Top Six Questions You Should Ask Your Air Conditioning Repair Professional | Frisco, TX

Top Six Questions You Should Ask Your Air Conditioning Repair Professional | Frisco, TX

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As a residential property owner in Frisco, TX, you probably understand the importance of your home’s air conditioning system. Although Frisco has a warm and relatively humid climate throughout the year, its summers can be unforgiving.

On average, summer temperatures in the area are routinely recorded at 100 degrees Fahrenheit, with the thermal readings soaring to 110 degrees occasionally. Without a functional air conditioner in your residence, beating the heat during such times can be difficult.

There are wide-ranging benefits of having an operational AC unit in your home. For starters, a properly functioning AC can reduce your household’s energy expenditure. It can also help improve your home’s indoor air quality since the unit’s air filters will remain in good condition and remove common indoor air pollutants such as dust, second-hand cigarette smoke, and pet dander.

However, keeping the AC in tip-top shape can be the biggest hurdle for any homeowner, which is why you may need the services of an air conditioning repair professional. That said, here’s a look at some of the questions you should ask your local AC repair expert to understand better what the service entails.

What Are the Benefits of an Air Conditioning Repair Service?

Your AC repair service expert may recommend regular air conditioner maintenance as one of the best ways to keep your AC unit functional all year round.

However, uncontrollable circumstances such as financial constraints may make a homeowner forego scheduling a maintenance service routinely. Worry not though, since requesting an air conditioning repair service can also be beneficial to the operational efficiency of your unit. Here’s how.

It Can Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

One of the obvious benefits you’re bound to experience following an air conditioning repair service is cleaner indoor air. As previously pointed out, AC units feature air filtration components that trap indoor air pollutants. With time, a significant amount of dust and debris may collect inside the unit, which can end up back into your home as the system circulates treated air.

During air conditioning repair, your technician can perform an inspection and clean each component individually, including elements located inside the outdoor unit’s casing.

They can also clean the ductwork, or recommend scheduling a duct cleaning service if they observe an extensive accumulation of dust and debris inside your residential AC.

It Can Help Avoid Unexpected Air Conditioner Breakdowns

Scheduling an air conditioning service can help you avoid unexpected AC failure. While a service call may not entirely guarantee the lack of problems in the future, it can go a long way in keeping common AC problems at bay for a long time. AC units are complex machines and can be unpredictable.

However, there can be obvious signs of wear and tear that can help you know when it’s time to contact an air conditioning service professional. Following your service call, your technician can inspect and fix problematic components before they’ve broken down entirely.

You Can Extend the Lifespan of Your Home’s AC Unit

Regular AC repair services can help ensure that your residential air conditioning system serves your household for as long as it should. A well-maintained air conditioner can last for between 10 to 15 years.

If you fail to keep up with your unit’s maintenance needs, standard wear and tear along with consistent friction may decrease its lifespan significantly. AC replacement solutions can cost you a pretty dime, so it’s probably in your best interests to consider scheduling an air conditioning service as needed.

It Can Help Control the Humidity Inside Your Home More Effectively

Excessive indoor humidity can make you feel warmer on a hot day, and it can be problematic even with your AC running. Although the unit may strive to maintain a cool indoor environment, humidity may still leave you feeling hot and sticky.

Ideally, if your AC is operational, there should be no humidity indoors. Therefore, you should consider consulting with your nearest air conditioning repair professional if you’ve noticed an increased level of humidity.

You Can Get the Chance to Upgrade Your System

Depending on the type of AC unit in your Frisco, TX, residence, you may eventually need to make some upgrades. Since technology’s ever-changing, there may be a new add-on for your system that can help enhance its functionality. For example, you can ask your air conditioning repair technician to integrate a smart thermostat with your system.

It can help you control your residential AC unit remotely, sometimes allowing you to set predetermined temperatures based on your availability and preferences. During an AC repair service, your technician can help you discover your upgrade options.

Air Conditioning Repair Can Reduce Pests

While it may sound hard to believe, AC repair can help tone down the number of pests within your residence. Pests and unwanted critters often find their way into homes through gaps in screens or open windows.

However, if your residential AC unit’s in perfect working condition, you’ll ensure that all the openings have been sealed, thus helping eradicate your pest and insect concerns for a considerable amount of time.

Past that, sometimes rodents may form habitat within the ductwork of your residential air conditioning equipment. During an AC repair service, the technician can inspect the ducts and inform you if it may be time to seek professional pest control solutions. Birds and harmful critters can also build their nests inside the outdoor AC unit, an issue that could damage your AC extensively if you fail to act promptly.

AC Repair Can Help Keep Your Warranty Valid

AC manufacturers offer different warranty specifications, but ideally, you should consider having your air conditioner professionally serviced at least once annually to keep the warranty valid.

If you neglect this obligation, the manufacturer of your unit may decline to fund the repair of minor issues that can become quite costly to fix within a short period.

Which Are Some of the Common AC Repair Issues?

Essentially, AC units are resilient pieces of machinery, being able to withstand relentless operation under the scorching summer heat. However, some components may break down due to conventional wear and tear, giving rise to the need for professional air conditioning repair solutions.

Below are some of the common AC problems a reliable technician near Frisco, TX, can help resolve to avoid the need for costly replacement services.

The AC Running Constantly

Ideally, it’s normal for your residential AC system to run more often during hot weather. After all, it’s working to counter the heat by producing cool air for distribution indoors.

However, it should cycle off periodically, and if it doesn’t, there may be a problem with any one of its components, including the compressor, electrical elements, thermostat, or air filters. Scheduling an air conditioning repair service promptly can help prevent further damage to these vital parts as well as energy wastage.

An Air Conditioner That Won’t Turn on

If the air conditioning system in your residence won’t turn on even after you’ve reduced the thermostat’s reading, the problem may lie within the circuit breaker, thermostat, or system wiring.

No matter how much you may fancy your DIY home maintenance skills, you should leave any one of these issues to an air conditioning repair professional.

No Flow of Cool Air

This issue can present itself in two ways. For starters, the unit may be running, but it can’t seem to produce any air at all. On the other hand, the system may still be running yet you can’t feel the cooling effect you may be expecting.

In most cases, AC units may behave this way if the circuit breaker trips or if the blower belt wears out, necessitating a replacement. Low refrigerant levels can also impact your unit’s cooling efficiency. An air conditioning repair professional can help detect and resolve these problems.

Refrigerant and Moisture Leaks

Refrigerant leaks can be quite difficult for the average homeowner to discern as they often occur in inconspicuous coolant lines. However, you can look out for brightly colored stains around your unit as they’re a sign of trouble. Similarly, while observable condensation may be expected as the unit works to cool your residence, excessive moisture is a premonition of extensive water leakage.

Refrigerant leaks are often the result of the degradation of lines and connections inside the air conditioner. On the other hand, moisture leaks may occur due to faulty condensate pumps or clogged AC drain pipes. Under such circumstances, only a trained air conditioning repair technician may be able to help.

How Do I Know That It’s Time to Schedule an Air Conditioning Repair Service?

To stay ahead of the aforementioned AC problems, you should know some of the signs to look out for so you can know when it’s time to schedule a professional AC repair service. Addressing such issues on time can help reduce the possibility of the entire unit breaking down in the future.

The first sign that may show you may need to contact an AC repair professional for solutions is an inexplicable rise in your household’s energy utility bill. As the components of your home’s AC system slowly wear out due to constant friction or standard wear and tear, their operational efficiency may diminish. Consequently, the unit may have to strain to keep your Frisco, TX, residence comfortable, causing it to consume a significant amount of energy.

Past that, you should consider seeking professional assistance from your nearest air conditioning repair specialist if you can hear strange noises coming from inside the unit. In such scenarios, the noises may be a result of pest and critter activity within the ductwork or loose moving components inside the unit. Awkward smells emanating from the air conditioner should also be a major cause for concern.

Does Your Company Offer Any Workmanship Guarantees?

With a working knowledge of the common air conditioning repair issues and which signs to look out for to avoid unexpected HVAC failure, you should also know your technician, and asking them if they offer a workmanship guarantee can be a great place to start.

Specifically, this question can help you determine the quality of the AC repair services they provide. A contractor that’s confident in their work may offer a workmanship guarantee. If they do offer a guarantee, it means that in case a repaired component fails again in the future, the air conditioning repair company can send out one of its representatives to remedy the issue at no extra cost to you.

Some companies in Frisco, TX, may offer a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee, meaning that the contractor can put in an extra effort if you’re not completely satisfied with the level of service provided. This accounts for any dissatisfaction you may have with their quality of customer service.

Is Your Company Licensed and Insured?

Before working with an AC repair company, you should ensure that they’re licensed and insured. Some contractors may even share their license numbers on their online platforms. You can use this information to confirm with the local authorities in your area.

However, you may have to ask the contractor about their insurance. An air conditioning repair company that’s licensed and insured can shield you from liabilities and unexpected costs that may result from accidental injuries or property damage during the service.

How Much Will the Air Conditioning Repair Service Cost?

Before choosing an AC repair contractor, you should have an estimate of how much everything may cost. You can request estimates from some of the companies near Frisco, TX. While you’re at it, you should also inquire about travel and diagnostic fees as well as overtime charges.

Evaluate the quotes you may receive keenly to ensure that there isn’t any confusion. If you have concerns about the estimates, ask your contractor to address them before you schedule a service. A reliable AC repair technician can break down the charges for you.

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