A Guide To AC Compressor Issues And When They Require Air Conditioning Repair | Frisco, TX

A Guide To AC Compressor Issues And When They Require Air Conditioning Repair | Frisco, TX

An air conditioner is essential for the comfort of your Frisco, TX home in the summer. It cools your indoor space to make your home livable. But an air conditioner isn’t just one huge electrical appliance. It is a collection of several components that work towards one goal, ensuring that your home has great air quality and is cooled during summer.

Whenever one unit fails, the air conditioner might not function with the efficiency you are used to. Hence, you want to have an air conditioning service provider inspect the unit regularly and fix any developing issues. One of such critical components of an air conditioner is the air compressor. If the air compressor malfunctions, the air conditioner cannot supply the required cooling at your home. It entirely stops. You should know the signs of an imminent compressor failure or breakdown and be prepared to call for air conditioning repair.

Signs of an Imminent Compressor Failure

Weak Air Flow

One of the early signs of an imminent air compressor failure is reduced airflow. Unfortunately, it might be pretty hard to notice that the airflow is weak. This is because the unit still will cool your house for several days, and you’ll continue adjusting the air temperatures whenever you feel that it is hot until you realize that it is the AC unit that has an issue.

Though some technicians can advise you to place your hands under the AC vents to determine the strength or weakness of the airflow, that DIY method might not lead to the solid results you need. Hence, hire an air conditioning repair professional to inspect the air compressor and the entire unit to determine if the airflow is weak and the cause.

Loud Banging Noises

Does your HVAC unit start with growling or loud banging noises accompanied by vibrations? This should be cause for concern. This might indicate various issues, with the air conditioner’s compressor failure being among them. Loud banging noises might indicate that the AC compressor is having trouble starting, and it will likely fail in the future.

It also might be a sign of damaged or failing electrical components inside the compressor. Whenever you notice this, immediately turn off the air conditioner and call an air conditioning repair professional for an in-depth inspection of your system.

Refrigerant Leaks

The main signs of a refrigerant leak from your air conditioner include:

  • Hissing sounds
  • Weak airflow
  • The water surrounding the HVAC unit
  • Even excessive condensation on the AC’s evaporator coils

This could harm the AC system’s cooling, failing the compressor. Routine maintenance by an air conditioning repair technician in Frisco, TX, can help you with the early detection of refrigerant leaks before it damages your compressor.

High Electricity Bills

If the air conditioning compressor has to put in extra effort to supply cool air to your home, it’ll draw more power because it’ll run more often. This drastically increases the electricity bills and causes the unit to wear out quickly. Hence, whenever you notice a sudden increase in the energy utility bills at the end of the month without increased use of the HVAC unit in your home, immediately call an air conditioning repair technician. The professional will inspect the unit for faulty connections and fix them.

Tripping Circuit Breaker

Does your AC system’s circuit breaker constantly trip? A circuit breaker is a protection mechanism that shields your air conditioner from an electrical overload. If the circuit breaker is constantly tripping, then there may be many appliances simultaneously running or a power surge. But if the outdoor unit constantly trips the circuit breaker, that should cause worry. It might indicate an imminent AC compressor failure. The AC compressor requires more power to run due to overheating. Since turning the unit back on will not help, you should have an air conditioning repair expert in Frisco, TX, come for repair service.

What Causes AC Compressor Failure?

AC compressor failure is normally because of an internal issue that affects its performance over time. Below are several common causes of AC compressor failure that might require the immediate attention of an AC repair professional.

Electrical Failure

An AC is an electrical appliance with various electrical components, including fuses, wires, connectors, and chips. If any electrical components are damaged, there could be an electrical failure in your system. Acids might also build up in the AC system because of the electrical problems and make other components of your system begin malfunctioning.

Power surges are another notorious culprit for the electrical issues in your AC. Acids and oxidation buildup are some of the obvious signs of an electrical issue in your AC unit. A professional air conditioning repair expert can notice the acid buildup when performing the routine inspection of your unit and repair it before the issue worsens.

Clogged Condenser Coils

A lack of routine maintenance plays a critical role in making the condenser coils clogged. Whenever they are clogged with dust or grime, they cannot release the heat that puts an additional strain on your compressor. If you keep the AC system running in this condition, the compressor overheats and immediately stops functioning. This is one of the issues that the air conditioning repair professional in Frisco, TX, inspects when they come for a routine AC unit inspection.

Overheating Compressor

Another leading cause of compressor failure is an overheating compressor caused by several factors. If the outdoor unit is under direct sunlight and there isn’t adequate ventilation around the compressor, it will start overheating. The other factor that can damage the compressor’s motors and overheat is high voltages. Dirty coils, lack of insulation, and low refrigerant levels are all factors that might make your compressor overheat, resulting in total compressor failure. The AC repair technician will check all these during a routine inspection visit.

Evaporator Motor Displacement

Whenever the evaporator motor of your air conditioner is displaced, it could make the refrigerant backflow into the compressor. This will push the compressor oil out from its place and result in lubrication problems in your system. This causes your compressor to become inefficient and eventually cease to operate. This is something that your air conditioning service will notice when they come for an inspection and return the evaporator motor in its right place.

Low Levels Of Refrigerant

Without sufficient refrigerant in your evaporator coils, your air conditioner will not cool your home sufficiently or even at all. A common misconception is that the level of refrigerant in your AC reduces over time. However, that couldn’t be further from reality. An air conditioner doesn’t use up any refrigerant.

Hence, low refrigerant levels are a sign of only one thing, leaks. You should have an air conditioning repair service fix this issue immediately. The low levels of refrigerant decrease the pressure, making the AC compressor put an extra effort into pushing that refrigerant into the system.

This extra strain will eventually make the compressor stop working. The lack of regular maintenance can also increase the corrosion and make your air conditioner coils crack. Hence, routine inspection and maintenance by a licensed air conditioning repair technician are necessary.

Excess Refrigerant in Your AC Unit

Can an excessive amount of refrigerant affect your unit? Absolutely! But how does the excess refrigerant get into your air conditioner? If you’ve ever hired a less qualified technician to fix an issue of low refrigerant, they might end up excessively refilling it. The levels of refrigerant should match the manufacturer’s specified quantity. High refrigerant levels can result in high pressure in your AC system, resulting in premature compressor failure. You always recommend calling a licensed and experienced air conditioner repair service provider to address any air conditioner issues.

Lack of Lubrication

Your HVAC system should have the right amount of lubrication to optimally function. If it doesn’t have adequate lubrication, it will experience increased wear and tear, making the compressor put in an extra effort. The compressor parts will start rubbing against each other whenever the lubricating oil level is low. Consequently, some parts of the system might come apart and let loose in your system.

A loss of lubrication is usually caused by leaks from the evaporator, compressor shaft seal, pipe connections, or the condenser. If the compressor is overstressed, it will likely break down prematurely. One of the key steps to preventing this issue is having the AC unit regularly maintained by a qualified air conditioning repair professional.

Damaged or Clogged Suction Lines

As time passes, the suction lines in your system might develop holes and cracks, preventing refrigerant flow into your system. This places stress on the compressor because it has to use more power to pump enough refrigerant within the unit, making it break down. A decrease in the unit’s cooling capacity is among the clearest signs of this issue. Call an AC repair professional to inspect the suction lines whenever you notice that the AC isn’t cooling like it is used to.

Debris and Dirt Stuck In Your Outdoor Unit

Dust, outdoor pollutants, soot, debris, and moisture might enter the outdoor unit of your AC and can result in problems for the compressor. Furthermore, air could also be introduced, dispelling the refrigerant into the condenser. This increases the temperatures inside your SC compressor and could also result in oil carbonization in the unit’s discharge valves.

The oil carbonization will result in the buildup of residue and spring leaks in the valves. The leaking valves will increase the temperatures further, resulting in further damage to the AC compressor. Scheduling annual tune-ups to your AC with an air conditioning repair professional in Frisco, TX, could help you avoid this issue.

If The Suctions Are Incorrectly Sized

If the suction lines are either too short or too long, it might result in compressor failure. This is because of pressure buildup that might result in the compressor overheating. This will arise when you hire an amateur or untrained technician for air conditioning repair and install the wrongly sized suction lines. Hence, always hire a professional for any AC repair job. They know the best quality suction lines and will also install lightly sized suction lines.

How Can A Professional Help You Prevent Compressor Breakdown?

If the AC compressor fails before its expected service life, the problem is usually internal and may be avoided with proper maintenance and care. Below are the ways the Ac repair professional can help avert AC compressor failure.

Inspecting the Wiring

You should hire a professional air conditioning repair service to inspect the wiring. Never do this on your own, as you might damage the unit. Wiring issues might accumulate acids that can deteriorate most of the air conditioner’s components, including the compressor. The technician will check for faulty wires & fuses and replace them during the inspection.

Installing a Surge Protector and Voltage Monitor

Your air conditioning repair service provider could also install a surge protector or a voltage monitor to guard the AC unit against sudden power surges, low voltages, and high voltage. Some surge protector providers even give homeowners a compressor warranty if the compressor fails or gets damaged.

Clutter Removal

Dust, grime, debris, and leaves, among other pollutants, can stick within your outdoor Ac unit and interfere with its efficient functioning. Periodic cleaning of the unit’s exterior parts is a critical service that an AC repair service provider in Frisco, TX, can offer to ensure that it is efficiently running.

Cleaning the Suction Lines

Pressure and temperature changes can affect the efficient operation of the compressor. Whenever the suction lines have an obstruction caused by the excess dirt and debris, the temperature and pressure increase, resulting in overheating. An overheated compressor will eventually fail. Fortunately, you can enlist an air conditioning repair professional to clean your unit’s suction lines.

Thorough Lubrication of Your Air Conditioner

The compressor is the heart of your air conditioner. Hence, keeping it lubricated is critical for its overall health. Have an air conditioning repair service provider in Frisco, TX, lubricate the component to prevent compressor failure.

AC Coil Cleaning

Because of the nature of their operation, the AC coils collect lots of debris and dirt, prompting a need for regular cleaning. Failing to clean the coil might interfere with the AC unit’s heat exchange process. Hence, enlist the help of an air conditioning repair professional to clean the AC coils regularly to prevent the compressor from putting in an extra effort that might result in its wear and tear.

Your Go-To AC Repair Service Provider

An air conditioner is a combination of many components that work with only one objective, making your home comfortable. Whenever one of the components, including the compressor, runs into an issue that might affect the AC unit’s cooling efficiency. Hence, you should have an air conditioning repair service provider perform regular unit inspections. Call us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas for routine AC inspections and maintenance.

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