Benefits Of Scheduling A Regular Air Conditioning Service | Frisco, TX

Benefits Of Scheduling A Regular Air Conditioning Service | Frisco, TX

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If you are new to the Frisco, TX region you probably don’t know just how much you value your AC, but a few months in Texas and suddenly your air conditioner will seem like your savior. There is no denying how hot it gets in Frisco, TX, which is why you need to make sure that you take care of your AC. If you take care of your air conditioner it will take care of you by providing ultimate cooling power throughout the very long summer/spring/fall months. One way you can do this is by learning the benefits of an annual air conditioning service.

In all honesty, regardless of where you lived before you moved to Frisco, TX, scheduling an air conditioning service should have been a part of your yearly home maintenance tasks. However, once you move to Texas it becomes less of a task and more of a requirement. People like to joke that Texas has one season: hot. It only takes a few months here to realize that is largely the truth. That is one reason that the cold snap that hit last year caught so many Texans off-guard because the cool air is generally not an issue that we have to contend with.

Unlike other more seasonal locations around the nation, living without an AC is simply not an option if you live in Texas. In fact, if your AC breaks down you may find yourself moving to a hotel until it is repaired because it doesn’t take long for a home to become an oven in the middle of the hot Texas summer. If you have older adults or young children in your home the heat can be even more of a risk as they cannot control their temperature as easily. Luckily, you can avoid having to deal with this possibility by simply booking an air conditioning service on an annual basis.

It only takes one air conditioning service each year to ensure that your AC is working at it is best and will keep your home properly cooled. If you have an hour or two once a year to book a service with your local HVAC company, then you can save yourself a lot of hassle down the road and possibly even reduce your utility bills long-term. If this idea is starting to sound pretty good, then keep reading to learn more about what an AC service is and the many additional benefits of keeping up with your regular service.

Benefits of Regular AC Service

As mentioned there are many benefits of choosing an air conditioning service in Frisco, TX. They range from saving you money by increasing the energy efficiency of your unit to helping to reduce the chances of dealing with an unexpected breakdown. Take a minute to read through the various benefits a bit more in-depth and you may find yourself scheduling an AC service sooner instead of later.

Increased Energy-Efficiency

The first and number one reason why people book regular air conditioning service is because they enjoy the chance to lower their energy bills. An HVAC system that is working smoothly will consume less energy, which should be reflected in your energy bills each year. While you may not notice it right away, the savings are there compared to if you let dirt and debris build up and interfere with the proper functioning of your HVAC system. In addition, a system that is regularly serviced usually has a longer lifespan since it doesn’t break down as often. Just about everyone can appreciate an AC unit that lasts longer as this can save you a great deal of money over time.

Reduced Repair Visits

Regular air conditioning services help troubleshoot issues before they arise which means you are not likely to need as much AC repair as you might otherwise. Instead of waiting for a component to completely wear down, a regular service enables technicians to see what is wrong and make suggestions for you to have it repaired before you start to notice the common signs that you need repairs such as odd smells, noises, or uneven cooling in your home.

Troubleshoot Issues Before an Emergency Arises

By the same token, if you troubleshoot issues and prevent unexpected AC repair you will also be able to prevent a great deal of emergency breakdown. If you like the idea of not worrying about your AC leaving you stranded in the middle of a hot Frisco, TX summer, then a regular service might be a good idea for your home. PLus, it allows you to budget for repairs before they become absolutely necessary which most homeowners can appreciate the value of.

Improved Air Quality

Finally, as part of the process of air conditioning service, all dust and debris removed from your system will instantly improve the air quality within your home. If someone in your home suffers from asthma or COPD the value of a properly functioning AC system is even more valuable.

When Is the Right Time to Book an AC Service?

At this point, you may be thinking about booking an AC service but are unsure if you should bother in the winter months. There is never a bad time to schedule an AC service because the basic worth of the service will never change regardless of when you slide it into your schedule. Some companies actually recommend you do it during the winter months because their availability is better and it is when your system is most likely not to be in active use anyhow.

Other companies recommend that you book your air conditioning service during the spring right before the hot weather kicks in so that you can rest assured that your system is up to the challenge of cooling your entire home in the months to come. Once again, there is no bad time to book your AC service, and at the end of the day, it is really just a matter of preference. The only important thing to remember is that you should schedule an air conditioning service once a year. Therefore, it is most helpful to choose a time of the year that is easy to remember so that you can stick to your maintenance schedule.

Many companies also offer an AC maintenance service which can be extremely useful if you have trouble keeping your household tasks together. The company will contact you when your next maintenance is due and will help remind you of other included tasks. A lot of homeowners find that getting on a set maintenance plan with their local HVAC company is the easiest way to take care of their AC units, and most maintenance plans come with additional perks as well so it may be useful to inquire about service plans the next time you are on the phone with your HVAC company in Frisco, TX.

What Is An Air Conditioning Service?

At this point, you are probably wondering what all is included in an air conditioning service to make it so valuable. If you book with a reputable HVAC company there are a lot of great things that occur during your air conditioning service. Generally, the technician will clean out both your inside and outside units as part of the service while also taking time to look for worn-out parts or broken components and lubricating all moving pieces that are inside of the units.

To start, most technicians will work outside of your home, but this can vary based on the preference of your technician. They will remove the cage around your outdoor unit and remove all debris that has fallen inside and could potentially harm the coils such as leaves, acorns, animal droppings, and sticks. After the unit is clean, they will actually look at individual components and make sure that they are thoroughly clean and clean of any dust, dirt, or debris which can build up on the coils quickly. Even more so if it has been a year or two since the last time you had an air conditioning service.

Once this process is complete they will move on to lubricate the various moving parts of your outdoor unit. Keep in mind that your air conditioning unit is one large machine, and like any machine that has moving parts it can get extremely dry in-between parts leading to friction which will tear down parts until they break. At the very least it will decrease their ability to produce cool air efficiently, which is why an air conditioning service can help increase the efficiency of your unit. At this point, they will then place the grill back over your unit and head indoors.

The technician will repeat the process for your indoor unit taking special care to remove all dirt that has accumulated inside of the machine. Many people are surprised at how much dirt builds up inside of their unit in just a year. All of the dirt that your HVAC technician removes is regularly being blown into the air that you breathe in your home. By removing it during the air conditioning service you will improve the air quality within your home which everyone can appreciate.

Sometimes the technician will also find animal droppings inside of your indoor HVAC unit as rats and mice like to take up residence while it is not in use. This is not the discovery that any homeowner wants to make, but by identifying the problem you can clean these disgusting droppings out before they affect your air quality and book an exterminator that can help you take care of the issue once and for all. Until you find out about the issue you cannot take proper action which is why the bonus of keeping up with your air conditioning service in Frisco, TX.

What Do You Need to Do to Prepare for AC Service?

The best part of a regular AC service is that you don’t need to do too much to prepare for it. Simply make sure that the technicians have room to work around both the indoor and outdoor units of your AC system. If your unit is located near the driveway, it is a good idea to park your car in the street so that the technicians can pull their truck right up to the unit. You also want to remove any kids’ toys or debris around the outdoor unit so that they have a clear pathway to work.

Since your outdoor unit will also need to be serviced you will need to be home for your air conditioning service so that you can let the technicians into your home. If you have pets in your home we recommend securing them for the safety of the pets and our technicians. We may need to go in and out of your house for tools throughout the service, and even well-behaved pets can slip out when a stranger is involved and they are excitable. Locking them up temporarily is a great way to ensure that everyone stays safe.

Finally, since we will need to work on your indoor unit, it is important to create a clear four-foot pathway to your indoor unit. In the end, we will also check your main air vents and thermostat to make sure that everything is working together properly. So be aware that we may have to enter the first floor of your home to do so. Our technicians take appropriate safety measures to ensure that we thoroughly clean your AC without adding any dirt to your home.

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