What Should You Consider When Scheduling An Air Conditioner Installation? | Irving, TX

What Should You Consider When Scheduling An Air Conditioner Installation? | Irving, TX

Summers in Irving, TX, are scorching hot. It is not uncommon for the temperatures in Texas to reach highs of about 94 degrees. Hence, an air conditioner is a necessity during these times. An air conditioner has an average service life of 10-12 years. When it reaches or approaches the end of its service life, it will not work as efficiently as it used when it was new. It might also cost you more in energy utility bills to operate. You should schedule a new air conditioner installation whenever the AC unit reaches the end of its service life. You should look out for several signs to know if you need to start planning to install another air conditioner. 

Signs That It’s Time for An AC Replacement

The AC Breaks Down More Frequently

How often is your air conditioner serviced by a professional? Routine maintenance is critical for the AC to continue functioning efficiently throughout the year. If you are the kind of homeowner that prioritizes routine maintenance, then you will extend the service life of your air conditioner. But if, after the meticulous maintenance, the AC still breaks down during the summer, you purchase a new unit and should plan for an air conditioner installation. Replacing the old AC unit with a new one can make more economic sense than frequent repairs.

The AC Is Over 15 Years Old

The newer air conditioners have a longer service life of about 15-20 years, with others lasting long past that. The conventional units have a service life of only 10-12 years. If your home’s AC is over 15 years old, you should consider replacing it with a new unit, and an air conditioner installation company comes in handy. The older AC loses its cooling efficiency and might not properly cool your home. Further, as the AC unit ages, its mechanical parts become obsolete. Unfortunately, finding replacement parts for the aged AC units might not be easy. Hence, replacing it was the only viable solution at that time.

Considerable Increase in the Energy Utility Bills

Have you noticed a sharp rise in your energy utility bills over time? Compare them with the bills for the same time in the previous year. If there is a difference, that might be a cue that the AC’s energy efficiency has taken a toll. A dramatic increase in the energy utility bills is a sign that the unit’s energy efficiency has dropped. It might signify that you should begin considering a new air conditioner installation.

The AC Uses R-22 Freon

How old is your air conditioner? The older AC models use R-22 freon. Though this might not appear to be a problem, it might cause serious issues in the future. The EPA has also deemed the refrigerant harmful and toxic to the ozone layer. The production of R-22 refrigerant was banned in 2020 by the US government. Hence, if the air conditioner leaks the refrigerant and there is a need to refill it, you will not find any R-22 available. Hence, you might want to replace the unit. To avoid such a problem, you should consider hiring a professional for a new AC installation.

Some homeowners purchase their air conditioners without performing thorough research, a big mistake. However, several factors must be considered before shopping for a new AC. You also can enlist the help of an air conditioner installation technician in Irving, TX, on the best unit in terms of energy efficiency and size. 

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing A New AC


The air conditioner’s cost is essential for various reasons. First, you must consider your budget. Ensure that you choose an air condition unit that fits your budget. The other thing to consider when it comes to cost is the air conditioner installation cost. Further, consider the AC unit’s energy efficiency. The costlier units tend to have more energy efficiency compared to the cheaper models.

Hence, they efficiently cool your indoor space. The expensive AC models are more energy-efficient, meaning you’ll have fewer energy utility bills at the end of the month. Though you might pay more when purchasing the unit, you will recoup a part of the additional cost in the amount of money you’ll save on the energy utility bills. When choosing an air conditioner, ensure you purchase one within your budget. However, you shouldn’t necessarily choose the cheapest model.


When considering an air conditioner installation, the other critical factor is the unit’s size. First, you’ll have to consider whether the unit will fit in the space available at your home. Otherwise, you don’t need to purchase a large unit that you don’t have space to install. If you are unsure about the required space, consult the air conditioner installation technician. The professional will measure the available space to ensure that you purchase a fitting unit.

How large or small your air conditioner is impacting your indoor space’s cooling? It also has a direct bearing on energy consumption. For instance, if you install a small air conditioner, it will have to keep running for a long time to keep your Irving, TX, home cooled. As a result, you’ll have to pay more in monthly energy utility bills, not to forget that it is exposed to wear and tear.

On the other hand, purchasing a large unit will cool your indoor space quickly, and you might experience short cycling. Whenever this happens, the unit will not have enough time to dehumidify your home, making it feel hotter than it should. Consult an air conditioner installation professional if you aren’t sure what unit size to purchase.

Energy Consumption

The other thing to consider when purchasing an air conditioner is energy efficiency. If the unit is energy efficient, then it uses less energy. And to keep the monthly energy bills down, you should consider purchasing an energy-efficient one. Whenever comparing the various AC models, you should look at the SEER and EER ratings. The EER rating in an air conditioner calculates its energy efficiency at a temperature level. On the other hand, the SEER is an energy efficiency measurement across an entire season with temperature changes outdoors.

Whenever the temperature changes during summer are over 95 degrees, pay attention to the EER rating. However, you should consider the SEER rating overall, especially because the average temperature in Irving, TX, is about 94 degrees. There isn’t any magic number when it comes to the SEER ratings. However, anything past 13 is superb. So long as the air conditioner installed has a higher SEER rating than your current one, you are bound to see a monthly change in the energy utility bills.

For instance, if the current AC has a SEER rating of 8 and you replace it with a unit with a SEER rating of 13, you’ll see a considerable change in the monthly energy utility bills. But if you are considering the EER rating, choose one above 8.5. Unfortunately, the AC units with high SEER and EER ratings are expensive compared to other models with lower ratings. However, you’ll recoup the money by saving on the monthly energy utility bills.

Additional Equipment

You also might install equipment to improve some functionalities of your HVAC system. When considering an AC installation, you must consider the additional appliances you need to install. Add that cost to the unit and the air conditioner installation costs. Some of the additional appliances include;

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Whenever you install an HVAC unit, you should also install a carbon monoxide detector in all rooms or floors at your home. This is also critical for those homes that use heat pump units. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless; do not forget it is toxic. It is also a silent killer. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to avert the dangers of this gas. You can have a technician come for an inspection of the vents, flues, and chimneys to ensure that they aren’t clogged. However, installing a carbon monoxide detector can go a long way. It could mean the difference between a fatality and an alert.

Heat Pump

You can also install a heat pump to an AC system. This allows the AC unit to be used as a cooling and heating unit, meaning you don’t have to install a furnace.


Besides cooling your home, the air conditioner is also designed to eliminate the humidity from your indoor space. The summers in Irving, TX, are highly humid. Further, the humidity is slightly over the average for most of the year. Hence, you might want to have an Air conditioner installation expert add a dehumidifier. This appliance removes the humidity from your indoor space whenever the AC unit cannot keep up.

The Installation

Are you installing your first central air conditioner? Then you should look for possible spaces to install the outdoor and indoor units. More goes into choosing the site over the area in most of the spaces. The indoor unit of the AC must be installed where it isn’t visible to ensure the home aesthetics aren’t affected. However, it should be installed where it can efficiently cool your home.

Wherever you consider installing the condenser, you must carefully choose the space. It must be installed in a dry but shady space. If there isn’t any shade, then the heat from the sun might make your condenser overheat. Whenever the condenser overheats, the indoor unit will not efficiently function. Hence, you should expect that your AC will shut down now and then. Instead of installing the unit yourself, contact an air conditioner installation professional in Irving, TX, for advice and installation service. They have the experience to ensure that the unit is installed where it properly and efficiently cools your home.

Efficient Air Ducts

When planning for an air conditioner installation, you should consider the air ducts in place. If the air ducts are inefficient or old, they will leak a lot or the cold air created by the air conditioner. This will affect your home’s indoor temperatures, resulting in an increased energy utility bill at the end of the month. The air conditioner installation technician will thoroughly inspect the existing ductworks before installing a new air conditioner.

Should the technician find any defects that might result in leakages, they’ll seal the joints and fix those damaged areas for the efficient functioning of the air conditioner. When the air ducts are secure and properly laid, air conditioner installation will occur.

Whenever choosing a new air conditioner for your home, consider its durability. You don’t want a unit that requires frequent repairs and will need to be replaced after a short duration. Hence, researching the various available models can settle on a select few that your air conditioner installation technician in Irving, TX, can help you narrow down. However, if you aren’t sure of the models or it is your first time dealing with air conditioners, consult your reliable air conditioner installation technician. They can help you purchase one and install it in your home. Since they have been in business for a long time, they know the models that have higher durability than others.


Though the cost of a unit plays a critical role in any homeowner’s decision, you want to purchase a unit that has a higher quality. This is because higher-quality AC units tend to have longer durability. Unfortunately, they tend to cost more compared to low-quality units. On the other hand, high-quality air conditioners don’t need frequent repairs, provided an air conditioner installation technician comes over for a routine inspection and maintenance.

Reputable AC Installation Service Providers

 An air conditioner is critical for any Texas home because of the hot and humid weather conditions. Hence, you should have an air conditioner installation service if you don’t have one. However, there are various factors to consider before choosing one. Further, some signs scream it is time to replace that air conditioner. Call us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas for air conditioning unit installation services.

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