Air Conditioner Installation, What You Need To Know | Dallas, TX

Air Conditioner Installation, What You Need To Know | Dallas, TX

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If you have lived in Dallas, TX for longer than a month during the summertime, you already know that an air conditioner installation is a must if you hope to make it through the rest of the year and your old unit is failing. However, knowing that it is time for a new AC and knowing how to make that new AC happen are two very different subjects that we will discuss in this article. We will also take a quick look at some of the most common signs it may be time to replace your AC because if you are new to the area or a new homeowner you might not realize that your AC is failing until it has broken down and you are in a fairly emergent situation.

Unlike other areas of the US, air conditioning is not a luxury in Dallas, it is something that every homeowner has to have to stay safe. Temperatures can reach well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, and hover in the 100s for months. Not only can this be extremely uncomfortable, but for some people, it can even be life-threatening. Texans know that heatstroke is a very real thing, so the best thing you can do to protect your family from it is by acting promptly if you realize that it is time for a new air conditioner installation in Dallas, TX.

It is understandable that a lot of people attempt to put off AC replacement for as long as they can. AC units are a fairly expensive appliance, and no one wants to replace their AC unit until they absolutely have to. However, if you

AC is running poorly, you might actually be spending more money by ignoring the need for an upgrade. This is because a system that is not running correctly will consume a large amount of energy, and the more energy that is consumed to do the same job the more money you will end up spending on your monthly utility bills. Therefore, if you are truly looking to save some money then upgrading your AC might be the most effective choice.

Keep in mind that constantly repairing your AC is also not a cost-effective option when you will likely have to replace it within a year or two. Repairs make sense when you have a younger system that could potentially run for another five to eight years, but they don’t make sense when your system is close to failing. At that point, it’s similar to continuing to put money into an old used car that has been nothing but a money pit. Keep in mind also that the performance of your AC is affecting your comfort. You don’t want to pay the same utility bill or more and still not be comfortable in your home.

At some point, your AC is simply not going to be able to keep up with the hot, harsh conditions outside of your Dallas, TX home. When that time comes you will be sitting in the muggy, hot mess inside your home paying for energy that is not even helping you cool down. It is only reasonable to consider changing a new air conditioner installation before you get to this point so that you actually get something for the money that you are investing into your AC system.

Signs It Is Time for a New AC in Dallas

There are a lot of signs that you may need a new air-conditioning system. The trick is learning to identify them before your system completely quits working on you. Prompt identification of the problems that come with a faulty air conditioning system can help save you from an emergency breakdown and a lot of hassle in Dallas, TX. Here are just a few of the many signs that your AC may need to be replaced. If you notice any of these but it may be time to start talking about an air conditioner installation.

High Humidity Levels- If your AC is working properly, there should not be high humidity levels in your home, if there are then you need to look into a new air conditioner installation.

Uneven Hot and Cold Spots- If there are hot and cold spots throughout your home this is a sign that your AC is not properly circulating air in your home.

Decreased Air Flow – This is often a sign that your compressor or blower is not working properly, but sometimes it could be a sign that your entire system is no longer working as cohesively as it should.

Loud Noises – Your AC unit should never make noises outside of a low hum, so if you are hearing any noises this is a clear sign that it is time to replace your unit.

Who Handles Air Conditioner Installation?

If you are thinking about a new air conditioner installation you need to contact a local, Dallas, TX heating and cooling technician that is properly insured and licensed. This is not a task that you should attempt to handle on your own and this is not something that you want a handyman to handle. Believe it or not, the lifespan of your new unit will actually heavily depend on how well the system was installed. With that in mind, you want to let someone who truly understands how to install a unit handle the task. Everything from precise delivery to your door to proper placement has the potential to either improve or decrease the lifespan of your unit and paying a little more now is the best way to ensure your system runs the gamut. An excellent air conditioner installation combined with regular AC maintenance can help you get a unit that runs for 15+ years.

What to Expect During Air Conditioner Installation

Proper air conditioner installation is a process, so you should be aware that it will happen in steps. Once you decide to go with a new AC one of the first things that will happen is the AC company will visit your home properly for installation to take measurements of your home and determine the best place for installation. If this is an upgrade, then the same platform will likely be used, but if this is a first-time installation the crew will need to look over the structure of your home and the outdoor area to determine the best place to put your new unit.

Sometimes your electrical wiring will also depend on where the outside AC unit can be placed. Depending on how complex the installation will be, the AC company should be able to draft a project timeline so that you are aware of what to expect throughout the installation process. The complexity of the job varies by home so there is no way to predict exactly how long this step will take without seeing your home. Obviously, an air conditioner installation that is a replacement tends to move faster than a brand new installation since most allowances will have already been made within the home unless the unit is being moved to increase efficiency.

If you hire a reputable company to handle your air conditioner installation it shouldn’t be too noisy or too disruptive. A lot of homeowners worry that it is going to be a long and never-ending process, but a professional team knows how to streamline the process so that it is as undisruptive to you as a homeowner as possible. Usually, it only takes two to three hours to smoothly install your air conditioner without too much dirt or noise.

All AC installations are different, so it could take just half a day to have your new AC installed or it could take up to three days. On average most installations take about a day, but as noted there are many variables that might influence that timetable starting with the anticipated delivery of your AC system. Due to the delicacy of a new AC system, they are delivered straight to your home to avoid additional handling, so the unit needs to arrive before the job can even get started.

Once everything has arrived then the AC team will get started on your air conditioner installation. After the process is complete they will test the AC and make sure that it is properly cooling your home. They will also explain how your new AC will work if the thermostat was changed as well and walk you through any features that may be new to you or the unit. This is a great time to ask questions if you have any because the team can walk you through anything that you need to know or address any concerns that you have.

Most of the time the team will also call you within a week to see how the air conditioner installation is working out for you. Keep in mind of course that if you have any issues you can always call the HVAC team that did the installation for you and ask. Your AC should work flawlessly after its installation, but things can happen that impact that performance. Therefore, if you have any concerns you should always call for help. Immediately following the installation any concerns or tweaking should be included with the installation costs, so if you notice an issue make sure you call and get it corrected right away. Ideally, your AC works perfectly after installation, but sometimes this is not the case.

How Can You Prepare for Air Conditioner Installation

The good news is that you don’t have to do too much to prepare for air conditioner installation. One of the best things that you can do is make sure that you clear all clutter and toys away from the outside area where the unit is going to be installed. The AC team will need a clear path to the outdoor unit that is not littered with anything that can trip on or will get in the way of their ability to install the unit.

They also will need to be able to drive the delivery truck up to the installation place as well as their installation truck so that they have clear access to all of their tools. For this reason, if you can park your vehicles in another driveway or on the street for the day it will greatly enhance their ability to quickly and efficiently install your AC unit.

Keep in mind that they will also need to go inside your house for the installation of the indoor unit into your HVAC system. Therefore you should clear a 4-foot pathway from your door down to your basement or utility closet so that they have plenty of room to work without worrying about damaging personal property. At some point, they will also need to access your thermostat and most likely your lower level vent to make sure that the AC is blowing properly.

Therefore you will also need to clear a 4-foot pathway to your thermostat and to the major air vent downstairs. Furniture in the way you may want to consider moving it slightly for the day to help expedite the process.

Finally, if you have a pet you may want to consider creating your pet for the day or sending it to a friend or neighbors house. Even the best-behaved pets can sometimes get a rate with the noises that come from air conditioner installation and for the safety of the text as well as your pet it can be best for them to be safely stored away. This also prevents them from escaping as your air conditioner installation techs will need to enter and leave your home frequently throughout the process.

If you are ready for a new air conditioner installation in Dallas, TX, call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have so that you can start feeling more comfortable within your home.