What Does Your Trusted Air Conditioner Installation Technician Have To Say About The Best Garage ACs? | Lewisville, TX

What Does Your Trusted Air Conditioner Installation Technician Have To Say About The Best Garage ACs? | Lewisville, TX

Every homeowner has their approach to how they use their garage. Some use it to keep their small vehicles and bicycles. Others view it as a valuable space for storing machinery, tools, and DIY carpentry tasks. The diverse garage pushes homeowners to look for ways of making this space more comfortable, and installing an air conditioner is among the many. Evaluating the different types of air conditioners ideal for your garage can prove time-consuming and tedious. Here, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and made a list of the top HVAC units you can have an air conditioner installation professional install in your garage.

Best Air Conditioner for Garages

Ductless Mini-Split AC Unit

A ductless mini-split is the best option for average-sized garages. It resembles a central air conditioning system; however, a ductless mini split has an outdoor compressor and an indoor air unit. An air conditioner installation professional can mount a ductless air conditioner on a wall and requires a hole of about three inches to run the conduit, which carries the cables joining the two units. They are best suited for garages without windows as you won’t be concerned about energy losses.

Window AC Unit

Does your garage feature a window? The best AC unit in such a case would be a window AC. Some air conditioner installation pros consider this unit the easiest or most straightforward to install. When choosing the best air conditioner for your garage, you should also consider the size of the garage space and your unit. You should invest in an air conditioning unit with enough capacity to properly regulate the garage’s indoor temperatures. It should be noted that with air conditioners, large is only sometimes the best. Hence, it would be best if you had a reliable HVAC technician do a load test to determine the best-sized unit for your home.

Portable Air Conditioning Unit for Your Garage

Do you only use your garage space occasionally? Is installing a permanent air conditioner too expensive? If any of the above circumstances match your situation, you better talk with your air conditioner installation about using a portable air conditioner. These units come on wheels, allowing you to push the AC unit across the garage floor and place it wherever you want. However, portable air conditioners have their limitations.

For instance, portable ACs use an exhaust hose that must vent outside. If you do not have a window in your garage or any other kind of vent, there are better choices than this one. Failing to use an exhaust will impact the ability of the portable air conditioner to cool your garage. This is because it won’t allow the warm air to vent outside your garage. Before you invest in or buy a portable air conditioner, enlist the help of a professional air conditioner installation technician to get the right-sized unit for your garage space.

Packaged Terminal AC

For large properties and homes with larger than average garage spaces, installing a packaged terminal AC is a better choice. Based on your preferences, the air conditioner installation technician mounts this unit under a window to help warm up or cool down the space. Like the mini-split system discussed above, a packaged terminal unit consists of two parts: a compressor and a condenser. Compared to ductless air conditioners, the packaged terminal ACs need extra ventilation and a larger opening. Because of the functionality and size of the packaged terminal, you should also consider it best suited for garages where space is a concern.

What You Should Consider When Selecting an Air Conditioner for Your Garage

Avoid Evaporative Coolers

In contrast with popular belief and different suggestions from your family and friends, or even the internet, evaporative coolers aren’t best suited for your garage. These systems use dry ice, which is a short-term solution. Simply put, an evaporative cooler is only fans with a zero BTU cooling effect. The same applies to the basement dehumidifiers. They minimize the humidity but don’t affect the air temperature in the basement. Hence, if you are looking for a unit to install in your garage, you should talk with the air conditioner installation about installing the mini-split, portable, and window units.

Air Conditioning Unit Based on BTUs Required for Cooling Your Garage

This is an essential consideration when exploring the best unit to have an air conditioner installation tech installed in your garage. The British Thermal Units (BTUs) determine the best air conditioner size for your garage. If the air conditioner is bigger, it will be overworked, positively impacting your monthly energy utility bills.

On the other hand, using a portable AC unit that is too large may drain more power and affect the humidity levels at your home. The garage air will be cooled too fast, resulting in short cycling. If you have a two-car garage that is 20×20 Ft., you will need 9000 British Thermal Units to heat the garage. Hence, you must consult widely before you purchase a unit.

Install an Energy Efficient Unit

The EPA has revised the energy efficiency metrics and developed a more inclusive procedure for measuring the same. When selecting a unit to install in your garage, you don’t want one that will spend lots of energy. Any air conditioner installation technician will advise you to choose a unit with a higher SEER2 and HSP2. Remember, the unit’s energy efficiency will determine the amount of money you’ll have to pay at the end of the month. Thus, to ensure you are calm, choose a higher efficiency unit and accord it the required maintenance for more efficient and effective functioning.

Install the Most Suitable Unit in Your Garage

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