Where To Go For An AC Repair | Flower Mound, TX

Where To Go For An AC Repair | Flower Mound, TX

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For those who live in Flower Mound, TX, hot humid Texas summers are a way of life. Temperatures can often rise above 100 degrees and your air conditioner is probably on all day and night for most of the summer period. If your air conditioner breaks down, life can soon start to get very uncomfortable.

There is an increased risk of dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke and will be a great concern to those looking after young children or the elderly. The air quality in your home will also deteriorate making life difficult for those that are suffering from chronic breathing problems.

You will need to find an AC repair service, who can send a trained technician out quickly. In which case you need to call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas serving Flower Mound, TX. We have assembled an experienced team of professionals who can deal with all types of AC repair, maintenance, and installation on the majority of air conditioners in use these days.

Most Common AC Repair Problems

Because we subject our air conditioners to heavy usage during summer heatwaves this is the time when they are most likely to break down. Having your air conditioner serviced before the summer starts is the smartest thing you can do. Booking an appointment during a quieter period like early spring will mean that you are more likely to get a slot at a time that is convenient for you.

The service will ensure that that your air conditioner is running more efficiently and safely. The benefits are considerable, not only will you be reducing your energy bills, but the service will give you peace of mind during the critical time as the unit is less likely to break down. Having an insight into what causes an AC repair will help you be on the lookout for any possible problems.

The most common sorts of problems are:

  • Frost and Ice Building on The Evaporator Coils – this is not a good sign. When the evaporator coils completely freeze you will need to turn off the air conditioner and allow the coil to thaw. This can take up to 24 hours, so you do not want your unit down for that length of time.


  • There could be many causes for the built-up frost and ice. The coils need a constant supply of warm air from your home to be blown over them to work properly. Any reduction in this airflow, which could be due to dirty air filters, or a faulty fan should be avoided.


  • Cleaning or replacing the air filters is a good idea, and there is an added benefit that fewer dirt particles will enter your home.


  • Dirty Evaporator Coils – one of the jobs done during any service from One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas will be to clean the evaporator coils if they are filthy. Any dirt layer will act as an insulating material and reduce the rate of heat transfer between the warm air and coil.


  • Low Coolant Levels – the coolant flows around your air conditioner connecting all the major components such as the evaporator coils, compressor, condense, and cooling fins. The coolant transfers the heat from your home to the evaporator coils and then outside through the condenser and cooling fins.


  • Low levels of coolant will mean reduced amounts of cooling, and your unit will need a certain level of coolant in it to work properly. A technician from One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas will need to top up the coolant levels in your air conditioner before you need an AC repair.


  • Larger Than Usual Energy Bills – without the right amount of coolant, the other components in your air conditioner will need to work harder to maintain the temperature. This means that they will use more energy and increase your utility bills.


  • If a component is overworking for any reason, it will get hotter and as a result, may burn out and need an AC repair.

Increased Humidity in Your Home

It is a law of physics that hot air will carry more moisture than cold air. Should the evaporator coils not be able to absorb as much heat from the warm air blown over them, then the air blown back into your home will contain more moisture, increasing the humidity levels in your home.

Another cause of increased humidity is a blockage of the drain pan or AC drain line. Any excess moisture is collected in the drain pan which later flows outside your home via the AC drain line. Any blockage of these drains will allow water to collect in the drain pan, later overflowing in your unit and then onto your floor. This makes the humidity in your home increase.

Strange Smells

Any excess moisture could lead to mold or algae growth in the AC drain line or drain pan and these need to be cleaned regularly to prevent this and prevent mold spores from entering your home lowering air quality.

Other strange smells could be because of solder burning due to loose wiring or connections in the electrical circuits. Other burning smells could be due to overheating components. Whatever the reason for any burning smells you need to immediately call a technician from One Hour for an AC repair as there is an increased risk of a fire. Leave your home immediately if you suspect any danger.

Dirty Condenser and Cooling Fins

The condenser and cooling fins allow the heat from the coolant to be radiated away to the outside air. As they are located outside dirt and grime will deposit on them and they too will need to be regularly cleaned. The dirt and grime layer will reduce the rate at which heat is transferred to the outside air, reducing the cooling effect of your unit. The rate of heat transfer is aided by a fan blowing air over the condenser and cooling fins.

Keeping Flower Mound, TX Cool and Safe

Many of the issues highlighted above will be dealt with during a regular service from one of One Hour’s many skilled technicians. A routine service will reduce the need for an AC repair during those long summer months. Needing an AC repair is a stressful experience and we understand this and will arrive quickly and not leave your home until everyone is cool and safe again. Give us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas a call anytime and we will respond around the clock!