Those Tunnels Can Get Pretty Scary — Our Duct Cleaning Service Clears Them Out | Lewisville, TX

Those Tunnels Can Get Pretty Scary — Our Duct Cleaning Service Clears Them Out | Lewisville, TX

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You would not believe how clogged ducts can get. Check on the web and you’ll see people have posted pictures. Some have only half the airflow space left, the rest is dust, hair, and other materials, looking like the metal duct is lined with thick felt. It’s scary. Our duct cleaning service takes care of long-accumulating ducts, and they also provide regular duct cleaning maintenance so your HVAC system is as efficient and hygienic as possible. It’s part of our dedicated service at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, to our customers in and around Lewisville, TX and the rest of our service area. We want you to be comfortable, breathe easily, and keep your energy bills down, and duct cleaning service is one way we can do that.

Ducts Can Get Pretty Dirty, and We Clean Them Out for You

Sometimes it looks like someone has wrapped a rug around the inside of the duct, so much material has accumulated over time. Our team pulls out anything that’s covering the metal ducts and gives them a good cleaning, letting the air flow freely in the larger space that results, and removing contaminants that were breaking free and blowing into the air that you breathe. It’s a service that we recommend all our HVAC customers have on a regular basis, usually a couple of years or less, in addition to our other services that can increase the longevity and efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment.

Duct Cleaning Service Can Locate Leaks in Your System

Over time, changes in temperature, bumps from objects hitting the outside of your ducts, and the weight of the material in the ducts can result in deformations of the ducts and leaks between sections. Our duct cleaning service can have a team seal your system so that it’s more effective at blowing warm or cold air through your home, or replace duct sections if they have significant damage.

Have You Considered Zones?

While we’re talking about ducts and duct cleaning service, it’s worth mentioning that our HVAC team can update your duct system to a multi-zone one that directs heating and cooling to specific areas individually, resulting in greater control of how your spaces are heated and cooled, more energy efficiency, and less operation of your air conditioner and heater which means less wear and tear. It’s something to consider, especially if you have an older duct system that’s going to need some attention anyway.

Other Air Comfort Options Besides Our Duct Cleaning Service

Our technicians can add features to your HVAC system that control your humidity through humidifier and dehumidifier add-on components that work for the whole house. This can also benefit the ducts because you’ll have less “static cling” of materials on the inside. While air conditioning does dehumidify air as well, it depends on how much the air conditioner is running to reach your desired temperature, and so it can be a variable effect. These units will operate year-round and adjust the air quality as needed, making you more comfortable than you realized was possible as it pulls more moisture out of the humid summer air and adds humidity to your heating that helps with dry winter air.

Removing Particles From the Air

We also offer HEPA filtration to supplement your system’s basic filters, bringing the particle size down to extract pollen and other particles from the air, even some pathogens, helping to clear the air that you breathe, especially for those who have respiratory issues or allergies. For even more clearing of pathogens in the air, we have the UV light system that processes your air, working a lot like the units you see with a purplish-blue glow in doctors’ offices and food preparation areas, but with effects that cover your whole home from a device attached to your HVAC system.

System Maintenance Both Inside and Out

When you order HVAC system maintenance of your air conditioning and heating systems, our team will change filters and clean condenser fins and evaporator coils which makes your system more efficient and keeps it operating cleanly. We also perform general cleaning around the evaporator to ensure that it doesn’t affect your basement, and outside we remove storm-blown debris, dust, and lawn clippings from the inside of the unit. In some cases, if enough material has accumulated, we even tend to wildlife that has been calling your air conditioner home.

Other Upgrades for Your System

If you’re thinking about the zone system we mentioned, our team can also help with upgrading your condenser system to a newer model, even if your current one isn’t quite at the end of its life. What you’ll gain in efficiency is likely to make a significant operating cost difference, which can make upgrading attractive. Newer units are available that use dual-speed compressors and intelligent control, also adding efficiency but with an added benefit you might not realize. Because they operate at varying levels of cooling, your home’s system can adjust the temperature without blasts of cool air from the all-on, all-off control over older units. Duct cleaning, vent adjustments, even relocating furniture to help air circulate can all help keep you more comfortable when your system is operating. Ask our team for help not just for maintenance and repair, but for expert advice on how to better enjoy your home with your HVAC system keeping it comfortable. That’s what we’re here for.

Duct Cleaning Service and General HVAC System Maintenance in Lewisville, TX for Greater Efficiency

Our team at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas serves surrounding communities like Lewisville, TX with expert care for their ducts, air conditioning units, and heating equipment for year-round comfort. Our duct cleaning service is courteous and tidy, providing you and your family with better air and more efficient airflow. Give us a call to schedule your next duct cleaning service or other HVAC work.