Why You Should Call A Technician For Electrical Furnace Air Conditioning Repair | Frisco, TX

Why You Should Call A Technician For Electrical Furnace Air Conditioning Repair | Frisco, TX

The electrical part of your house is one of the key contributing factors to the comfort of your home. However, sometimes, this comfort is interrupted by things that, even though they seem minor, carry the most significant impacts around the house. Fortunately, to maintain this comfort, you only need regular air conditioning repair and maintenance services from a qualified technician. However, some parts, such as the furnace fuse, will still act up even with these reliable services. If you have been having trouble with your electric finance, especially the furnace fuse blowing every time you turn the heat leaving your furnace powerless, there might be more to the problem than an overloaded fuse.

Although this cannot be determined with the help of a professional air conditioning repair technician in Frisco, TX, the problem may be the electrical system and not the furnace, but your AC system is primarily the culprit. Therefore, call a professional technician to conduct a check. Electrical furnace problems can be hard to diagnose since they may occur periodically and have various possible causes. Therefore, it is crucial to pay attention to the details of the failure since this information can help the technician deduce the cause. Some of the primary causes of electric furnace problems include;

When the Blower Motor Malfunctions

When a blower motor is failing or not operating effectively, it causes the HVAC system to work harder to meet your Frisco, TX, home’s temperature requirements. This strain results in the motor drawing too much power, which drives the fuse too short. However, this problem can be fixed by an air conditioning repair expert.

What Can Cause a Furnace Blower Motor Failure?

Like all the other parts of your furnace, the blower motor will wear down. Some reasons your furnace blower motor might fail include excessive moisture and overheating. Whenever debris, dust, and dirt accumulate within the furnace, it might cause bearings and windings to burn up more quickly. In most homes, the furnaces are installed in out-of-sight positions, such as the attic, garage, basement, or utility room. If the furnace blower motor is clogged with debris or even saturated with moisture, it can fail because of electrical short-circuiting and overworking. Hence, you’ll have to enlist an air conditioning repair professional to fix the unit.

One thing to consider when replacing your furnace blower motor is the frequency of maintenance and repairs. Furnaces in most homes can last for 15-20 years. Regular furnace maintenance may extend the service life of your unit, meaning that you won’t have to incur replacement costs. Hence, if you notice that you have to replace the furnace blower motor regularly and the unit has seen better days, replacing it might make more financial sense. Below are the signs that it is time to have an air conditioning repair technician replace the blower motor:

  • If there is a poor air flow from the furnace vents.
  • Whenever you notice that the air vents are increasingly skyrocketing.
  • When there is no airflow at all from the air vents.
  • Overheating blower that is producing uncharacteristic burning smells
  • Strange noises such as squealing, rattling, screeching, or clanking whenever you turn on your furnace.

Whenever you notice either of these signs on your furnace blower motor, you should immediately contact your reliable air conditioning repair technician for an inspection. The last thing you want at your furnace is not heating your home in a cold season because of a malfunctioning furnace blower motor.

When the Furnace Filters Are Dirty or Clogged

As your air conditioning unit runs, dirt, dust, and other particles find their way into the filter no matter how hard you try to keep your home dust free. Over time, the accumulation of these substances clogs the filter, especially if it is not frequently changed. Consequently, the particles end up in the blower motor, leading it to overheat and burn the fuse or, worse, catch fire. This problem can be efficiently fixed by having an air conditioning repair expert replace the furnace fuse and the filter and clean the system thoroughly. How Can You Know that Furnace Filters Are Dirty?

Higher Heating Bills

If you’ve lived in the Frisco, TX, area for a while, you know the electrical energy utility bills at the end of the month. You understand that the hot Texan summers mean you will be getting higher energy utility costs and a reduction in heating costs come the cold season. Hence, you should be getting uniform heating utility bills from one year to the next, meaning that you know the amount that you will likely have to pay. Hence, you can budget. In most cases, when you notice a spike in energy utility bills, especially in the cold season, your furnace filters may be clogged. Hence, you’ll need to contact an air conditioning repair technician for an inspection and cleaning of the furnace filters.

The Furnace Doesn’t Warm Your Home

Have you noticed that the furnace doesn’t blow warm air into your Frisco, TX, home as fast as it used to? Does your furnace run longer throughout the night and day? Is the air entering your indoor space cold or even lukewarm?

That is another sign that the furnace filters are dirty. Dirty or clogged furnace filters mess with the air circulation from the HVAC system, meaning your system will run longer. To prevent this, enlist the assistance of an air conditioning repair expert to clean them and come for regular maintenance and inspections.

A Burning Smell from the Furnace

Sometimes you will notice a burning smell when you turn on the furnace. However, this isn’t abnormal in any sense. However, you have a severe problem if the burning smell is prolonged. It is a sign of dirty air filters that must be promptly cleaned by a professional air conditioning repair technician. To prevent overheating, the furnace filter must allow a certain level of air to flow through. The furnace cannot pull the required air if the filters are clogged. This also indicates that it is time to replace those furnace filters.

Are You Getting Sick More Often?

You know there are health risks associated with dirty or clogged furnace filters, but feeling their symptoms is another thing altogether. Do you feel congested whenever you wake up? Do your eyes feel burning whenever you wake up? Do you experience a dry cough that doesn’t seem to go away? Although you might easily ignore these symptoms or even blame them on allergic reactions, and they could as well be, they also might be caused by a dirty furnace filter. To ensure that your family is safe, you should enlist the help of an air conditioning repair service provider to inspect and clean the furnace filters regularly.


As a responsible homeowner, you must be doing hard work to ensure that the various surfaces at your home are clear of any debris or dust. However, spending a day cleaning and dusting your home can be maddening to see them dirty within a few hours or even days. Dust and other dirt are removed from the air circulating in your home by your furnace filters. Filters in dirty or clogged furnaces cannot carry out this function. As a result, your home will experience more dust and debris. The dust splits and settles on the surfaces of your house as this unclean air circulates. A clogged furnace filter is likely to blame if you clean more than usual throughout the winter.

Whenever the Electrical Furnace Components Come into Contact with Water

The other major cause of furnace electrical problems is the system encountering water. If there have been leaks in the surrounding area or the furnace, then this could be why your furnace fuse keeps blowing. The leak from the furnace could happen if the furnace is in a crawl space around your house. Therefore, check your Frisco, TX, home for leaks before calling an air conditioning repair expert.

Presence of Loose Electrical Wires or Cabling

If you have been experiencing these problems, such as the fuse constantly blowing, the problem might be a loose wire. When your furnace runs, it emits a vibration that causes the system’s internal wires to become undone and loose over time. As the running continues, these wires keep getting loose and cause a short circuit, leaving you with a furnace that is not heating. Although it might take an air conditioning repair technician some diagnostic testing of the problematic wire, replacing or fixing it is not a complicated process. However, to ensure that you do not face this eventuality in the future, have your system regularly tuned up and inspected to keep the wires tightened.

When the Furnace Fuse Is Dirty

Like clogged filters, a lack of regular air conditioning repair and cleaning service will cause your fuse to accumulate dust, dirt, and other particles, such as soot. When your HVAC fuse gets dirt over time, it no longer functions as efficiently as it should. Additionally, the accumulation of dirt on the fuse means that it will not be able to connect to the other parts sufficiently hence the periodical turning off and on. In extreme cases, the fuse will ultimately fail. To eliminate this problem, a technician will evaluate the extent of the damage and decide whether to replace the fuse or clean it.

Installing the Wrong Fuse

Your HVAC system needs all its parts to be in sync, most notably, for these parts to fit rightfully into this system for it to work efficiently. Therefore, if your furnace is portraying electrical problems, the issue might be the type of fuse used. This can be especially true if you changed the fuse yourself or had a less-than-qualified air conditioning repair technician in Frisco, TX, do the replacement. The fuse might either be too small, therefore not meeting the requirement of the system satisfactorily, or too large that the system does not adequately meet its capacity. This explains why the fuse goes on and off since it is out of sync with the HVAC system. An expert will immediately spot this problem and satisfactorily solve it.

When the Furnace Valve Is Failing

If your home has a gas furnace, the problem might be that one of its valves is failing. During regular operation, the valves open and close to release the system’s heat. Therefore, when one of the valves does not open and close properly, it engulfs the heat within the vale, causing it to heat up. The heat within causes an electrical short, which blows a fuse. It is advisable to contact an air conditioning repair technician if you suspect that this is the cause of the electrical issues.

In Case of a Transformer Failure

Since most residential buildings have an electrical supply of 120 volts, most furnaces require a transformer to change the voltage to the correct value to run the timers, ignition, and controls. Therefore, when the electrical furnace transformer fails, it causes the system to short due to too much voltage in the system. If this happens, hire an air conditioning repair technician to replace the furnace’s transformer.

Electric Furnace Thermostat Control Wire

The other item that might be causing your furnace fuse to blow is the thermostat control wire. The furnace’s control board has a different fuse which keeps it from high temperatures. Therefore, if the thermostat control wire is tampered with by either someone poking around the furnace or the vibration of the furnace, it can cause an electrical short or blow the fuse of the furnace board. Consequently, this will leave the furnace dysfunctional since it is not receiving the temperature instructions. You have to seek an air conditioning repair service in Frisco, TX.

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