Factors Your AC Repair Company Considers During Ductwork Installation | Lewisville, TX

Factors Your AC Repair Company Considers During Ductwork Installation | Lewisville, TX

An AC unit is not a single-standing unit. It is a system of various parts or components working together to efficiently cool or heat your Lewisville, TX home, depending on your preset temperature settings, ensuring that your home is comfortable. Generally, HVAC systems consist of a heating system and a cooling unit. The two are further subdivided into components like the heat exchanger, fans, evaporator coils, and air ducts.

Whenever these components run into issues, they must be inspected further, diagnosed, and fixed by an experienced AC repair company. Otherwise, they can affect your HVAC system’s cooling or heating efficiency. A malfunctioning heating and cooling system uses more energy and requires more frequent repairs. However, you can avoid all this through proper installation and AC service.

The air ducts are the largest part of your heating and air conditioning system. Additionally, they are among the essential components of the HVAC system, delivering conditioned air into various rooms and sections of your home. Hence, they should be properly laid to ensure that air can move seamlessly with minimal resistance. You must consider several things to ensure high comfort and efficiency when installing air ducts. Remember, any stress on the HVAC system, like restricted airflow, means that it has to strain to heat or cool your home, resulting in wear out of different components and frequent calls to an AC repair company.

Below are the main factors to consider when laying the air ducting system and how they affect the performance of your system.

Air Filters and Indoor Coil

These are the other things to consider when laying the air ducts. The air filters and indoor coil are the other two main systems through which your blower fan must move the air. If that has any resistance to airflow, that has a direct impact on the performance of the air duct system. Hence, you must ensure that an AC repair company always cleans or replaces the filters. If the indoor coils or the air filters are too restrictive, they might drastically reduce the airflow before it leaves the air handler.

However, you can minimize any chances of restrictive filters and coils through routine maintenance and installing them at the right points. You can still refer to the coil information from the label on your HVAC system and choose indoor coils that deliver the much-needed airflow with the lowest pressure drop when wet. Choose air filters of high quality that can accommodate the cleanliness and health to your satisfaction while maintaining a face velocity or a minimal reduction in pressure.

Air Duct Design Methods

The foundation of a proper duct installation is the right duct design. If everything works as it should, the installed air duct system should appear like all the components fit each other and function as intended. The performance of the duct system suffers from inappropriate airflow delivery if the design is flawed from the outset.

It is not uncommon to see an inexperienced AC repair company mistakenly assume that effective duct design equates to effective duct system performance. You must measure the actual airflow of the created system to confirm that your duct design method, whatever it may be, works. If the measured airflow is less than 10% of the design airflow, you may say with certainty that your duct design process is effective.

Fan Capacity

The blower (indoor) fan is where the performance of your ducting system starts. This fan determines the volume of air that will ultimately be blown and circulated via air ducts. If the air ducts are of the wrong size or were installed poorly, the blower fan cannot deliver the much-needed system airflow. This will result in the system working hard to heat or cool your Lewisville, TX home to your preferred temperatures, resulting in component failure and unending calls to your AC repair company.

To ensure that your blower fan has enough strength to move sufficient airflow, consult a professional AC repair company or refer to the appliance’s fan table. The information is usually found in the equipment manufacturer’s instructions for installation. Refer to the information and verify whether the fan can overcome resistance to the airflow or even pressure drop over the filter, coils, and air duct system.

Duct Fitting Construction

The other consideration before laying the air ducts is the duct fitting construction. Poorly designed or constructed air duct fittings will result in excessive turbulence, reducing the effective and efficient airflow delivery. They also increase the resistance that the blower fan is supposed to overcome. An AC repair company understands this and uses properly constructed or designed duct fittings to ensure as little airflow resistance as possible.

Air duct fittings should allow smooth and gradual airflow turns. Hence, ensure that your professional doesn’t lay air ducts with restrictive and sharp turns. Straight air duct systems have better performance than bent ones. Duct fittings with the lowest equivalent length provide the most effective and efficient airflow delivery.

Tightness of the Air Ducts

The fan-circulated air will remain inside the ducts with a closed duct system. Leaky ducts impair system functionality and result in several concerns, such as compromised indoor air quality, carbon monoxide safety, and reduced system capacity. Any mechanical connection of an air duct system should be properly sealed. Mastic works well if the link doesn’t need to be altered, like an air duct or pipe connection. Use a readily removable sealant if the mechanical connections have any component behind it, such as an indoor coil that may require service in the future. Always entrust such operations to your trusted and licensed AC repair company.

Always Hire a Reliable HVAC Technician

Ductwork installation isn’t as simple as it appears. It is recommended that you ensure they are installed by an AC repair company that understands everything they have to consider. For ductwork installation in your new Lewisville, TX home, contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas.

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