What Does Air Conditioning Service Actually Include? | Plano, TX

What Does Air Conditioning Service Actually Include? | Plano, TX

Most homeowners, when asked, can tell you their air conditioning system is probably one of their biggest investments for their home. Additionally, in the real estate industry, a central air conditioning system can increase a home’s resale value by many thousands of dollars. For these two reasons alone, the adequate maintenance of an HVAC system becomes imperative, if only because it’s a way to safeguard what can be considered a sizable financial investment. Now, if we also factor in the benefits of having an air conditioning system, including an increase in comfort, the value of your system skyrockets.

Considering both its monetary value and the benefits you can receive from it, there is no way you could possibly want your air conditioner to fail during the hottest days of the year. Because of this, a solid air conditioning service for your Plano, TX home is something you should not only consider but make sure it’s a procedure that is performed at least twice per year or as often as needed. Planning for this will ensure your air conditioner remains in good working order at all times and doesn’t hit you with unexpected repair bills and hot stuffy rooms.

So, What Exactly Does An Air Conditioning Service Include?

Almost all air conditioning service contractors have a variety of services that are included in a typical air conditioning service plan. These actions are applied across the board, regardless of how old an air conditioning system may be, and its brand or model. When it comes to maintenance, air conditioning systems are pretty much the same in what refers to how they work and the principles that make them run efficiently. So, even though you may own a top of the line, ultra-energy efficient air conditioner, the things the pros work on during any maintenance schedule are basically the same ones they would look at in an older, less efficient system. Read on to find out which ones they are.

  • Checking and cleaning pipes, pans and filters – an air conditioning system does a lot more than cooling your house. Among other functions it serves as a dehumidifier and an air filter. In order for an air conditioner to work properly it uses a liquid known as a refrigerant which travels through the evaporator coils during operation. This turns the liquid into a gas, which attracts the hot air from the environment into the unit and then removes moisture and humidity (dehumidifies) it through an evaporation process. This process then cools the air and sends it back into your home. In split air conditioning systems, in which one part of the system is indoors and the other is outdoors, the evaporator coil is possibly the most important part of the indoor portion of the system. This coil, normally made from copper, normally collects a large amount of condensation on its external face. As it accumulates, the condensation starts to drip into a drain pan, from which it is sent to a drainage line. This condensation drainage system is usually affected when a filter is not replaced or cleaned. When this happens, the dust and debris collected by the filter can seep into the drain pan and pipe, which causes them to be clogged, giving way to a leak. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to clean or replace your air conditioner’s filters regularly. Not doing so can lead to thousands of dollars in water damage to your home. This is also why air filter replacement is one of the first items covered by any good air conditioning service.


  • Checking and cleaning the HVAC unit’s condenser fan and evaporator – the hot air that enters your HVAC system to be cooled is not always clean and can carry dust, mold spores, and other forms of dirt that can accumulate on the blades of your air conditioner’s condenser fan and evaporator. This problem is usually worsened if your air conditioner is one of those in which the condenser fan is located in the outdoor portion of your system. A good air conditioning system will thoroughly clean and check these two important components, ensuring they are working well and won’t break down soon.


  • Check and top off the level of your system’s refrigerant liquid – as we mentioned above, the refrigerant liquid in your air conditioner is what ensures your air is as cool as you want it to be, making it one of the critical components of your entire system. If the level of your air conditioner’s refrigerant is too low, it can make the temperature of the cooling coil go below the normal operating level, which can then cause ice to accumulate on it and create a clog. A low refrigerant liquid level will also be the most common reason for your air conditioner to stop cooling adequately. A professional air conditioning service contractor will always make sure this level is at its recommended point and if more refrigerant is needed, the tech will add it to bring the level up to where it should be.


  • Complete inspection of your entire air conditioning system – while the topics mentioned above are some of the most important things to look at during any air conditioning service in your Plano, TX home, the technician performing the air conditioning service procedure will perform a complete inspection of your unit to verify that its components, some of them of utmost importance, are working properly and are not showing any signs of failing in the near future. Some of these components include the thermostat, the compressor, and the condenser among others. This inspection will give you the peace of mind you can get from knowing your air conditioner is working as well as it should be and any short term failures are prevented, saving you money and valuable time.

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