Exploring Duct Cleaning Service | Frisco, TX

Exploring Duct Cleaning Service | Frisco, TX

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If you have never had a duct cleaning service you probably have a lot of questions about it. Staring with whether or not it is worth it on down to how it actually works. While it may seem like a new thing, any HVAC company will tell you that taking care of the air ducts in your home is not a new thing. In fact, taking care of your air ducts is one very important task if you want your HVAC system to work at its peak efficiency.

Maximum efficiency means minimum costs, as a system that is working seamlessly will consume less electricity and cost you less to run. Air ducts that are clogged with dirt and dust force your compressor to work hard to circulate air around your home which means you will put more wear and tear on your system than you need to. This is just one of the many reasons that people consider hiring an HVAC company for duct cleaning service. There are many more if you are tossing it around but aren’t sure if you are willing to make the call to schedule or not.

Outside of the benefits of exploring a duct cleaning service, you may be curious or unsure of how the process works. It is natural to be a bit uncertain of what you are paying to have done if you don’t know how it works. A lot of people believe that it is a very invasive process and don’t want to have people in their home for hours. However, there is generally a step-by-step process that allows the service to proceed smoothly and evenly. Understanding the process can help you be more comfortable with the process.

These are just a couple of the many questions you may have about duct cleaning service, and we will explore the answers to these and other popular questions in the following article. By exploring what duct cleaning is and what it is not you can feel confident in your decision to contact a Frisco, TX HVAC company and book a section. Whether your neighbors gave you the idea or you saw an advertisement on television, duct cleaning is a great way to ensure the air quality in your home is good and your HVAC system is able to run properly.

Who Should You Hire for Duct Cleaning?

First off, if you are thinking about a duct cleaning service you need to make sure that you hire a reputable service in Frisco, TX to help you. These days now that duct cleaning is a fad there are companies left and right advertising on social media and other outlets that they can clean your ducts. They often offer extremely low prices and advertise that it only takes one vacuum to suck up most of the dirt in your home.

These companies are almost always a rip-off, and for your money, you will not get anywhere close to the results you would get if you hired a professional duct cleaning service. Keep in mind also that your ductwork and your HVAC system are very expensive, so you don’t really want someone who is not properly trained to handle an HVAC system to be anywhere close to one. After hiring a fly-by-night service you don’t want to end up with more issues than you started with.

For this reason, if you are seriously considering duct cleaning you need to ensure that you always choose an HVAC cleaning company for the best results. Therefore, if you do one thing the best thing you can do is call a Frisco, TX HVAC company for more information about duct cleaning and then eventually choose them for your services. It is worth paying a little bit more to make sure you get the job done right and you are actually able to reap the benefits of the service you expect to get. Of course, that brings up the actual benefits that you should expect to enjoy after having your ducts serviced.

Benefits of Duct Cleaning Service

We already mentioned a few benefits of duct cleaning service, but there are many more. The following are some of the most popular benefits, but this is not a complete list. Outside of giving you the peace of mind that your home is truly clean from head-to-toe, regular duct cleaning service can help improve the health of your family.

Increased Air Quality

At the top of the benefits list is improved air quality within your home. If there is a large amount of dust, dirt, bacteria, mold, rodent droppings, or anything else in your air ducts then you are going to be breathing it in the air. In Frisco, TX most homeowners don’t open their windows during the four to five-month hot streak. That means that the only fresh air in your home is what is pushing out of your air vents. If your air vents are covered in debris and dirt then the air you are breathing is not really as clean as you think it is. In fact, it could even be dirtier spending on the age of your home and the last time you booked an air duct cleaning service. Cleaning your air ducts every couple of years is a great way to make sure the air in your home stays clean.

If you have a young infant in your home or an elderly person, then the quality of your air becomes even more important as they are more susceptible to airway diseases. The same goes for any home where someone has respiratory problems or suffers from asthma. You simply can’t overstate the benefits of clean air in your home and a duct cleaning service is a great way to get it.

Increased Energy-Efficiency

As mentioned earlier, a clean HVAC system runs much smoother than one that is covered in dirt and dust. If your HVAC system and air ducts have never been cleaned, then it is a safe bet that your system is not running at its best. In fact, it is probably struggling to cool or heat your home which means it is forced to push harder and expend more energy. Given the energy crisis in Frisco, TX, now is not the time to deal with an HVAC system that needs to consume more energy to do the same amount of work. Removing all of that dirt and debris from the air ducts is one way to help lower the wear and tear on your unit and save some energy at the same time.

Lower Utility Bills

Outside of helping the environment and the Texas energy grid, less energy consumption also means that you will see a drop in how much you pay on your utility bills. Once your air ducts are cleaned your HVAC system will not have to work as hard which means it will consume less energy and save you some valuable money. If you happen to combine a duct cleaning service with an annual HVAC tuneup you

Address Rodent Infestation

There is a good chance that if you have rodents in your home they are also in your air vents. It can be comforting to believe that mice are taking the stairs, but that is usually not how it works. Mice love air vents because it allows them to quickly run between floors of a home without being detected. The warm air in the winter makes your ductwork a great place to build nests and raise their young.

Of course, the downside of this is that wherever there is a mouse there are rodent droppings that can carry a lot of bacteria you don’t necessarily want to be breathing in your home. Even worse, if there is one mouse in your home then you can usually rest assured that there are a dozen more. If the idea of a dozen mice in your air ducts makes you nervous (and let’s face it, it really should) then a duct cleaning service is an effective way to put an end to the situation. While you will still need the advice of an exterminator to make sure that new mice don’t come into your home, we can arise all signs of the mice in your ducts so you are no longer worried about what you are breathing.

Reduce Dirt in Your Home

Finally, if it feels like you are constantly dusting and within 24 hours there is more dirt covering everything in your home then a duct cleaning service might be the answer to your prayers. If you cannot keep up with the dust in your home it is probably because it is continually blowing out of your vents. Clean out your vents and you will solve the issue once and for all.

How to Prepare for Duct Cleaning Service

The good news about hiring a professional to handle your duct cleaning service is that you shouldn’t have to do too much to prepare for the HVAC company to come out to your home. The number one thing you will need to do is make sure that you are home during the time frame that the HVAC company estimates your cleaning will take. If you have pets in your home you will also want to make arrangements to ensure that they are safe while the duct cleaning is taking place. The HVAC technicians may have to enter and exit your home several times throughout the process, and even friendly animals can dart out a door during the confusion.

The loud noises associated with duct cleaning can sometimes cause a normally behaved pet to run, so we recommend securing all pets in a safe room or crate during the process so that everyone stays safe. If this is not possible it may be best to drop them off with a friend for the afternoon. Similarly, some small children are also frightened by the noise so if you suspect it may be overwhelming for your child you may also want to consider letting them spend the morning or afternoon somewhere else.

Finally, outside of opening the door, it is helpful if you ensure that our technicians have clear access to all of the air vents in your home which includes the location of your main units, outdoor unit, and outdoor air vent. Of course, we will also need to have access to the major air vents in your home since we will need to clean them most likely from both directions. In general, a four-foot pathway to work within is ideal so that you don’t have to worry about our equipment damaging anything in your home.

In addition, due to the nature of a duct cleaning service, the results can be a little dusty. While cleaning air vents in your living room, dining room, etc we will cover the work area nearby with plastic sheets. We highly recommend moving furniture that is close to vents so that we have enough room to work and to protect the furniture from a backlog of dust. In most situations, we control the dust and you will never see a speck of it in your home, but if there is an obstruction or a large amount of dust it is possible for some of it to sneak around the vacuum and up into the air.

Once you take care of these simple tasks you can simply grab an iced tea and kick back anywhere you like while we take care of the rest. Most duct cleaning service options include camera imagery so you can see for yourself if there is debris inside of your ducts and the difference in how dirty they were before we started and when we ended. Many homeowners are shocked by how much dirt was hiding in the hidden passageways of their Frisco, TX homes.

If you think that your home would benefit from a duct cleaning service, call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas to talk to one of our technicians today.