What To Expect During Air Conditioning Repair | Frisco, TX

What To Expect During Air Conditioning Repair | Frisco, TX

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In May temperatures start creeping in the 80s in Frisco which means now is the time to start thinking about checking in on your AC system. While you don’t need to fire up your AC yet, unless you happen to really like cool temperatures, it is time to give it a test run to see if it is ready for the summer season. If it doesn’t turn on, this is the time to seek out air conditioning repair before the summer hits and you have to wait weeks to get onto the schedule of a local HVAC company.

While almost every HVAC company will try to work with you, the summer season is a big one for HVAC companies and there are only so many people and so much time in the day. You cannot troubleshoot every problem by turning on your system for a few minutes, but you can catch some immediate issues such as any suspicious noises and smells that need to be investigated. Of course, if your AC does not work at all or does not blow out cold air then you know you have issues and it is time to call someone for air conditioning repair.

Consider Booking an Air Conditioning Service

If you are worried about the condition of your AC system, another great way to check in on it before the summer heat hits is by calling us and booking an annual air conditioning service. We highly recommend yearly maintenance for several reasons. First of all, a lot of potential problems can be solved proactively if you let a technician inspect the inside of your machine.

Components do not just break down, they usually show signs of wear and tear, and eventually, after enough trauma will completely break. At this point, your AC will either break down, or the broken part will continue to damage other parts until you have a lot of other issues compounding. This can all be avoided by having someone look at your HVAC system routinely.

Benefits of Routine Air Conditioning Service

Not sold on routine air conditioning service? There are a few significant benefits that should leave you considering it a bit more. The best reason of course is that it will help you avoid air conditioning repair in Frisco, TX, but there are other reasons that are worth consideration.

Avoid Baking in the Frisco Heat

First of all, if you don’t want to find out how it feels to live in the heat of summer without AC, then it is in your best interests to book an air conditioning service. Routine servicing is the best way to avoid finding yourself suddenly without air conditioning in the thick of the summer. The problem with this is that usually even if you find an HVAC company to come out to your home to check on your AC system it will still likely take a few days to completely repair.

There are hundreds of HVAC systems out on the market, and most HVAC technicians only keep basic parts on hand. There is a very real chance that the piece that breaks on your machine will not be in their toolbox when they come to inspect your broken AC. That means they will have to order it and you will have no choice but to wait for another two to three days for the part to arrive. Currently, there are also a lot of shipping delays, so it could take even longer and there is nothing that anyone can do about it.

During this whole time, you will be sitting in your hot house waiting for the part to arrive. Depending on if it is the peak of summer or not, you may have to leave your home and book a hotel for a few days to protect your family from heat-related dangers. With this in mind, if you book a routine air conditioning service it is less likely you will end up stranded. All parts will be replaced during a routine maintenance call if they look worn out, so this minimizes the chance that you will end up stranded.

Save Money on Huge Repairs

Imagine the above scenario happened to you, now imagine how much you will probably end up spending by the time the entire situation is over. One routine maintenance call is pretty affordable when you consider the costs of multiple visits, installation, and new parts. It is much better to pay once a year for routine maintenance at a predictable price versus paying for unexpected air conditioning repair multiple times.

In addition, consider the fact that an AC system that is not running smoothly will consume more energy. This means that you will likely end up spending more on your monthly energy bills than you would if your AC was running in peak condition. As part of the air conditioning service, the HVAC tech will clean, dust, and repair any parts that are not working properly to ensure that your HVAC system is as energy-efficient as possible. When you consider lowered energy bills for the entire year, you probably will save more money than you actually pay for the maintenance service. This is one reason why it is the smartest way to protect your household budget in Frisco, TX.

Keep Your Warranty Valid

Of course, you also want to protect your warranty, and believe it or not booking a regular maintenance visit may actually be the thing that does it. A lot of people don’t read the fine print on their HVAC warranty which requires annual maintenance in order for the warranty to stay valid. Skip one year and you can void your entire warranty, which is a big deal when you consider the cost of an HVAC system. The last thing you want is for something to go wrong and find yourself on the line for a brand new HVAC system.

For this reason, you need to book a maintenance visit every year even if you have a fairly new system. While a newer system is less likely to have any issues or need air conditioning repair from the start, your maintenance visit keeps your warranty valid and protects your very large investment. As a bonus, regularly cleaning and repairing your HVAC system will also help extend its lifespan so it is unlikely you will have to buy a new system any time soon which any homeowner can get on board with.

Improve Air Quality

Finally, one of the benefits of regular air conditioning repair is that it will improve the air quality within your Frisco, TX home. Dust and grime can build up over time inside of your AC system, and if you never clean it then eventually it will get pushed out with the air into your home. As part of a routine maintenance call, the HVAC technician will thoroughly clean out both the indoor and outdoor components of your AC system to ensure that your system is free of dust. This means improved air quality in your home which is very important in Frisco, TX because it is very unlikely you will have your windows open for months at a time once summer settles in. Therefore, the only source of fresh air in your home will be from your AC and you want to make sure it is as clean as possible.

What To Expect During Air Conditioning Repair

Whether you end up booking a maintenance call or realize that you are in need of air conditioning repair in Frisco, TX there are a few things that you can do to prepare your home. First of all, you want to make sure that the HVAC technicians have clear access to both the outdoor and indoor units. This means you will want to move any vehicles that may be blocking the outdoor unit if it is by your driveway as well as any kids’ toys like scooters or bicycles.

You will also need to provide a clear path to the indoor unit whether it is in a utility closet or the basement. Most HVAC companies recommend a four-foot pathway and work radius around the unit so that you don’t need to worry about dirt getting on anything and the technicians have room to work during air conditioning repair.

Finally, you will want to ensure that it is safe for the technician to check your thermostat if needed and your large air ducts. If you have a pet in your home it may be a good idea to keep them in a crate during the visit or possibly take them to a friend or relatives for the day. Due to the Covid-19 threat, you can expect your HVAC technician to wear a mask during the entirety of their visit and clean up their work area once done.

Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair

Even with regular maintenance from time to time, problems with your air conditioner may arise that require air conditioning repair. It would be nice if you could predict everything, but machinery doesn’t always follow a timetable. In fact, it seems like AC systems tend to break at the most inconvenient times. Just ask our emergency air conditioning repair technicians. For some reason, AC systems love to break on Friday nights or in the middle of just about any night. Never during the day or on a cooler day in the late spring. The best way to prevent emergencies is by recognizing the signs of air conditioning repair and getting immediate help. Here are just a few of the top signs you need air conditioning repair.

Funny Noises

Odd noises coming from your AC system should not be ignored, and are clear signs that you need to call someone for air conditioning repair. The noises will not stop on their own, and allowing them to continue just in case they do will likely cause even more damage. Some signs are more concerning than others such as loud banging or screeching noises. If possible, it is best to turn off your HVAC system to try and prevent extensive damage and call for air conditioning repair right away if you notice any loud sounds or grinding.

Funny Smells

Your AC should not ever have a funky smell, so if you start to notice something odd wafting out of your vents it is a sign to call for air conditioning repair in Frisco, TX. It is normal for the air to smell a bit musty when you first turn on the AC system, but if the smell continues then you have an issue that needs to be dealt with. Some smells are emergencies such as if you notice the smell of gas or electrical burning coming out of your vents. These smells indicate that something may be seriously wrong with your AC system so if you notice them turn off your HVAC and call for immediate air conditioning repair service.

Decreased Airflow

If you notice that the airflow out of your vents seems to be decreased, you need to call an HVAC company for an inspection. This usually indicates that there is a clog in your ductwork or within your system. This also could be a signal that your air filter needs to be changed, which you can do on your own to see if it fixes the problem. If it doesn’t then it is time for a professional air conditioning repair service.

Air Is Not Cold

Obviously, if your AC is not blowing out cold air you have a major issue to deal with. This could be a sign that the condenser is going bad or that you are leaking refrigerant. Both issues require a professional so you will need to call someone you can trust. If you notice this or any other sign, One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas is here to help. We will come out to your home and quickly and efficiently fix the problem as quickly as possible.