Should You Get An Air Conditioning Repair? | Dallas, TX

Should You Get An Air Conditioning Repair? | Dallas, TX

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Are you having problems with your air conditioner? Dealing with AC problems can be stressful, especially when it happens in the middle of summer. When you suspect there might be an issue with your system, please never postpone air conditioning repairs to avoid further damage to your AC and more costly repairs. Contact a technician in Dallas, TX, right away for assistance.

In this article, we’ll talk about what you need to do when your AC malfunctions:

Before calling a service:

If you have a smart air conditioner installed in your home, it’s usually equipped with an error-monitoring system that can detect and diagnose problems, even at an early stage. You may want to check these first before calling a technician in Dallas, TX, for air conditioning repair.

Below are the normal sounds you hear from your air conditioner:

Rushing air sound – this is the air being moved by your air conditioner’s fan.

Hissing or gurgling sound – this is normal so long as it’s not very loud. This is due to the refrigerant passing through your AC’s evaporator coils.

Vibration – this is due to poor installation. Please only work with a licensed air conditioning repair technician with your AC installation to avoid other issues down the road.

Common AC Problems, Causes and What You Can Do About Them

Do you need an AC repair in Dallas, TX? Check the most common air conditioner problems, why they happen, and the troubleshooting steps you need to do:

Air Conditioner Does Not Start

There are three possible causes why your air conditioner isn’t running: the AC is not unplugged, the fuse is blown, or the circuit breaker may have been tripped and there’s a power failure.

What you can do is first ensure the air conditioner plug is completely pushed into the outlet. Make sure that the circuit breaker box is also not tripped. Otherwise, simply reset the circuit breaker and try turning on the air conditioner again. Please don’t call a technician for air conditioning repair unless you have done this.

If there is a power failure, then turn the mode control off and wait for a few minutes before restarting the air conditioner. You need to wait for a few minutes to prevent tripping of your compressor overload.

When the air conditioner still doesn’t function after doing the steps above, it’s time to call a technician for air conditioning repair. A licensed technician can inspect the unit, diagnose the problem and then resolve the issue for you.

Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling Your Home

Before calling a technician in Dallas, TX, for air conditioning repair, check first if the airflow is restricted or not. Make sure that there is no furniture, blinds, or curtains that are blocking the air conditioner. Otherwise, it won’t be able to cool your living spaces.

Another possible reason could be that the temperature wasn’t appropriately set yet. Check the thermostat and ensure you have the correct temperature setting for your air conditioner before calling an air conditioning repair. Also, if your home is really hot, you’ll need to allow a few minutes for the air conditioner to fully cool your home. If it still doesn’t cool after several minutes, there might be something wrong with your system. Before calling a technician, for air conditioning repair, check the air filters first. When was the last time you cleaned or replaced the air filters? Remember, clogged air filters can also affect the performance of your air conditioner. Failure to replace the air filters regularly could cause your unit to work harder, consuming more energy and giving you higher energy bills every month. Eventually, it may also lead to a system breakdown. To avoid costly air conditioning repairs down the road, ensure that you have regularly changed the air filters. When cleaning the filters, do make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

AC Is Freezing Up

When the air conditioner is freezing up, it could be because the evaporator cooling coils are iced over. That means that the ice may block the airflow and prevent the air conditioner from cooling your living space. A simple troubleshooting step is to set the fan speed to high and then see what happens. It should already resolve the problem, but if it doesn’t, we suggest you contact a technician for an air conditioning repair. A technician can find out what’s wrong with the unit, give you the diagnosis and then help you fix the issue as soon as possible.

Don’t worry when you hear water dripping in your AC’s outdoor unit, as that is normal, especially when the weather is hot or humid. It’s not normal when there is too much water, as that could be a refrigerant leak. You need to contact an air conditioning repair technician immediately for air conditioning so they can check your air conditioner.

Air Conditioner Rapidly Turns On and Off

One of the reasons why it’s turning on and off rapidly is the dirty filters. It can restrict airflow when the filters are dirty. So inspect your filters right away and change them when it’s clogged. Although homeowners are recommended to change their filters every two to three months, we suggest that you check it every month. Change it if it’s already dirty. When the air filters are not dirty after three months, please don’t wait for dirt or debris to build up; replace them right away.

Another reason why it suddenly turned off is the extreme temperature outside. Consider calling a technician in Dallas, TX, so they can check your system and inspect it for any possible issues.

Noises While the AC Is Running

This can be normal as you’re hearing an air movement sound. It’s not normal when the noises are too loud. Consider calling an air conditioning repair technician so that they can inspect your system.

Another reason could be poor installation. When it comes to your air conditioner, it’s important that you only hire licensed and experienced technicians to ensure that the unit is properly installed. Otherwise, you’ll only have issues with it down the road. You can also avoid costly air conditioning repairs when you hire the right technician in Dallas, TX, for installation.

Indoor Fan Isn’t Working

When your air conditioner indoor fan suddenly stops working, this could be due to a circuit breaker issue, or the air filters need to be cleaned and free of any blockages. If you have already done this, but it didn’t resolve the problem, check your evaporator coil and the refrigerant lines. Keep in mind that if you don’t know how to check the coils and the refrigerant, it’s best to call a technician for assistance. He will likely inspect your unit first, diagnose the problem, and then offer the best solution.

Outdoor Fan Isn’t Working

When the AC isn’t working, sometimes it could be due to the fan blades not spinning correctly. Try to reset the circuit breaker to see if it’s going to resolve the issue. Otherwise, contact a professional for an air conditioning repair.

Inadequate Cooling

When the air conditioner isn’t cooling your living spaces enough, then start checking the vents. Make sure that they are free from any obstructions. If the problem persists after checking the vents, there could be another issue with the air conditioner. There could be a refrigerant leak, and it’s best to call a technician for an inspection and air conditioning repair.

Another reason could be because you have the wrong AC size or your air conditioner is old and no longer efficient. Don’t get a small AC when you’re cooling a bigger space, or that won’t be enough. Not only will you get a warm home, but your unit will also work harder.

If you have an older system over seven years old, consider calling a technician for an inspection. He can help you determine if it’s best to get an air conditioning repair or get a replacement air conditioner. It may be more cost-effective in the long run as repair costs can add up. When buying a new AC, call one of our technicians so we can help you make an informed decision on what unit to purchase for your home.

AC Won’t Stop Running

To fix an AC that won’t stop running, try to remove and replace the air filters. You may want to also check the thermostat to see if it’s still in good condition as the problem could be the wiring. For thermostat issues, please make sure that you get help from a licensed technician in your area.

Another reason why it won’t stop running is that it might be close to heat-producing appliances such as television or lamps. The additional heat may cause the thermostat to detect a higher than normal temperature, causing your air conditioner to run continuously.

What If You Can’t Fix the AC?

If you have exhausted all the easy troubleshooting steps but the problem still isn’t resolved, then it’s time to call a technician for an air conditioning repair. Contact us anytime, even if you have an emergency, and we’ll quickly dispatch a technician to your home or office to ensure that the problem is resolved.

Also, we suggest that you find ways to stay cooler at home so that your AC won’t have to work harder every time. An easy fix that works is to close the blinds early in the morning, especially when the sun is out. That will prevent the heat from increasing your home’s temperature. Make sure to also work on the ventilation in your home to improve the indoor air quality.

Avoid Costly Air Conditioning Repairs With an AC Tune-Up

There are things you can do to ensure that your air conditioner stays in excellent shape. An inefficient system will only waste more energy and can also lead to system breakdowns eventually. You can prevent these problems through regular maintenance. We have already mentioned how important cleaning the air filters is as a buildup of dirt and debris can affect the performance of your air conditioner. It’s also essential to clean the outdoor unit and make sure there are no leaves or debris as that will also restrict airflow.

In addition, ensure that you schedule an AC tune-up at least a month before summer so that the technician can check whatever problem is lurking in the air conditioner. A regular tune-up can give you peace of mind, knowing that your cooling system will not shut down when the temperatures start rising.

When scheduling regular maintenance, do make sure it’s through a licensed technician. Call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating for we have a team of licensed and highly experienced technicians always willing to go the extra mile to make our customers happy. There’s no problem we can’t fix — whether you have a refrigerant leak or the AC won’t turn on, we can help. Contact us anytime!

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