Why Hire An Air Conditioning Service To Install An HVAC Package Unit At Your Home | Irving, TX

Why Hire An Air Conditioning Service To Install An HVAC Package Unit At Your Home | Irving, TX

Whenever you go out shopping for a replacement heating and air conditioning unit, the first thing that you must consider is the type of system that you need. Though the simplest and easiest approach is sticking to the same system at your home, a reliable air conditioning service provider would encourage you to consider upgrading to other systems. This includes researching the different kinds of HVAC systems and understanding their differences. This will help you make an informed decision on the kind of system to purchase for your Irving, TX, home.

Replacing an air conditioning system isn’t a cheap endeavor. Therefore, you should leave nothing to chance by ensuring that you select the right unit. The last thing you want is for your air conditioning system to be unable to cool or heat your home effectively. You want one that can heat or cool your home effectively and for a long time. It is recommended that before you embark on searching for and purchasing an HVAC system, you should consult your air conditioning service provider.

HVAC systems used on commercial and residential systems can be categorized into three, ductless, split, and packaged. Though every HVAC system has its advantages and shortcomings, they all do the same thing; cooling or heating your home to your required settings. This article discusses the main benefits of a packaged HVAC system, what to consider before purchasing one, and the packaged HVAC sizing.

What Is a Packaged HVAC Unit?

If your home has a basement or a crawlspace, you might consider purchasing a packaged HVAC system. A packaged HVAC system houses its components within a single metal cabinet. The condenser, evaporator coils, compressor, and other components are all housed within a single compartment, meaning they save on space. Thus, if you have space restrictions at your home, you might consider having an air conditioning service provider install an HVAC package system.

In most instances, the cabinet is placed on your building’s or home’s ceiling or a cement slab outside your home. Specially made air ducts connect the cabinet installed outdoors to other p rooms of your home. A packaged HVAC system’s real operation is managed indoors, even if the cabinet is outdoors. Electric heating coils or a gas furnace are sometimes included with packaged central air conditioning systems. A packaged HVAC unit installed outside the home has all of the components of a central heating and air conditioning system in a single unit. Homes without underground areas or insufficient indoor space for these systems will have a packed unit.

What Should You Consider When Purchasing an HVAC Package System?

When you plan on purchasing an HVAC package system, there are several things that you should consider. However, you are recommended to consult your reliable air conditioning service provider for advice. They are at a better chance to advise you because they are always working with different systems. Hence, they understand the ins and outs of a particular HVAC package. Below are some of the things to consider before you purchase an HVAC package system:

Home Comfort Aspects of Air Quality and Temperature

You should consider how various cooling and heating systems impact your home’s energy use, temperature, and air quality. Have you ever considered, for example, including a UV lamp in the HVAC system to enhance indoor air quality? Or stopping allergens from entering your Irving, TX home by utilizing a HEPA air filtering system in your home’s HVAC unit?

Efficiency Levels

Over time, HVAC systems have improved in efficiency. Rating scales are therefore used to evaluate how efficient they are. Look at the system ratings, such as the AFUE, HSPF, SEER, and AFUE. Have an air conditioning service provider install an HVAC package system that has a high SEER, EER, and HSPF. These systems will save you a fortune in heating and cooling energy bills.


Effective cooling and heating are now possible thanks to the development of modern, efficient HVAC package systems. When considering an HVAC system, its capacity should be among the first things you consider. The capacity of an HVAC system is measured in British thermal units. Hence, if you want an HVAC package system with a high capacity, you should choose one with a higher number of BTUs. However, you should notice that larger isn’t always the best for heating and air conditioning. A large unit will experience short cycling, while a too-small unit will strain to cool or heat your Irving, TX, home. Hence, consult your reliable heating and air conditioning service technician for advice on HVAC package capacity.

Size System

When deciding on the system’s size, exercise caution. It’s crucial to have a system that is the right size, which may not be the case in older homes. Too-large air conditioning and heating systems cycle too often, shortening their lifespan. Additionally, it won’t deliver the same level of comfort and IAQ as a properly sized system. Because the calculations frequently demand considering a wide range of variables, an air conditioning service technician should be able to advise you regarding the right size of the system that your home requires. It considers elements like sun exposure, insulation, tree protection, and square space and ceiling height.


Look for an HVAC package system that requires minimal air conditioning service if you want one that works best. This means that your unit will run longer without issues. Remember to negotiate for a package that includes routine inspections and repairs at a lower cost when negotiating the installation cost. The unit should also feature a warranty.

Compatibility of the HVAC Package With a Modern Thermostats

The other thing you might want to consider before choosing an HVAC package unit is its compatibility with modern devices like programmable and smart thermostats. These devices ensure that you can regulate how your Irving, TX, home is cooled or heated from just about anywhere. Hence, you can save on energy utility costs and ensure that your system can serve you for a longer lifespan. Some advanced HVAC package systems can be remotely controlled using a smartphone, redefining convenience as we know it.


Your goal when choosing the optimal HVAC package system should be to maintain your property at a comfortable temperature, even if it is more expensive than other HVAC units. When buying an HVAC package system, your budget is one of the most crucial factors, but you also need to consider durability and energy efficiency. Keep in mind that any purchase decision should consider the savings on electricity and air conditioning service costs that may be achieved by purchasing the proper capacity and a quality unit.

How Does an HVAC Package Unit Differ from a Traditional System?

As mentioned above, a packaged HVAC system’s components are all housed within a single unit and placed outdoors. This is the main difference between a packaged HVAC system and a traditional one. Traditional systems have multiple components that are separate such as the heat pump, furnace, and split-system central AC unit. A typical air conditioning system has three parts; the indoor evaporator coils, the outdoor condensing unit, and the compressor. It also has other parts like the ducts and the air handler that pumps the conditioned air into the ducts. The two don’t have any other difference in terms of functionality. Hence, if you are more concerned about space, you can have your air conditioning service provider install a package HVAC system at your home.

What Are the Benefits of an HVAC Package Unit?

Traditional HVAC systems are multi-unit systems that use up a lot of space and are not as efficient as package HVAC systems. Hence, if space is premium in your Irving, TX home and you want a better-cooled home, you might want to call an air conditioning service provider to install a packaged HVAC system. These are compact, cost-effective, and give your home a similar level of heating and cooling. Consider some of these advantages of a package HVAC unit below.

Saving Interior Space

Do you live in a place where living space is cramped? Then you want to ensure that every inch counts and don’t want to cede even a square inch to install the large system. Rather, you may want to use the space for activities that add value to your home or even set up an entertainment hub. An HVAC package system allows you to do this because they are compact and allow you to save on space. Hence, if space is a great deal for you, you might want to call an air conditioning service provider and have them install a packaged HVAC system.

Easy, Streamlined Maintenance

Most heating and cooling specialists demand an upfront cost plus an hourly rate when doing basic or intensive maintenance. Because all the parts are in a convenient location, the cost of an HVAC package system is offset. This eliminates the need for technicians to repeatedly switch between interior and outside units or squeeze into small spaces to perform a repair. When you opt to perform an annual air conditioning service on the machine, technicians will also find it much simpler.

Easy Installation

An HVAC package system is entirely assembled in a climate-controlled indoor space. This guarantees that it will function after installation. Additionally, because there is only one unit, installation costs are lower because it takes less time than installing more conventional multi-unit HVAC systems. If you live near a shore, corrosion may be your only issue. Nonetheless, yearly painting and air conditioning services can reduce the harm that saltwater causes.

Cooling and Heating a Large Space

Remember that an HVAC package system cools very big areas for a portion of the total cost of conventional units, whether installing one in your house or place of business. Since most units are about three to twenty tons, they can cool 12,000 BTUs each hour. A three-ton unit can cool most homes, but if you have a sizable warehouse or showroom, you’ll have the added flexibility of one unit to efficiently cool or heat the area. Therefore, an HVAC package system has a similar heating efficiency or is even better than traditional systems. Suppose you need a system that properly cools or heats your Irving, TX, home while occupying a small space. In that case, you might want to contact your reliable air conditioning service provider and schedule an installation.

Lower Utility Bills

Package units don’t have to exert as much effort as multi-unit systems because they’re an all-in-one HVAC solution. Higher energy efficiency & lower monthly energy costs are the results of this. As corroborating evidence that you’ll save money, most of these packaged systems also bear the Energy Star logo. The Energy Star label guarantees a monthly reduction in utility costs. You’ll also pay less for air conditioning services as they require minor tune-ups.

Reliability and Versatility

Although a packaged HVAC system differs from traditional multi-unit systems, the two aren’t different in how they cool or heat your home. They both provide you with various options, although a packaged unit does so as a single unit. However, you can choose what type of system you need in terms of fuel or heating mechanism: a gas unit, a heat pump, or even an electrical system. However, because this choice will impact your utility bills, you should consider everything before selecting a unit. You can consult your air conditioning service provider for more advice on the best system.

As seen from the preceding, there are many benefits to installing a packaged HVAC system, the key being that it takes a smaller amount of space. These systems also need minimal air conditioning service. Do you want to upgrade to a packaged HVAC system? Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, your reliable air conditioning service provider in Irving, TX.

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