any defective or failing parts, catching this issue before it becomes a major issue leading to expensive repairs when the part eventually fails. When you ignore having your AC tuned up you are risking minor problems spiraling out of control.

Your Technician

The expert air conditioning service technicians from One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas will also tighten up every electrical connection inside of your AC as these often become loose over time due to the extensive AC use we see here. We will also flush your AC drain as this often gets clogged up over time. Another important aspect of an AC tune-up is having your refrigerant refilled if needed, as your levels tend to dip year after year of continuous use. We will also test for refrigerant leaks and plug up any leaks we find. Most of us run our AC units 9 to 10 months a year in Dallas, TX. We will inspect all of your electrical parts and replace any damaged parts. We will change your air filters if needed. We will lubricate every moving part of your AC unit as lubrication is key to a healthy operating air conditioner. Your capacitor will be checked for any flaws. We clean and adjust your blower components as needed. Your ductwork will be inspected to ensure there are no leaks or blockages which could interfere with proper airflow throughout your home or business. Your thermostat will also be calibrated and cleaned, as dirt can get into the thermostat and interfere with its normal operation, which is never good as your thermostat is the command and control center of your entire AC unit so to speak. Your air conditioning service technician will also evaluate how well your blower motor is functioning. The air conditioning service professional will also check for signs of oil leakage. Also just as important your air conditioning service technician will measure the amperage and volt draw as well as your wiring connections. Your air conditioning service professional will also be on the lookout for pest damage as small rodents can cause immense damage to your AC system. We will also be on the lookout for excess humidity within your system. Another issue your air conditioning service professional will be on the lookout for is the build-up of mold or mildew in your system as this is a health hazard. If needed biocide can be applied to your drain pan.

As you can now see much goes into an AC tune-up! Did you know that most AC warranties require you to have an AC tune-up from an air conditioning service done every year or you void out your warranty due to neglect? An unregistered AC system typically carries a 5-year warranty, but if you did the right thing and registered your AC unit with the company who manufactured it you typically extend that warranty to 10 years. You never want that precious warranty to become null and void just because you failed to call an air conditioning service for a relatively inexpensive AC tune-up. You want your warranty intact as it gives you peace of mind should a major component of your system fail that is covered by your warranty, and with the excessive heat and humidity that we get in Dallas, TX you can be sure at some point you will need to make that call to an air conditioning service. All warranties come with certain expectations and obligations and one key obligation nearly all warranties have is that you must have an AC tune-up done yearly to keep the warranty intact. You never want a surprise bill for parts and labor when your AC unit eventually breaks down, so it is best to contact your local air conditioning service for your yearly tune-up before the heat of summer approaches.

Having an AC tune-up from an air conditioning service will also prep your system for the rigors and hard labor your system will be doing come summertime. Your system has many moving parts to it, and AC systems are not simple machines. Just like your car or truck, they need oil and lubrication to do their job. You also help to ensure that your AC unit is energy efficient when you have an AC tune-up done by your local air conditioning service. Did you know simply changing your air filters alone can reduce energy use from anywhere between 5 and 15%? When your entire unit is cleaned, oiled up, and checked over the unit uses less energy to do its job. It also leads to less stress on your system. Did you know that AC units that are properly maintained rarely break down? That is just one more way you save money each year by doing simple preventive maintenance on your air conditioner. The less energy that your AC system uses the better, not only does it reduce your utility bills but it also helps to reduce your carbon footprint. You also save money big time by increasing the lifespan of your AC system due to simple maintenance from your local air conditioning service.

Did you know that your home is safer when you book an AC tune-up from an AC repair service? A great deal of the checks conducted during an AC tune-up is safety checks and tests. While most AC units have built-in safety precautions they can and do fail. AC units can actually be a fire hazard but this hazard can be avoided simply by calling your Dallas, TX AC repair service for a yearly tune-up. Take for example faulty wiring, this is one of the leading causes of AC fires. The experts at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas will check over all of your wirings during an AC tune-up giving you peace of mind. Another fire hazard with air conditioners is when your AC unit becomes dirty inside as this can cause your unit to choke which could lead to a fire. In Dallas, TX AC units are in constant use throughout the year so any fluctuation with the voltage in your AC unit can spell trouble, which is why we test the voltage and amperage inside of your unit. When you do opt to have an AC tune-up done you want to avoid any inexperienced HVAC technicians as they might not have the experience needed to identify any dangerous situations that may have developed inside of your AC system. The HVAC professionals at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas are highly trained and are able to spot any potential hazards going on within your AC unit.


Another thing to consider is your air conditioners filters. When your filters become clogged with dirt, debris, and pet hair the overall health of your AC unit suffers. If you forget to change your AC filters you are not alone, millions of Americans and indeed many people in Dallas, TX have the same problem. You should identify the type of filter your make and model uses. If you have a really old AC unit it may use fiberglass filters and these should be replaced every 30 days for optimal AC health. If your system is much newer it likely uses pleated air filters which are much more reliable than fiberglass filters. Pleated filters can be replaced every 90 days unless you have pets that shed often then we would recommend changing your pleated filters every 45 days for maximum efficiency of your AC unit and to help you to avoid expensive air conditioning service calls. If you are lucky your unit can take media filters, what is nice about these is that they can last anywhere from 6 to 8 months, less of course if you have pets that shed fur often. Should you happen to have allergies you may want to consider changing the filter more often as this directly relates to the quality of the air in your home or business. When you keep up to date with AC filter changes you take a lot of stress off of your AC unit. Many AC breakdowns actually happen due to dirty air filters and I am sure you do not want an expensive ac repair service call because your AC broke down due to dirty air filters. If you do not know where your air filters are simply contact us for an AC tune-up and we would be glad to change your air filters for you. Remember when you change your filters often you are prolonging the life of your AC unit.

If you feel the time has come to book an appointment for an AC tune-up please do give One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas a call! We will gladly answer each and every question you have about your air conditioner or the services that we offer. We have decades of experience behind us as well as thousands of satisfied customers in our family of loyal customers. Give us a chance and we will win you over with our superior service and business ethics. No problem is too small for us to handle. We are also available anytime for service calls as we know our customers lead challenging and busy lives. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas we go the extra mile to win you over. We are the air conditioning service you can trust!