The Basics Of Air Conditioner Installation | Irving, TX

The Basics Of Air Conditioner Installation | Irving, TX

Air conditioner installation is a once-in-a-lifetime task if you are lucky. Given the average American moves 3-5 times, and some of those are at a rental location, a lot of times, you will move before you ever have to worry about replacing your AC. However, at some point, you may end up at a home with an aging HVAC system or stay in one place long enough to out-date the AC system. At that point, you will have to consider replacing the unit and probably have many questions about air conditioner installation. Life without an AC system would be impossible as someone who lives in Irving, TX. So it is wise to start looking into your options now to get your home back towards a liveable temperature.

You should always feel encouraged to ask as many questions about air conditioner installation as possible because this is the only way to feel confident in your decision. After your AC system is installed it is not the time to regret your decision, which is why you need to work with a company that allows you to ask as many things as you need to in advance. Most HVAC technicians appreciate the stress of the situation and will work hard to support you in the best way possible. With that in mind, your goal should be to contact an HVAC company. They will walk you through the air conditioner installation process so that you can put your mind at ease.

Of course, if you are online, it is probably because you are looking for answers about air conditioner installation, and that is actually a great way to prepare yourself for what is coming. By finding the answers to some of your questions before the HVAC professional arrives, you will find yourself better positioned in the future to make the larger decisions. It can be hard to simply say yes to a new AC installation in Irving, TX, but if you know why you may need one and what the situation involves, it will be easier to go ahead and get the process started.

To that end, we have compiled a list of the most common reasons people end up seeking a new air conditioner installation. After reading through that list, if you feel like your situation is on the list, we highly encourage you to reach out to any of our technicians to discuss whether your home would benefit from a new AC unit. You may be surprised to learn that sometimes opting for a new unit is more practical than waiting until your old unit is completely dead. It also can save you money in the long run, which is something that everyone always loves to hear more about.

We will also include a few tips about what to expect from the air conditioner installation process designed to help you feel a bit more at ease with the new installation. Once again, the more comfortable you feel with the idea, the easier the process will be, and if you understand what you need to do and what the HVAC technician will take care of for you, it will be much easier to get through the steps. With that in mind, here is a quick list of what to expect from AC installation and some of the most common signs that you really should start thinking about an air conditioner installation in Irving, TX. Remember, if you have any questions while reading through any of these lists, give us a call so we can ensure you are on the same page.

5 Reasons Why You Might Want to Replace Your AC Unit

Improve Your Peace of Mind

One of the biggest reasons you might want to consider replacing your AC unit is to improve your peace of mind. If you are always worried that your AC unit will not continue to perform at its expected level, then it may be time to go ahead and start talking about a new air conditioner installation. As mentioned in Irving, TX, it is impossible to live hopefully without a reliable air conditioning system. If your AC gives out in the middle of the hot summer months, you would find yourself needing to live in a hotel until it is repaired.

If this is a concern that you have had more than once in your life, then it is probably time to at least call an HVAC company and talk to them about the option for a new air conditioner installation. They can look at your system and better assess whether or not this is something you ought to be considering. They can also walk you through the price and let you know the benefits and risks of installing a new system versus sticking with your old one. Sometimes getting customized advice from an HVAC technician who has actually seen your AC system in motion is the best way to get personalized attention for your problems.

AC Performance Is Decreasing

One of the main reasons that people start to look at air conditioner installation as a solution for their problems is because they noticed that the performance of their AC is steadily decreasing. Some common signs of this include your AC needing to cycle more often to keep up with the cool air production in your home. Other signs include higher energy bills that seem to grow every month as your AC starts to work harder and harder to produce the same amount of cool air.

You also might notice that the air coming out of your air vents is no longer as cool as it used to be. Alternatively, the air may still be cool, but the volume of air coming out of your system seems to have decreased. All of these things will drive up your energy cost and indicate that your system is working overtime to produce an airflow that was once easy to achieve. In this type of situation, it is often better to look at a new air conditioner installation versus continuing to pay for a system that can no longer work effectively.

Before going ahead and scheduling a new air conditioner installation, the best thing you can do is have the HVAC technician take a look at your system. Sometimes a thorough cleaning will be enough to help get your system back on its feet, but other times, it’s more about replacing broken components than cleaning. If these components are expensive, it makes more sense to install a new unit, as we will look at next.

Repairs Are 50% or More of Replacement Cost

One of the biggest reasons that people decide to opt for an air conditioner installation is because the repair cost no longer makes economic sense. If your system breaks down and you were told that it’s going to cost you over half the price of a new system to replace it then you have to start thinking about which is the better financial choice for your household. If your AC system is fairly new then investing a large amount of money in it might still seem sound since it can carry you through for another decade.

On the other hand if your AC unit is old then it doesn’t make much sense to keep throwing away money into it especially if you’re only buying yourself another year or two before you have to spend twice as much to replace the unit. In that case it makes more sense to put that money towards a down payment and go ahead and get a new unit on the way. The age of your AC system and its current functional ability plays a large role in whether repair is going to be the smartest issue.

The same is true of any repairs that you make at any time. You should always be thinking about how often you’ve had to repair a unit and how much you have spent before you go ahead and make another large investment into your AC unit. The same way you don’t want to keep putting money into an old car that eventually is going to die on you, there comes a point in which your AC unit can become a money pit that you need to avoid by scheduling a new air conditioner installation.

Current System Is Consuming Too Much Energy

Speaking of money pits, if your current air conditioner is consuming a lot of energy, you may be paying more than you need for your monthly energy bills. It is no secret that air conditioning in Irving, TX can be expensive, but it is a necessary evil if you live in the hot Texas sun. However, just because you have to pay for air-conditioning does not mean you should be paying too much.

If you are paying a higher amount of money than all of your neighbors and you have an old AC unit, there’s a good chance that you should consider air conditioner installation just to take advantage of the new energy-efficient models that are now on the market. Within the last decade, great efforts have been made in energy efficiency and affordability. Any air conditioner unit that you replace your old unit with will most likely be an incredible step up. In this situation, you will probably notice that your energy bills drop substantially soon after the original AC installation.

One or More Sudden Breakdowns

As touched on slightly earlier, if you have had more than one breakdown in the past summer, you should be thinking about a new air conditioner installation. An HVAC system that continues to break down is demonstrating that the system is starting to show signs of age. It will only be a matter of time before your HVAC system shuts down and will not be able to be fixed. At this point, you may find yourself stranded waiting on a new AC unit to be delivered and installed, which can take a few weeks, depending on what point in the summer you need help.

It is always much better to be proactive about air conditioner installation so you can rely on cool air throughout the summer. It is also the best way to protect yourself and how to make budgeting for the new installation a little bit better. While no one wants to put forth the expense of a new air conditioner, having the time to prepare for that purchase can help put you at ease financially and make the entire process a little bit less stressful.

What to Consider During AC Installation

The number one question that most people have before air conditioner installation in Irving, TX is, “how long will the process take?” There are a lot of variables that come into play when answering this question, but most home installations take about three to four hours. The size of your home and how old your current system is can play a role. Many people have their old units removed before the delivery of the new unit which can help expedite the time new AC installation takes. That is certainly one thing you can consider if you want to make it a quick process.

The homeowner in Irving, TX can also help by clearing a four-foot pathway to the indoor and outdoor units to make it easier for the HVAC technicians to work and get their tools in and out of the home. If you are ready to learn more about AC installation, call the service team at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas. We can come out to your home to assess your current situation and answer any questions you might have about a future replacement unit.

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