What Could Complicate An Air Conditioner Installation Service? | Plano, TX

What Could Complicate An Air Conditioner Installation Service? | Plano, TX

Are you planning to shift to whole-house air conditioning and heating? Or, are you planning to replace your old air conditioning unit to reduce energy consumption and repair costs with a new, nice, more energy-efficient AC unit? Excellent decision. Either way is always a good idea to make your home a more comfortable place to live in, especially during the summer’s heat.

Professional air conditioner installation companies install the unit properly and show the homeowners how to best use the unit. As a result, their homes become more comfortable, and the unit serves their homes longer. As homeowners prepare to install a new air conditioner, there are several things they should understand. Although an AC installation company in Plano, TX, will tell you such things, knowing them beforehand can help you make an informed decision and have a smooth installation. Below are considerations to make when installing an air conditioner:

Use an Existing Stable Mounting Location

Your existing spot or the new mounting location for a replacement should be on stable ground, located conveniently for the evaporator unit inside and your home. Nowadays, extreme weather conditions could shift the soil and make land unstable. Hence, you must verify and ensure that the air conditioner installation will be in a currently stable location.

Consider the Capacity of an Air Conditioner

Both under and over-capacity air conditioning systems have their problems. For instance, an overcapacity air conditioner will excessively dry your indoor air and produce bursts of cold air. On the other hand, an under-capacity air conditioner will not sufficiently dehumidify your home. It will also cycle too often to achieve the temperatures set on the thermostat and sufficiently address your home’s cooling needs. Installing a multi-speed compressor unit helps you leverage its advantages to address the issues above. Hence, have an air conditioner installation company come over and fit this unit at your home.

The Piping Between the Evaporator and Condenser

Ensure the copper piping carrying the refrigerant between the evaporator and the condenser are in good shape. This will ensure that the replacement unit will be correctly working. Further, check the insulation on the pipes too. If it has peeled or fallen off, have the air conditioner installation technician in Plano, TX refit them. This ensures the cold air doesn’t get heated before reaching your home. Otherwise, you might start experiencing high energy utility bills as the unit strains to compensate for the inefficiency. Hence, hire a professional technician for installation and also consider the pipe found between the evaporator and condenser.

Ensuring You Have a Sufficient Power Source

It will be important to upgrade the air conditioning unit circuits to suit your new power requirements if you change the unit’s capacity or your existing electrical wiring is at the borderline of your unit’s needs. Your experienced air conditioner contractor should base their calculations on the peak power when compressors and motors start if you’re installing a new unit. If you use your home backup generator as a whole-house electrical power alternative, ensure the generator’s capacity is enough to power both your replacement or new unit and the remainder of your home’s load.

Protecting the Unit Against Insect Nesting and Animals

It’s possible to come across insect nests and animal nests, including stinging insects, when removing an existing unit. When installing a new air conditioner, take precautions to keep new occupants out because the metal cover occasionally becomes misplaced or has enough space for the insects, pests, and critters to enter, explore, and nest. Hence, as your air conditioner installation technician on methods of protecting your unit from rodent and insect infestation.

Your Options for New Air Conditioner Installation or Replacement

Depending on whether you are installing or replacing the unit, there are several great additions to an air conditioner. You can add to the air handling unit, which distributes cold air, including HEPA filters to supplement the standard filter on your unit, the humidity management equipment, and probably UV light that neutralizes airborne pathogens. These components can best be installed when replacing the internal parts such as the air ducts or evaporator or installing a new unit.


The duct system can be divided into zones or locations where you’re likely to want to manage the temperature separately from other areas, which is a crucial technique for saving energy with the new air conditioner installation or even replacement. Common examples include the bedrooms, living room, and family room. Each space has its thermostat, fan, and a branch of your ductwork, allowing you to cool the bedrooms just before bed, and letting the living room warm until early evening before turning on the whole AC.

Thermostat Issues

Installing a basic thermostat will keep your air conditioning system seeking the same temperatures, whether during the day or at night. You probably do not want that. Fortunately, you can install a time-based unit that adjusts indoor temperature settings automatically based on a predefined schedule, such as when you’re sleeping or at work.

For instance, you can install a smart thermostat that can easily adapt to your schedule. These thermostats are designed to work with a smart home system to control the temperatures at your Plano, TX home. They also incorporate other factors such as the intensity of sunshine during the day or even managing solar heat that enters your home by opening or closing the blinds.

Reliable Air Conditioner Installation Services

As you can see, there is much to installing an air conditioner besides purchasing the unit and calling a professional to install it at your home. Fortunately, our AC installation professionals will inspect the existing air conditioning mounting’s location at your home. They will also help you identify a new one if you’re installing a new unit. They will then install the air conditioner properly to ensure that your home will be sufficiently cooled throughout the year. Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas for a reliable air conditioner installation.

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