Why You Should Get Air Conditioning Service | Richardson, TX

Why You Should Get Air Conditioning Service | Richardson, TX

Having a cooler home can make you comfortable and it can enhance the quality of your sleep. If you work from home, the lower temperature can help you become more productive. So how do you make your home cooler? Read further for tips on cooling your home and how to save money on your air conditioning service. If you have questions, please contact a technician in Richardson, TX.

Want ideas on how to keep your home cooler? Check out the tips below:

Cover the Windows

Uncovered windows can let in a lot of heat that can quickly increase your home’s temperature. In fact, about 40% of the heat in your home comes from your windows. If you don’t address this problem, your home will be very hot in the summer. One of the ways to quickly cool a home is by closing and covering the windows with blackout drapes during the day. You can also get air conditioning service to have an even cooler home. But make sure to close the windows still as the heat can strain the AC. It can reduce its life as a result and may even lead to costly air conditioning service repairs. Are you thinking of getting an air conditioner? Contact a certified technician in Richardson, TX, for installation.

Open the Windows in the Evening

If you don’t have air conditioning service, open the windows at night to let cool air in. Close them when you have AC though, or your unit will work harder and you’ll be wasting a lot of energy. Also, you’re not supposed to open the windows if you have air conditioning service — the cool air will escape through the windows and you won’t feel cooler.

Are you thinking of getting a new AC unit for your home? Talk to one of our technicians in Richardson, TX, to help you select the right AC size for your home. Don’t get a small AC when cooling bigger spaces as that can strain the unit and lead to costly air conditioning service repairs.

Improve Your Home’s Ventilation

Good ventilation doesn’t just remove stale air that worsens allergy symptoms, it helps cool your home quickly. Some homeowners may not need air conditioning service as often if their home has excellent ventilation. If you want an even cooler room though, then invest in air conditioning service. Contact a licensed technician in your area, for installation.

Adjust the Direction of the Ceiling Fans

If you used the ceiling fan during the winter to help you distribute heat, adjust it so that it turns clockwise. In the summer, you’d want to push the air down to create a cooling breeze. Also, you can save on your air conditioning service by turning on the ceiling fan. For further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with an air conditioning service technician in your area.

Close the Doors of Other Rooms

Do you have unused rooms in your home? Close them when you have air conditioning service so that your unit will not have to work harder to keep you comfortable.

Get Energy-efficient Lights

Don’t use incandescent light bulbs as much as possible as they throw off more heat than LED lights. It doesn’t just contribute to your home’s temperature but you’ll waste energy and this can cost you money. Switch to LED lights for they emit less heat, have better quality and last longer.

In addition, avoid heat-producing appliances such as the oven because they also throw off heat that can significantly increase your home’s temperature. Should you decide to really use the oven, then turn off your air conditioner and open the doors or windows. Avoid using the dryer as well. Take advantage of the sun’s heat by hanging your clothes outside. However, make sure your clothes aren’t getting direct sun exposure — UV rays can damage the fabric.

Buy a Dehumidifier

Higher humidity can make your home feel hotter and make you uncomfortable. Invest in energy-efficient dehumidifiers to help lower humidity and cool your home.

Install an Air Conditioner

Do you want to feel extra comfortable at home during the summer? Contact a technician in Richardson, TX, today to get air conditioning service. The AC size depends on your living spaces. We suggest calling a technician to help you determine which size is right for your home. Get an energy-efficient unit too, if you want to save more money in the long run. Look for the ENERGY STAR label units — these air conditioners pass certification and are designed to use less energy when cooling your home. For installation, make sure to only hire an air conditioning service technician to ensure the unit is properly installed. Poor installation can also lead to issues with the unit’s efficiency and costly repairs.

Get a Whole-house Fan and Exhaust Fans

If you don’t want air conditioning service, your other option is to get an energy-efficient fan. You can also use the whole-house fan along with the AC. This way you’ll be able to save more energy.

For your kitchen or bathroom, you need to add exhaust fans to better ventilate the area. While you can still stay comfortable with the AC, the AC unit likely will work harder without proper ventilation. If you have further questions, please contact an air conditioning service technician in Richardson, TX.

Invest in Proper Insulation

A well-insulated home can keep the cooled or heated air inside. Make sure to fix air leaks in the doors or windows and your roof. If possible, consider investing in energy-efficient roofing and windows to maximize your savings.

How to Save Energy With Your AC

Want to conserve more energy? Check the tips below:

Shade Your AC

Do you want to save money with your air conditioning service? You can conserve more energy and even extend the life of your AC unit by keeping it away from the sun’s heat. When the air conditioner is exposed to direct heat, it will work harder and this can lead to costly air conditioning service repairs.

Tips on how to shade your AC:

  1. Proper location is the key. Make sure the outdoor unit is on the north side of your home, where it gets the most shade.
  2. Don’t restrict airflow or your unit will only work harder and this can lead to costly repairs down the road. It might also shorten the unit’s lifespan. Maintain at least 2 feet of open space around the unit and above 5 feet of open space above it. If you need help with this, contact an air conditioning service professional in Richardson, TX.
  3. If your unit is positioned on the south side of your home, install an awning over the AC to shade it from the direct heat. The awning can help increase its efficiency and you get to save money.
  4. Plant trees or shrubs around the AC but make sure it’s not very close to the unit. The trees don’t just help you AC, they can also enhance your home’s aesthetics.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Forgetting to adjust your thermostat can increase your expenses. Thankfully, a smart thermostat can resolve this problem. Below are the benefits of installing smart thermostats in your home.

  1. With a smart thermostat, you can control the temperature in your home in the comfort of your office or wherever you are. That’s right, so long as the thermostat is connected to your mobile phone, you can make real-time adjustments to it regardless of your location. This feature comes in handy especially when you keep forgetting to turn off the air conditioner.
  2. You can improve the efficiency of your air conditioner by installing a smart thermostat. This device automatically adjusts to outdoor temperature and learns your preferences. It means you no longer will need to adjust it when it suddenly rains. You can conserve more energy and save more money.
  3. Do you want to track how much energy you’re consuming at home? You can with the smart thermostat. You can use data to help you analyze your energy usage and develop energy-saving strategies to maximize your savings.
  4. If you’re planning to sell your home, installing a smart thermostat can increase your home’s value. Most home buyers prefer to invest in an energy-efficient home, making your home more appealing to them.
  5. You can create a schedule for your home’s temperature with the smart thermostat. This lets you save money and conserve energy.

Ask us if you need more information about smart thermostats or when you’re ready to install one for your home.

Buy an Energy Efficient Unit

If your air conditioner is no longer efficient or if you keep calling a technician for repairs, it might be time to get a new unit. We suggest contacting a technician for an AC inspection. Our team can thoroughly inspect your unit and advise you on whether or not you should keep your old unit or get a new one. A new AC may be the most cost-effective option especially when you keep calling a technician more than once per year. The costs can add up over time — buy an energy-efficient unit to conserve more energy and save money. Look for the ENERGY STAR label to ensure the unit is designed to use less energy.

How to Lower Humidity and Moisture

The humidity in your home should only be between 30 to 50 percent. If it’s higher, mold and mildew can grow, posing health risks and damaging wood structures. You’ll also attract pests into your home. Buying a dehumidifier and exhaust fans can help. Check below for other tips on lowering moisture and humidity in your home.

Repair Leaks

Leaks can cause water damage and this can promote mold growth. If you suspect leaks in your plumbing, please contact a professional immediately to resolve the issue.

Maintain AC Filters

Filters can remove dust, dirt and particles in the air. But they get clogged over time, which is why you need to replace them. Dirty filters can also affect the efficiency of your air conditioner. Your AC will work harder and this can eventually lead to a costly repair. You need to repair the filters every month or every two months. Also, if there are family members suffering from allergies and other respiratory problems, consider investing in specialized filters such as HEPA or UV filters.

Buy Plants

Plants don’t just beautify your home; some of them also serve as natural dehumidifiers. Go for orchids, English ivy, spider plants, cactuses and Boston ferns. They are effective at absorbing humidity in your home.

Signs your house has high humidity include stuffy hair, musty smells, skin problems, dripping water and worsening allergies. Do something right away to avoid other problems.

Don’t Ignore AC Problems

Some homeowners neglect their air conditioners by ignoring signs. If you suspect an issue with your AC, we suggest calling a technician right away for an inspection. Don’t wait for a problem to progress into something more serious, a repair job that might cost you a fortune. When your home feels uncomfortable or when your allergy symptoms worsen, check the unit. You might need to clean the filters or get an AC tune-up. You can avoid costly repairs and replacements by making sure your AC is in top shape.

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