Why Is My AC Producing An Uncharacteristic Smell? Does This Mean I Need AC Repair? | Irving, TX

Why Is My AC Producing An Uncharacteristic Smell? Does This Mean I Need AC Repair? | Irving, TX

Bad air conditioner smells are among the serious AC issues most homeowners have to deal with.

However, you might never know the cause of these smells unless you are trained in AC repair. Hence, you are advised to call a heating and AC repair technician for a further inspection of the air conditioner to determine what is causing the uncharacteristic smell from the air conditioner.

Although some smells aren’t a huge deal, most indicate that the air conditioner is in distress. Remember, the air conditioner isn’t supposed to produce bad-smelling air. Hence, having the unit inspected by an AC company in Irving, TX, is paramount. But what are some of these air conditioning smells?

Car Exhaust Smell

First, the air conditioner might throw a smell akin to that of a car exhaust despite it not running on any internal combustion engine. However, since the air conditioner runs on some fluids, it might go through an exhaust fume-like smell when heated. Have you noticed such an air conditioner smell? That is, in most cases, a sign of a refrigerant leak, and you should have it addressed by a heating and AC repair technician. But what is a refrigerant? It is a coolant within your air conditioner that ensures that it facilitates heat exchange.

If the refrigerant leaks, the air conditioner will not be efficiently functioning. Further, releasing coolant fumes into the air might prove hazardous to your family and the environment. Freon is one of the most used coolants in units produced earlier than in the 2000s. However, the refrigerant is slowly being phased out because of its impact on the immediate environment.

So, how can you know that freon or refrigerant is leaking from your air conditioner? Freon smells like sweet chloroform or a car coolant with a sweetish odor. Since freon is denser than air, it doesn’t settle in the air for long. It will drop on your floor quickly. Hence, whenever you notice that the air conditioner is throwing a chemical-like smell, have a heating and AC repair technician come over for a further inspection. However, ensure that you open the doors and windows and have a properly ventilated home.

AC Is Smelling Like Something Is Burning

Your air conditioner has many electrical components such as fans, power cabling, circuit boards, compressors, and capacitors, among many others. When the AC produces a plastic or burning gas-powered smell, that could signify that one or several of these electrical components are burning. You are advised to power off the air conditioner and have a heating and AC repair technician for an inspection and repair. Never attempt to repair the air conditioner yourself because it could prove dangerous, or you might worsen the problem.

Dust settling on the air conditioner after you’ve left it unused for long is the other common reason why the air conditioner might throw a burning smell. When you turn on the air conditioner after long inactivity, the dust might burn off and throw a bad smell. This temporary air conditioning issue might go away after the unit is cleaned. For this reason, homeowners are advised to have a routine AC inspection and maintenance by a licensed and professional heating and AC repair technician in Irving, TX.

Musty and Moldy Smell

A dingy and stale smell is among the familiar pungent smells that an air conditioner might throw. If the air conditioner produces a musty smell, an accumulation of water within the drip lines or the drain pan might be the cause. This, in effect, results in mold growth. If the unit is leaking the condensate, you even might see a patch of damp areas on the walls. Whenever you notice a moldy or musty smell, you should have a heating and AC repair technician come over for an inspection of the air conditioner. The results might show any of the following as the cause for the musty or moldy smell:

Clogged Air Filters

When the air filters are dirty, they might get clogged by debris, dirt, and many other contaminants. The blockage will allow bacteria and moisture to accumulate within the air filters. The filthy air filters will become a breeding ground for fungi and other contaminants. Hence, the air blown via your air ducts will carry some of the lodged contaminants into your living space, meaning that you might be breathing air full of contaminants such as mold, debris, and dust.

Therefore, you’ll notice the musty smell. The air conditioner might be pushing air through a large blockage. The only solution is to have the heating and AC repair technician in Irving, TX, clean or replace the air filters. If you have furry pets every month, you should replace the air filters after 2-3 months. However, ensure that the new filters are of the right size.

Clogged Drain Lines

An AC unit eliminates heat from the air that enters your home. It also removes the water vapor. Condensate drain lines carry the moisture from your home into a drain pan or to the plumbing. If the drain lines become blocked, it could even freeze the air conditioning system. It might also overflow the drain pan, resulting in further damage. The moisture buildup is what results in that musty smell that you notice. The solution to this issue is taking proactive rather than reactive measures and having a heating and AC repair technician come over for routine maintenance and inspection of the air conditioner, including cleaning the condensate drain lines.

Evaporator Coils

For the air conditioner to cool the air that it blows into your home, it has to pass over the evaporator coils. The evaporator coils might get filled with moisture and other air particles. The contaminants on the evaporator coils might fellow into your home’s air. Whenever you suspect the evaporator coils have an issue, have them inspected by a licensed heating and air conditioning repair technician. Seeing that the evaporator coils are the main reason the air into your home is cool, any issue with them might substantially impact the air conditioner’s efficiency. Fortunately, this is another air conditioning unit issue you can address with routine AC maintenance by reliable heating and AC repair company in Irving, TX.

Dirty Vents

The air conditioner’s vent usually pulls the particles through them, including any dirty and old buildup dissolved in the air. Any vents are most likely to have contaminants lodged within that require cleaning. These are some actions that the heating and AC repair technician undertake when servicing the air conditioner. Before cleaning, the professionals turn off the AC to ensure they don’t inhale debris and dust. They will use antibacterial sprays to clean the face plate. They might damage the ductwork if left to settle for long, prompting a heating and AC repair.

Incorrect Size

If the air conditioner is too small, it will not efficiently cool your home. It also will not have enough power to filter all the contaminants and particles. Further, the insufficient power will slow down the flow of air resulting in moisture buildup, mold, mildew, and rot. A large air conditioner can also place a lot of pressure on the air ducts.

This will make the components bend, warp, or even fall. Before purchasing an air conditioner, consult professional heating and AC repair technician in Irving, TX. They can advise you on the right size of an air conditioner based on your cooling needs. Additionally, ensure that you purchase an energy-efficient air conditioner.

Too Much Moisture

When the HVAC system is working, moisture is produced. The moisture could accumulate in the drain pan, air ducts, AC unit, and condensate drain lines. The moisture accumulation will create a favorable condition for mold and bacteria to breed and thrive. Do you have a thermostat that displays the humidity level in your home? Monitor the indoor levels of humidity. If you suspect the air conditioner is producing excessive moisture, have a heating and AC repair technician inspect the unit and repair it. While at it, you can invest in a dehumidifier to deal with the humid conditions of your home.

Pests and Critters

Parts of the HVAC system are installed outdoors. This means that all kinds of critters and pests will find a home in such structures and invade your home. Say a pest or rodent is trapped in the air ducts. If it dies, you might notice that stinky smell. Besides the unpleasant smell, the rodents and pests might damage the air ducts or reduce the efficiency of the outdoor units. This is why routine maintenance and inspection of the air conditioner are important. Hence, have a heating and AC repair technician in Irving, TX come over for an inspection and maintenance. They will remove the nests from the outdoor unit to ensure that your AC has good efficiency.

Rotten Eggs Smell

A rotten egg smell is normally caused by dead critters and rodents stuck in your air conditioner. This is a distinctive and characteristic smell you cannot mistake for anything else. Insects and birds typically take refuge or best in the air ducts and, unfortunately, might be trapped. The animals might die, and you’ll notice an unpleasant smell with time. Having a heating and air conditioning repair technician service and inspect the air conditioner is the best solution. Otherwise, you will notice this unsettling smell that makes your home uncomfortable.

Do you have a central/ductless air conditioning system? Pests, lizards, and other critters might enter the indoor unit resulting in an unpleasant experience. Hence, have a heating and AC repair technician pet-proof your AC to ensure that pests don’t damage some components or die in the ducts resulting in a carcass-like smell. Whenever you notice the smell, have a heating and AC repair technician come and remove it.

The technician will locate the air ducts from which the pungent smell is erupting, remove the covering, and remove the carcass. They will use some materials to clean the place where the rodent or lizard had died at to improve the quality of air entering your home. If the dead rodent is beyond reach, that could prove tricky.

Gas or Skunk Smell

Do you smell gas at your home? This is most likely the worst smell from an air conditioner. In most cases, this indicates that the air conditioner has a gas leak. The smell you notice is that of methyl mercaptan, a product added to natural gas by the suppliers as a safety measure. Remember, natural gas doesn’t have any smell or color. So, turn off the air conditioner and gas valve whenever you notice this smell. Then call a heating and AC repair technician in Irving, TX, to patch the leak and perform further inspections. Gas leaks could result in fire outbreaks that might cause property damage.

Cigarette Smoke Smell

Do you or someone smell your home? There is a high probability that the air conditioner will have a smoke-like smell. Cigarettes are certainly an allergen and cause headaches and other allergic reactions. The filter and evaporator coil might absorb the cigarette smell from the smoke, meaning that you’ll most likely smell the odor whenever you turn on the air conditioner. This isn’t a problem that needs a heating and AC repair though it means that you will have to replace the filters frequently and before the three months. However, routine maintenance of the air conditioner is still necessary. It is at that time when the professionals come to run inspections and service the unit that they will notice the cigarette smell and replace the filters.

Reliable Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Company

Have you noticed any uncharacteristic smell from your air conditioner? That might be caused by various issues as explained above. The air conditioner should produce colorless and odorless air. Hence, don’t hesitate to call us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas whenever you notice funny or uncharacteristic smells to fix the issue causing it.

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