Types Of Air Conditioner Installation And Repairs | Plano, TX

Types Of Air Conditioner Installation And Repairs | Plano, TX

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In Plano, TX, summer days can be extreme, reaching a high of 94 degrees and the last thing you would want is a malfunctioning AC unit. Therefore, an air conditioner installation is vital, and your unit must function at optimum levels to ensure you have a relaxing and enjoyable summer. But, some homeowners forget about their AC unit until they hear a strange noise or when the unit completely stops functioning.

AC repairs are common constant headaches to most homeowners. No wonder over three million HVAC units get repaired or replaced yearly, with over 14 billion dollars spent on heating and air conditioning repairs. The above issues happen because an air conditioner has multiple units and movable parts that may encounter technical problems at some point.

Since no one wants to be caught off guard by a malfunctioning air conditioning unit, it’s important to learn about the common air conditioner repairs and know the specific parts that may require the constant attention of an air conditioner expert. Here are common AC repairs most homeowners request.

Refrigerant Leaks Repairs

Refrigerants are vital for the normal functioning of an air conditioner. It enables the system to operate efficiently, and there is a standard refrigerant level that every unit should maintain. Refrigerant leaks are a common occurrence in many air conditioners. However, locating them is a difficult task and calls for the expertise of a proficient air conditioner installation provider to resolve the issue.

Consistent refrigerant leaks reduce the level of refrigerant in the system, creating multiple problems. To prevent such issues, you should be keen on refrigerant leaks. If you notice any form of leakage, be sure to contact an air conditioner specialist to recharge the system and repair any leak. It’s also worth noting that drastic and frequent fluctuations in temperatures or decreased efficiency from your air conditioning unit could imply little refrigerant in the AC unit.

Drainage Repairs

During the cooling process, condensation occurs running from the air conditioner equipment. With the blockages in the condensate drip pan or drain lines, the moisture could be forced back to the air conditioner. Similarly, the high outdoor humidity intensity may result in the same occurrence. In addition, excessive condensation raises indoor humidity and inhibits the system’s performance.

Without proper attention, this can damage the air conditioner’s elements. A clogged condensation drain may fail to perform its required task forcing the condensation to identify its route into the system resulting in further damage.

Homeowners should seek timely air conditioner repair services from a reliable air conditioner installation provider to clean the blocked drain and prevent them from incurring costly damages.

Frozen Condenser Coil Repairs

Condenser coils are located inside the outdoor heating and air conditioner unit. They consist of various tubes that are jammed with refrigerant liquid. The coil sometimes freezes up, negatively affecting how your home’s AC operates. The substandard airflow in the cooling system generates ice on the coils.

Some of the causes of poor airflow include blocked air ducts and dirty air filters. Sometimes, the low refrigerant levels can trigger freezing, thus calling for refrigerant recharge. Fortunately, an air conditioner expert can quickly examine the issue supporting the frozen coils and provide you with comprehensive solutions.

Broken Compressor Fan Repairs

Compressor fan releases warmth from the air and transfers it out of your home, creating a conducive indoor environment. Electrical problems, contaminants in the system, and inadequate oil lubricant are some of the causes of a compressor fan failure.

A faulty outdoor fan prevents effective heat transfer. Additionally, it can cause the compressor to overheat. An overheated fan can switch off your system in the long run, causing extensive damages to the compressor. In that case, you will need the services of a well-trained air conditioner expert in Plano, TX.

Malfunctioning Fuses

Many air conditioner systems have a disconnect box that carries a fuse purposefully for protection against electrical problems. Often, there are instances of electrical overload, which results in the melting of the filament inside the fuse, stopping the current from overflowing.

Other reasons that significantly contribute to the fuse’s blowing include blocked motor and tear or wear of the fuse, which causes the capacitor to work overtime. If you have blown fuses in air conditioners, you can contact a professional air conditioner installation specialist to install a new one.

Damaged Capacitors Repairs

Capacitors assist the air conditioner system to operate effectively by sending a high voltage jolt when the system is on. Capacitor offers maximum current in AC systems. They are also responsible for ensuring that the motor is working.

The most common reason why ACs malfunction is because of failing capacitors.

Fortunately, if you detect them on time, a repair technician can easily replace them with new ones without any serious effect on the AC. However, if you ignore bad capacitors, you will end up with a dead air conditioning system, and an air conditioner installation will not be an option.

Faulty Wiring

Frayed wiring in an air conditioner system is a common occurrence when no regular checks are done. Faulty wires often result in unexplained stops in the circuit breakers. In some cases, it can shut down the entire system. To avoid such scenarios, regular checks should be made to ensure that there are no extending wires from both the inside and the outside of the air conditioner.

One major consequence of the faulty wiring is that it may allow moisture into the AC’s sensitive electrical components, thus demanding costly repairs from an experienced air conditioner installation company.

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