Solar Air Conditioners: Problems, How To Prevent Them, And When You Need AC Repair | Plano, TX

Solar Air Conditioners: Problems, How To Prevent Them, And When You Need AC Repair | Plano, TX

The depletion of the fossil fuel resources and electricity demand continues to go up, and cooling and heating system manufacturers in Plano, TX, are slowly shifting to make solar-assisted and geothermal air conditioners.

Solar air conditioning systems are highly energy-efficient and eco-friendly technologies that significantly reduce utility bills.

The system has four independent units, including the absorption chillers, desiccant enhanced AC, adsorption chillers, and photovoltaic powered vapor compression AC.

The chillers and the desiccant-enhanced components use heat from solar thermal systems to desorb vapor from the drive water of a desiccant and regenerate absorption refrigerant pairs.

Like other conventional air conditioning systems, the solar-assisted unit is also prone to have issues that might require urgent AC repair services. Read on to know the problems to expect.

Weather Damage

The solar air conditioners harness energy from the brutal sun that shines during summer to cool indoor temperatures, leaving your home comfortable.

However, there are times of the day when the sun is not as hot, affecting the efficiency of the solar-assisted air conditioner.

An HVAC contractor installs the photovoltaic cells of the solar AC outside, exposing it to numerous weather damages.

Strong winds, hail storms, and tornadoes can cause enormous destruction that compels one to call for immediate air conditioning repair services. The damage can range from mild to severe because the HVAC contractor that installs it cannot cover the photovoltaic unit.

The longer the system stays outside on the roof, the more issues it has. Therefore, it is wise to prepare to replace the outside unit after it has served its purpose and the AC repair expert cannot restore the damaged solar panels.

How to prevent weather damage: You can use a solar storage system for the solar cooling unit to run smoothly all round the clock, protecting you and your inhabitants from heat waves and unbearable high temperatures. Regular air conditioning repair and maintenance of the solar panels can prolong their life.

Rusting Solar Panels

Another issue to expect with your solar-assisted air conditioner is corrosion of the solar panels. The continuous exposure to the sun and rain encourages the oxidation that leads to rusting surfaces of the solar panel system installed on the roof.

Without regular maintenance, the rust on the solar panels can be extensive, causing irreparable damage because of the accumulating electrical resistance in the photovoltaic cells.

AC repair services from a reputable HVAC company in Plano, TX, might not be the solution for this case. So, the experts can opt to replace the photovoltaic cells with solar panels to perform efficiently in cooling your home.

How to prevent corrosion in the solar panels: The only way to avoid oxidation in the solar panel system is by paying for routine maintenance.

The technicians can identify the rust early for early intervention AC repair services, including cleaning the corrosive parts.

The regular inspection of the system can help detect unforeseen issues, combat them, and replace outlived photovoltaic panels for high efficiency.

Poor Placement of the Panels

Homeowners can also have issues with their solar air conditioners stemming from poor angling of the air in the solar or photovoltaic panels.

An experienced air conditioner and solar expert can better handle all your installations to ensure they place the solar panel for proper exposure to the sun.

Poor installers make your solar-assisted air conditioner increase discomfort in your home because the solar panel cannot harness sunlight, forcing you to call for urgent air conditioning repair services.

Prevention Measures: The best way to avoid poor placement of the photovoltaic panels is to hire an experienced, certified, qualified, and skilled HVAC contractor to do the best installation the first time.

Getting the best in the industry involves researching for the best companies that hire only qualified staff and provide ongoing factory training to make them more proficient in service delivery, including AC repair, replacement, and installation.

Improper Voltage of the Solar Panels

People can also have issues with air conditioners with either extremely high or low voltage. Before installing the system, it requires calibration by an air conditioner expert who knows the voltage consumption of most solar panels.

If the voltage consumption is higher, you can experience solar power outages as the air conditioner consumes most solar energy.

The outages might seem like a minute issue that AC repair professionals can fix, but the repairs can take days, leaving your home uncomfortable for longer hours.

Prevention Measures: To avoid improper voltage in solar air conditioners, you should hire a qualified and experienced contractor for installation.

Higher Risk of Legionella

If you fail to pay for the regular tuning up of the air handlers and cooling towers, the risk of legionella developing in your system increases significantly.

The bacteria arises from rainwater that falls on the solar collectors and stagnates in one place, spreading to your house through the cooling towers and air handlers.

It is worth noting that the issue only appears in solar air conditioners and not other conventional air conditioners.

When the water from the cooling towers of the solar AC leaks, people in your home can complain of fever, coughs, or muscle aches, which are signs of legionella diseases.

Therefore, any identified leaks during maintenance require urgent AC repair services to prevent the spread of the disease and protect the elderly, smokers, and people with chronic illnesses in your home.

Prevention Measures: AC repair and maintenance contractors can prevent the issue in your house by carrying out regular maintenance to identify leakages with bacteria-infected water. The cleaning of the solar panels and cooling towers prevents water that builds up in the system from forming the legionella bacteria and dripping into your home.

Need For Cooling and Heating Services!

The low-emission and low-energy solar-assisted air conditioning units are more efficient than other conventional air conditioning systems. They are prone to have issues due to lack of maintenance and poor installation.

Therefore, if you want quality AC repair, maintenance, installation, and replacement services in Plano, TX, call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas. We are the best HVAC company with qualified, insured, and bonded experts, providing exceptional services that meet our clients’ needs.

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