What Should You Consider Before Scheduling Your Air Conditioner Installation | Irving, TX

What Should You Consider Before Scheduling Your Air Conditioner Installation | Irving, TX

Summers in Irving, TX, are scorching and humid. Temperatures can reach extremely high levels daily, making an air conditioner necessary. Hence, you should ensure that your air conditioner operates at its highest level. An AC has an average service life of about 10-12 years. However, homeowners can extend this with routine maintenance. However, it reaches a time when you have to replace the air conditioner. For instance, if the unit has served you for 10 years and is starting to require frequent repairs, you have to replace it. There are various factors that homeowners need to consider whenever purchasing a new air conditioner, as you will learn below. However, it is advised that in whatever choice you make, ensure that you consult an air conditioner installation technician. But how can you know that your current air conditioner requires a replacement?

Signs It’s Time to Replace the AC

Considerable Increase in Energy Utility Bills

Have you noticed that summer electricity bills have considerably increased while winter bills have remained fairly the same? That sign that the AC is straining to cool your home. It might be time to replace the unit because delayed replacement means that you will incur higher cooling costs. Since the AC unit cannot efficiently function as it used to, have an air conditioner installation service to replace it with a new one.

Frequent Breakdowns

Routine maintenance is critical for the air conditioning unit to be efficiently functioning. Suppose you have meticulously followed a maintenance plan and the air conditioner breaks down mid-summer. In that case, you should start planning an air conditioner installation in your home to replace the existing one. It might be more economically sound than paying for frequent repairs. The best option is to have a new AC unit installed.

The AC Is Over 10 Years

The modern air conditioning units have an average service life of about 15-20 years, while the older units can serve you for only 10-12 years. Regardless, if the air conditioning unit has served you for 10 years and above, you should reach out to an air conditioner installation technician to have it replaced with a new one. With age, the air conditioning units lose efficiency and might not efficiently cool your indoor space. Further, the mechanical parts of your air conditioner might become unavailable and obsolete as the AC unit ages. The manufacturer might have even stopped making the replacement parts. Whenever you face such a situation, you should replace the air conditioner.

The AC Unit Is using R-22 refrigerant

The old AC units use Freon (R-22) as a refrigerant. However, the government halted the coolant’s production on 1st January 2020 as it isn’t environmentally friendly. EPA deemed it as harmful and toxic to the ozone layer. Whenever your air conditioning unit leaks the refrigerant, you cannot find Freon to refill it. The available refrigerant is harvested from the older units and is highly expensive. Hence, if your unit still uses R-22 Freon, you should consider installing a new air conditioner.

Whenever you head out to purchase an air conditioner, you should conduct research and consult professionals. Buying an AC unit without researching is a huge mistake. You might even purchase a unit that cannot effectively and efficiently heat your home. Before you begin your research on the right and best air conditioner for your Irving, TX home, there are several factors that you should consider. When you consider the factors below, you can compare AC models that meet your cooling requirements. Then call a reliable air conditioner installation technician to have the new AC installed properly.

What Should You Consider Before You Buy an AC

Energy Efficiency

Do you want to save on energy utility bills while ensuring that your home is properly cooled? Purchase an energy-efficient air conditioner. These units use less energy. When choosing an AC, consult the air conditioner installation technician on models that can keep the energy bills down. Look at the SEER and EER ratings when comparing the various models. SEER rating measures energy efficiency over the entire season with outside temperature changes. The EER ratio calculates the AC’s energy efficiency at a single temperature.

Are the average temperatures during summer over 95 degrees? Focus on the EER ratio. Whenever purchasing an AC, there isn’t a magic number. However, the higher the SEER rating, the higher the energy efficiency across the season. For instance, an AC having a SEER rating of 14 has a higher efficiency than that rated 12. However, AC units with higher SEER and EER ratings are generally costlier than those with lower ratings. But even if an air conditioner installation technician installs one with a higher rating, you will recoup the money from reduced monthly energy utility bills.

Additional Attachments

When considering an air conditioner installation, think about additional equipment. You can enhance your air conditioner by adding additional appliances. Hence, this is something that you should consider. Think of the additional equipment you are planning to install and sum them to the cost of your air conditioner and their installation costs. There are several available options, such as:


Besides cooling your home, the AC units also remove humidity from the air. Summers in Irving, TX, are hot and humid, with the humidity remaining above average most of the year. Hence, you might want to compliment the air conditioner with a dehumidifier. The appliance will help in the removal of excess humidity from your home. Talk with an air conditioner installation professional about adding a dehumidifier to your set-up.

Carbon Monoxide Detection Devices

It is recommended that you have carbon monoxide detectors installed in all rooms at your home, particularly should you choose to install a heat pump. Although carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, it is a lethal gas with fatal consequences. Having the flues and vents checked for proper ventilation during routine maintenance is the only way to ensure you aren’t exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning. However, you can have the air conditioner installation technician also install carbon monoxide detectors after installing the AC.

Heat Pumps

You can also have the air conditioner installation technician add a heat pump to your air conditioner. This allows you to use the air conditioner for both heating and cooling.


The next thing you should consider when purchasing an AC is the cost. There are a couple of reasons why the cost is critical. First, you should consider the budget. You then should choose a model fitting it. Besides the purchase and transportation costs, you must also consider the air conditioner installation costs. Other costs that come into play are the operational costs. Therefore, homeowners are recommended to install energy-efficient air conditioners.

Although these AC units are expensive, you can recoup the initial purchase expenses by the savings on monthly energy utility bills. Hence, the initial purchase price of an air conditioner shouldn’t make you fret. More energy-efficient units are costlier compared to less efficient ones. Although you want an air conditioning unit within your budget, you shouldn’t select the cheapest model.


Are you installing an AC at your Irving, TX home for the first time? If yes, you should find a location for both the outdoor and indoor units. Air conditioner installation has more with choosing the site instead of picking the area having the most space. The evaporator (indoor unit) should be installed in a hidden place such as a closet. It ensures they don’t impact your home’s aesthetics. It also should be installed where it can cool your home properly and sufficiently.

Further, you should carefully choose the area where you plan to install the condenser (outdoor unit). It should be installed in a place that has a shade. The condenser will overheat under the scorching Texan heat if the area doesn’t have a shade. If the condenser overheats, the evaporator will not function. Therefore, your air conditioner will shut down if the outdoor unit isn’t placed in a shady area. An air conditioner installation expert can help you choose the right place to install the condenser and evaporator to ensure that your home is cooled sufficiently.


The size of the air conditioning unit is crucial when planning an AC installation. First, be sure the appliance will fit in the space in your Irving, TX, house where it will be installed. If you’re unsure of the exact amount of room you have, an expert in AC installation may evaluate the space to ensure the air conditioner you select is the right size. The size of the unit will impact your home’s temperatures and the price of your energy bills.

If you install a unit too large for your home, the AC will cool your home quickly, making it cycle off and on faster and more frequently. The AC unit cannot effectively dehumidify your home whenever this happens. Hence, your home will feel hotter than it is supposed to be. If you are unsure of the size of the air conditioner, consult your licensed air conditioner installation technician. They will measure your living space to determine the unit size that can properly cool your home.

Air Quality

Whenever the AC at your home is running, you should keep your windows closed. It ensures that the conditioned air doesn’t escape from your house while ensuring that the warm air doesn’t enter your indoor space. When you ensure that your windows are closed during summer, the fresh outdoor air will not enter. It means that the air quality will not be adversely impacted.

However, you need to have an air quality control device to ensure that your home’s air quality is safe for breathing by your family. Reliable and professional air conditioner installation technicians can help you find the most cost-effective and best air quality control device and AC to ensure safe air at your home. It also will ensure that your home is sufficiently cooled throughout the summer.


When looking for an AC to install in your Irving, TX home, you should consider its durability. An air conditioner is an expensive appliance. Hence, you need to find one that can last for several years. It should also not need frequent repairs or component replacements. Do your research on various models available, their energy efficiency, and durability. You can obtain this information from reading customer reviews over the Internet. However, should you not have time to read the reviews or conduct research, have an air conditioner installation professional help you choose a durable unit. Since the professionals have been in the heating and air conditioning business, they understand the ins and outs of various air conditioning units.


Though the cost of an air conditioner plays a critical role in deciding whether you will purchase a unit, you also are advised to consider its quality. The quality of an AC is informed by its energy efficiency, durability, and air quality. High-quality air conditioners are more expensive and have a longer service life than the cheaper units/models.

Further, purchasing a high-quality air conditioner helps you avoid frequent repairs, provided you maintain it properly. Ask the air conditioner installation technician to help determine an AC’s quality. They should also service the unit before summer kicks in to ensure it is in top condition. When comparing various models, also focus on each unit’s specifications to determine which ones have a higher quality.

Professional AC Installation

Is our air conditioner old to the extent that its efficiency has reduced? Or does it use Freon refrigerant? There are various reasons to replace your existing air conditioning unit. However, there are several factors to consider, as explained above. However, only purchase a unit that fits your budget (purchasing cost, transportation, and AC installation cost). Whenever in doubt, call an AC installation professional in Irving, TX, for clarification. Contact our One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas technicians for a reliable air conditioner installation service.

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