When Do You Need Emergency Heating And AC Repair Service? | Dallas, TX

When Do You Need Emergency Heating And AC Repair Service? | Dallas, TX

Making the decision to call for emergency heating and AC repair service can be frustrating. You may not be sure if you need immediate help or not. Could you wait for a standard service call? There are many situations where you really should not wait and should call a reliable technician to provide you with fast help right away. It is worth the expense to do so. Other times, you may not need to do so. Here are some factors to keep in mind as you consider these needs.

There’s a Leak from Your Air Conditioner

One of the most important times to call for a professional offering emergency heating and AC repair service is when you have a leak from your AC. The air conditioner should not leak, and when it does, that could mean that the system is running without the necessary coolant it needs to operate properly. That puts your system at risk. That could be dangerous, and it could also be damaging to the system, increasing the risk of failures later.

Call for help right away if you notice:

  • Fluid under or around the AC unit
  • Moisture builds up on the unit itself
  • Fluid on the lines leading to and from the system

Do not let your air conditioner run without taking a closer look at what could be occurring. Even on a hot day, it can become very difficult for the system to operate properly.

You Smell Electrical Burning

In any situation where you smell a burning scent, leave the home and call the fire department. Often, it could be wiring behind the walls in your home that you cannot see, causing the problem. If you turn on the air conditioner or the heater and notice a burning scent, turn them both off. Then, call a technician for emergency heating and AC repair service. They will come to your home to inspect the system to determine if there is any risk to you in operating it. Do not continue to run the AC when there is a smell like this, as it could indicate a much larger problem.

The Humidity Level Is Rising

The humid subtropical temperatures can make for a very uncomfortable summer day. When the temperatures are rising and your home feels humid, that could indicate a problem with the air conditioner that should not wait. High humidity is a problem. It means there is enough moisture in the air that it could impact the home’s ability to maintain a comfortable level. It also creates the ideal opportunity for mold and mildew to grow and even flourish.

It also indicates that the air conditioner is not working as it should. When operating properly, the AC will remove much of that moisture from the air, making it far more comfortable in your home. If you feel like it is just getting too uncomfortable and humid, do not wait to call for help from an emergency heating and AC repair service.

Your AC Unit Will Not Turn On

Also important is to act when your air conditioner just will not work. Temperatures can become very hot, and that means it puts you at risk. If you or someone in your family has allergies or asthma, high temperatures can create a dangerous situation, even more so. If it is going to be a hot day, and your air conditioner does not come on, consider these steps:

  • Be sure the breaker is on by checking the electrical box.
  • Double check that the thermostat is operating properly.
  • Replace the batteries in the thermostat if it is battery operated.

If that does not work, call an emergency heating and AC repair service to inspect your system. You do not want to spend a lot of time in your home when the air conditioner is not operating properly on a hot day. It can be very uncomfortable and difficult to do so. Often, a technician can get the system back up and running again in no time.

The Furnace Will Not Turn On

Your home’s furnace may not be something you worry about until it stops working. If it is a cold winter day and the temperatures are going to get below freezing, it’s a very good idea to call for emergency heating and AC repair service. Doing so could be one of the most important decisions you make if your system will not turn on or is not warming the home as expected.

If it is not working properly, consider these steps first:

  • Check to make sure the breaker for the furnace is operating properly.
  • Make sure the thermostat is set to turn on and set at the right temperature to do so.
  • Replace the batteries in the thermostat if it uses them.

If that does not work, call in a technician for some help. Doing so could help to warm your home up to safe levels. If you fail to do so, and temperatures get very cold, it is possible for your water lines to freeze and burst. That makes a small problem a very big problem to deal with instead.

Your Furnace or AC Is Making a Loud Sound

Another time when you do not want to put off calling for emergency heating and AC repair service help is when you hear loud sounds or different sounds coming from the system. If you turn on the AC and hear something that does not sound normal, it is time to call for help. Don’t ignore what is occurring. Instead, turn off the system and then contact your repair technician to find out what to do.

Some common sounds that are a sign you need repair service include:

  • Loud screeching sounds
  • Banging sounds
  • Hissing sounds
  • Squealing sounds
  • Any type of odd sound you have not heard before

Emergency heating and AC repair service can help you to troubleshoot what is occurring. They may be able to fix it quickly so that your home warms up again in no time. However, if you suspect that the cold night is going to get worse, and your heat is not working, or your home is getting too hot, it is time to call in a technician.

There Are Electrical Issues

Another instance in which you should call for emergency heating and AC repair service occurs when your home’s system has any type of electrical issue. Electrical work should always be done by a trained and licensed professional. That helps minimize the risk of injury and fires occurring later. The home’s furnace and air conditioner both utilize electricity to operate.

If the system is not turning on or you notice the lights flicker when you turn it on, that could indicate there is a need for a professional inspection. It will allow you to pinpoint any specific areas of concern associated with your system that could otherwise be taxing it.

This is a need for an emergency heating and AC repair service. Turn off the system. Then, call in a professional. If there are electrical problems and you continue to use the system, that could increase the risk of a fire occurring. It is better to turn it off and get help to make sure your home is well protected.

There Is a Yellow Flame on Your Furnace

Take a closer look at the flame that is burning in your furnace. This flame, called the pilot, is what helps with heating. This is especially common on older models. If you look at it, and the flame is blue, that’s a good thing. It means the system is operating as it should. If the flame is yellow or even orange, that indicates it is not burning high enough.

The key concern here is that a yellow or orange flame could indicate that your home’s heating system is leaking carbon monoxide. That is a very dangerous gas that you cannot smell, but that can cause you to faint and may even lead to poisoning that is fatal. If you notice this is occurring, turn off the system and leave the home. Call an emergency heating and AC repair service to come to your home right away. You may also want to call the fire department to check for any carbon monoxide leaks you may have.

This is not something you can fix yourself. It could be very dangerous for you and your family.

The Fan Does Not Turn Off

There are some situations where the fan that operates your furnace or air conditioner is running to move air through the system properly. Most of the time, it will turn on and off as needed, as your system is cycling to heat your home. Other times, it seems to always run. You may notice that it seems like the system has not turned off all day.

When this occurs, it could be one of several things. It could be that the home’s thermostat is set to the fan setting being “on” instead of automatic. That is an easy fix you may be able to make yourself. Other items, it could be due to a miscommunication between the thermostat and the system. In that case, it may be necessary to turn off the system and call for emergency heating and AC repair service instead of just letting it run. That will burn out the system too soon and may also put it at risk of overheating and a fire.

It’s Blowing, but the Air Isn’t Improved

You may need emergency heating and AC repair service if your air conditioner or heating system is running but your home is not getting any more comfortable. For example, you may notice that your air conditioner is on and it is running, but the air coming from it is still warm. That means it is time to call for emergency heating and AC repair service. Do not let it continue to just run like this.

If your furnace is doing the same thing – running without turning off and the temperature is not warmed, that also indicates a problem. If there is no warm air coming from the vents, it could be because the pilot light is out, or it could be due to a mechanical problem. In this case, the help of an emergency heating and AC repair service is a must to get the system back up and working again.

The Home’s Air Quality Is Suffering

Do you need emergency heating and AC repair service when you notice a lot more dust in your home? That may not seem like an important time to call for help right away, but it is an indication of a larger problem and one that you should not put off getting help for right away.

If you see a lot of dust build-up or you notice your allergies are worsening for no reason, call for emergency heating and AC repair service right away. That could mean the system is filled with dust and debris. That may mean it is at risk for failure as a result. The better option here is to work with your technician to remove the filters, clean out the system, and get it back up and running. If you do not call for emergency heating and AC repair service soon enough, that could limit the lifespan of your system or cause more costly breakdowns later.

Call the Right Team for Fast, Reliable Help

If you are not sure if you need emergency heating and AC repair service, call a technician and inquire about your options. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, we will always tell you if you need emergency service or a routine service call. More so, to avoid those repairs and emergency situations, be sure to let our team help you to keep your maintenance in check.

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