Heating and AC Repair, When To Call For Emergency | Richardson, TX

Heating and AC Repair, When To Call For Emergency | Richardson, TX

If you live in Richardson, TX, then you own an HVAC system. While you may not have your heat on much throughout the year, there is a brief period where the evenings get chilly enough that you need the heat on to keep your home comfortable. On the other hand, AC is a must because the hot temperatures in summer will quickly fry you if you don’t have AC to help offset the heat. Even with windows and fans you can’t stop a house from becoming an oven, which is just one of many reasons you may find yourself in need of emergency heating and AC repair.

When your AC system is not working correctly, everything can start to feel like an emergency. In fact, most people immediately think that they need emergency heating and AC repair if their system fails to turn on, but not every instance may require a call for help right away. Therefore, it is useful to learn a bit about what actually constitutes an emergency and what does not. While you don’t want to delay repairs if you can wait a day or two or at least until morning, sometimes it is easier to do so.

One thing you will learn if you find yourself in a sticky situation with your HVAC system is that it is probably the most underappreciated appliance in your Richardson, TX home. Most people are just used to setting the thermostat and enjoying the air or the heat when they walk in their door. They don’t think much about the machine that is actually vital in maintaining their comfort inside of their home. However, once it starts experiencing problems it will become very clear.

Suddenly the only thing you will probably be thinking about is your HVAC system as you start calling around to see who can offer emergency heating and AC repair. In some instances you may really need someone to come right away. After all, if your AC turns off in July you have a potentially unsafe home to live in, but in other cases you might be able to wait a day or two and call when the weekend ends. Once again, this is why it can be hard to know what actually is an emergency and what is not.

Most people are only concerned about this matter when it comes to the price of emergency heating and AC repair, but that is not the only factor that should come into mind while you are attempting to decide. It is important to remember that even if your AC is still working, if you are hearing odd noises or smelling something odd you may still want to call for help from an emergency heating and AC repair because a working system does not always mean a healthy system. A lot of time these little warning signs can actually save you if you know enough to pay attention.

This is due to the fact that these warnings might be letting you know that a part or component is broken within your HVAC system. The broken component or misaligned part may not be causing a breakdown right now, but it is making the rest of the HVAC system work much harder to compensate for it. The end result is usually something for a domino effect that leaves you paying for several repairs instead of just one if you wait too long to have the problem addressed. Even worse, it might lead to your system completely shutting down and needing to be replaced.

Unexpected repairs are one thing, but learning you need to replace your system when you don’t expect it can be especially terrifying. It is also sometimes avoidable by taking advantage of an emergency heating and AC repair company if you have a nagging feeling that something is off with your system. Usually your gut instinct is right, so if you are second-guessing your decision to wait then it may just be time to call to at least get some advice from an HVAC technician who specializes in emergency heating and AC repair.

Contrary to popular belief, the Richardson, TX HVAC technician will usually help you out a bit if you call and describe the problem. The technicians are also not looking forward to working on the weekends or at 3 am in the morning, but that is part of their job description and HVAC companies that offer emergency heating and AC repair usually make everyone take a shift. With this mind, you can call them and ask for their opinion by describing the new issue that is bothering you. They can then advise you if it’s something you should wait on or if they need to come out and take a look.

While you need to keep in mind that they cannot offer advice over the phone for everyone, sometimes they are able to get a little bit of advice based on what you describe. This is the best way to get an opinion from someone who is trained to help with emergency heating and AC repair. In the meantime, while you are waiting to get some advice, you may want to check out the following list that reviews the signs that you need emergency heating and AC repair in Richardson, TX. While it is not a full list of everything that could potentially go wrong with your HVAC system, it does hit the big concerns and helps put your current issue into focus.

Odd or Unfamiliar Noises

Kicking off the list is one of the top reasons why people call for emergency heating and AC repair in Richardson, TX: they hear an odd noise that sounds suspicious. While this may seem like an age-old issue, did something really go bump in the dark? It is something that should be taken seriously because if your AC or heating system is making an odd noise there is a very good chance that something is going wrong that shouldn’t be. Most people know how their HVAC system sounds on a normal basis, so anything outside of that is an indication that something has gone wrong inside.

Of course, there are some sounds that are more concerning than others, which is why these sounds absolutely require a call for emergency heating and AC repair. One huge concern is any whistling or loud banging noises. Whistling can indicate a build-up of potentially dangerous gasses while banging usually means a component is broken or comes loose that needs repaired before the system completely shuts down.

In the summertime, a sound you never want to hear coming from your AC is a gurgling noise, which probably means that the refrigerant is not flowing directly from your AC is about to quit. Either way, if you hear gurgling you should call for emergency heating and AC repair because something is going on inside of your AC that shouldn’t be.

As a quick note, when it comes to odd noises with your HVAC system you should never take the wait and see approach. Some people do this mistakenly thinking that the sound will just work itself out and they won’t have to worry about it again. The problem is that 99% of the time the sound will not work itself off, instead, it will just get louder or change into a more concerning sound until either you call for emergency heating and AC repair or your system quits working. Clearly, when given an option between the two, it is better to get some help for your Richardson, TX home and by far more comfortable.

Vents Are Blowing Out the Wrong Type of Air

If it is the middle of a Richardson, TX summer, then the only thing you may look forward to is walking into your home and getting hit with a fresh blast of cool air. However, if you walk into your home and it is lukewarm then you may have an issue. The issue becomes even more concerning if you walk over to your air vents and notice that the air blowing out is room temperature. If you notice that the fan is still blowing air out of your vents and it appears that your system is still cycling, this most likely indicates that your compressor is broken.

Without a compressor, your AC system is unable to cool down the air in your home, which means that your AC is now just a fancy fan and your home is going to heat up quickly. In some cases, this can mean that there is a blockage somewhere in your AC system, which an HVAC technician will certainly explore when he or she comes out to your home. However, most of the time it is a broken compressor which is why emergency heating and AC repair is so important.

Keep in mind that if the part needs to be ordered or if you need to replace your AC system (based on its age and cost of repairs), you may have to wait for the new parts or system to be ordered. This means that you will be without air for a few days. In this case, you want to get the process moving as soon as possible which is why it is well worth your time to call an emergency heating and AC repair company to come take a look so you can get the ball moving on your timetable.

Continual Short Cycling/Rapid Cycling

Those in the HVAC world are always on the lookout for a phenomenon that can be described as short cycling or rapid cycling. Everyone has their own preference, but whatever you want to call it, rapid cycling is not good. Rapid cycling is when you notice that your AC or heating system has to kick on more than usual in order to keep up with the demands of heating or cooling your home. In other words, you might notice that your AC is kicking on and off throughout the hour instead of just once or twice.

Everyone has a rough idea of how often their HVAC system cycles whether they notice it or not. Most people don’t think about it, but they start to notice a little at a time when the background noise they have gotten used to changes its pattern up. This is concerning because it means that your AC or heater is now working harder than usual to produce the same amount of air within your home.

Of course, you can expect slight variations during the hot summers or the cooler evenings in the winter, because it will take more cycling to counteract the temperatures outdoors, but if your AC is practically on all day then this is a sign it is not effectively measuring the air or properly cooling your home.

Usually, when a system starts short cycling it is because something is broken or there are worn down components that are preventing it from cooling or heating your home properly. Therefore, while it is running, it is not producing the right temperature of air so as soon as it flips off, the temperature gauge recognizes that it needs to start again.

Unfortunately, the beginning and end of a cycle is the most costly part of the HVAC cycle, so if your system is short-cycling you can expect to see extremely high energy bills. This also creates a lot of wear and tear and can lead to your system dying prematurely, and no one wants to replace their HVAC system ahead of time. For this reason, if you notice your system is short cycling you should call for emergency heating and AC repair right away.

Are you concerned about your home HVAC system? Have you noticed one of the top signs of emergency heating and AC repair in your home? One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas can help. Give us a call today and we will promptly come out to your home for emergency heating and AC repair.

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