Why A Routine Air Conditioning Service Is A Must | Frisco, TX

Why A Routine Air Conditioning Service Is A Must | Frisco, TX

On a hot and humid Texan summer, your AC unit is the only thing that can guarantee comfort. Without a properly functioning air conditioning unit, you might have to vacate your home in search of cooler areas. For this reason, you will likely notice many homeowners purchasing air conditioning units, AC replacements, and air conditioning maintenance months before summer.

However, air conditioning maintenance should nobly be a preserve of summer, especially if you have an HVAC unit. When everything in your air conditioning unit is working properly, it cools your home during summer to ensure that it is comfortable and has quality air. Air conditioning maintenance is essential as it ensures your home remains at cool and nice temperatures. However, you can only achieve this with routine preventative maintenance. This ensures that your unit doesn’t have problems when you need it the most.

What Is the Importance of Preventative AC Maintenance?

Of all the investments you might ever make, your home might probably be the biggest. Hence, preventative maintenance of all its systems and structures, such as the plumbing and air conditioning systems. Yearly air conditioning maintenance ensures that your home remains cool while improving indoor air quality simultaneously. However, you should have an air conditioner installation professional complete the job. They will offer you advice, inspect the entire unit, and implement various repairs to ensure that your home is ready for the upcoming summer.

When they come for an air conditioning service, the professional will inspect parts such as fan blades, blower motor, condensate drains, compressor, gas pressure, and refrigerant levels. They also will clean the air ducts and air filters to ensure that the unit is in a top state and ready to cool your home. Now that you know what AC service includes, below is a closer look into why you should never miss air conditioning maintenance.

Prevents Emergency Repairs

Like all other electrical appliances, the air conditioner may suddenly break down. Given the air conditioner’s importance, the last thing you want is for it to break down mid-summer. This is the period when you need it the most. If the unit needs any repairs, you should do them early before summer kicks in. This is the ideal time because you are not in any rush. However, you cannot know that your air conditioner needs any repairs unless you subject it to a routine air conditioning service.

Whenever a technician conducts the tune-ups, they will inspect the unit for any issues, especially with the critical component such as the compressor, condenser, filters, and air ducts if you use a duct-type air conditioner. Should the technician notice any issue or early signs of damage or deterioration, they recommend that you affect the repairs. Fortunately, they can perform the repairs on the spot.

By catching the minor developing issues during the AC maintenance service, you will have effectively voided a need for any emergency air conditioning repairs. Air conditioning emergencies are inconvenient and expensive to fix. With air conditioning maintenance, you can rest assured that your AC unit will not malfunction when needed.

Diagnoses Electrical Problems

During the air conditioning service visit, your technician will inspect the electrical connections to ensure that all components are tight. If there is any broken connection, it could result in an unexpected repair call to an HVAC technician. This will cost you a fortune, and your family might suffer the hot Frisco, TX, summers without an air conditioning unit. Preventative air conditioning maintenance will allow the AC repair technician to inspect the voltage on the motors, among other components, to ensure that all things are intact.

Addresses Impending Issues

The air conditioning system ensures that your indoor space is sufficiently cooled throughout the summer to offer you and your family the needed comfort. However, this is impeded by any wear and tear on the unit that is bound to arise with time. During the routine air conditioning service, the AC repair technician will notice the signs of any potential problem and take the necessary steps to prevent it from arising. This means that they will address any problem before it worsens, and any upcoming issues will be discovered. Additionally, most companies charge cheaper when it comes to preventative maintenance.

Maintain the Warranty

An air conditioning unit isn’t cheap. Having one installed at your Frisco, TX, home will cost you a fortune. Therefore, most manufacturers extend warranties and guarantees on their products for several months or years. However, the guarantees aren’t without conditions. To use them, you must show proof of their AC unit’s annual maintenance.

Hence, air conditioning service is essential in keeping your air conditioning unit under warranty. You can claim the benefits under warranty if it fails or a component becomes defective. If you hadn’t maintained your AC unit by a licensed HVAC technician, you would have voided the warranty. Hence, when your unit eventually becomes a problem, you’ll be forced to pay for the repairs or replacements.

Extends System Life

As mentioned above, an air conditioner is an expensive unit. Therefore, you want it to serve your home for the longest time possible. This is only possible with routine air conditioning service. Through routine maintenance, the air conditioning unit will serve your home well into the rated service life or even longer. Although no heating and air conditioning system lasts forever, taking measures to ensure that it can serve you for the longest time possible will save you a fortune.

Most AC units last approximately ten years, although homeowners claim that the units last even longer. Routine air conditioning maintenance is critical in ensuring that your unit lasts longer. During the maintenance, the technician will clean the air filters and ducts, lubricate the mechanical parts, and check the refrigerant levels, among other things. Should the inspection uncover any problem, they will conduct the required repairs.

Ensures Your Home Safety

The Frisco, TX, summer heat levels are so high that they could cause various problems at your home. Extreme temperatures could cause heat to accumulate in the house. Eventually, that will make the floor start cracking. Last, you must notice that your air conditioning unit has malfunctioned, and the needed repair or replacement part is unavailable locally. However, you can avoid such an eventuality by having a routine air conditioning service. Maintenance of your air conditioner will allow you to cool your home properly and avoid heat-related risks.

Additionally, keep in mind that the mechanical and electrical components of your AC are flammable and contain hazardous refrigerant gas. Technicians prioritize safety checks during yearly inspections. They check to ensure there are no indications of difficulties that could endanger the safety of your home. Naturally, you must always schedule an air conditioning service if you notice problems like unusual odors or noises from the unit.

Cleans the Air Conditioning System

Because most of your air conditioner is outdoors, it might collect pollen, dust, and other materials and contaminants. When these objects accumulate in the outdoor parts of your air conditioning system, they will lose efficiency and power. First, the primary fan will start spinning slowly. When they are dirty, the condenser fans are not as effective. During the air conditioning service visit, the professional remove accumulated debris and dust, freeing up any moving parts and keeping the system running at its peak.

Reduces the Carbon Footprint

When your air conditioner is operating at its peak efficiency, it takes much less energy to cool your Frisco, TX, home. This means that it will have a lower impact on the environment. Regular air conditioning preventative maintenance is critical for reducing the carbon footprint and global warming. Overall, this means that a routine air conditioning service saves your wallet and the planet.

Prevents Mold Growth

Moisture is produced during the cooling process in your home. A fully functioning AC unit channels water through the condensate drains and into your plumbing. Water will build up at the bottom of the appliance if dirt and dust obstruct the drainage system. Mold growth inside your system may be caused by this water and the warm air sent outside. Your air conditioner can bring mold into your house every time it runs. During the preventive air conditioning service visit, your technician will ensure that everything is operating.

Improves the Indoor Air Quality

Routine air conditioning maintenance will ensure that your home has quality air. When the air conditioning unit is properly functioning, it allows fresh air to be circulated throughout your home. However, if the unit is faulty, the indoor air may become stagnating and collect bacteria as it starts getting recycled. The induction of fresh air means that you can maintain the healthful quality of the air. But how can you tell the unit isn’t functioning properly without a routine air conditioning service? Have a technician come over to inspect and maintain your air conditioning system to ensure it is properly functioning.

Increases Your AC Efficiency

The sheer amount of work an air conditioner does to cool your Frisco, TX, home consumes lots of energy. An AC unit is among the notable electrical energy consumers in your home. But under normal circumstances, your heating or cooling bills should remain reasonably stable, low, and consistent between different years. But this could suddenly change if you don’t take good care of your air conditioning unit.

A poorly maintained air conditioning unit needs more effort than required to cool your home. This means that the unit will use more electrical energy than needed. Conversely, having a regular air conditioning service could ensure that your air conditioning unit is optimally working. This should be sufficient to keep your cooling energy utility bills at a reasonably low level. Therefore, having a routine air conditioning service means that your air conditioner remains in great shape, considerably increasing your home’s energy efficiency.

Gives Your Home Season-Long Comfort

Frisco, TX, summers are hot and humid. And if you are a resident of this locality, you know this isn’t news. Hence, the best way to ensure your indoor space or home is comfortable during the hot summer is by having an air conditioning service. Please speak with an AC repair company to have them visit your home annually for a maintenance service.

As the temperatures increase past the 90-degree Fahrenheit point in Texan Summers, the air conditioning system at your home will put in an extra effort to cool your home. If you have meticulously maintained your unit, the possibility that it will experience problems is very low. For instance, when a technician comes for an air conditioning service, they will inspect your system for any signs of damage. Since the worn-out parts can make the unit fail, they will take corrective measures to ensure this doesn’t happen. Hence, schedule AC maintenance by a licensed professional to ensure your home remains comfortable throughout the summer.

Saves Money

If your air conditioning unit is poorly maintained, running and maintaining it might prove costly. There are several ways of explaining this. For example, a poorly maintained air conditioner uses more electrical energy, meaning you will pay more energy utility bills at the end of the month. Additionally, such an air conditioning unit will frequently break down, meaning you’ll use more on repairs and replacements. But if you maintain your air conditioner meticulously, it will break down less frequently and use less energy. Hence, work as a reliable technician for a routine air conditioning service.

Maintenance Is Key!

Can you remember when you last have an air conditioning service? If you cannot, maybe now is the time. As you can see from the preceding, there are undoubtedly many benefits to routine air conditioner maintenance. Since it is an expensive appliance, you should leave nothing to chance for you to earn a return on investment. Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas for a reliable air conditioning service in Frisco, TX. Call us now for a free consultation!

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