Server Room Installations, Configurations, & Air Conditioning Repair | Frisco, TX

Server Room Installations, Configurations, & Air Conditioning Repair | Frisco, TX

Technological advancements are driving almost all sectors nowadays. But have you ever wondered where all the information is stored? What facilitates the communication between computers used in your office or home with the internet? Servers play a critical role in storing information and helping various computers communicate with each other. Because of the nature of their work, the servers generate a lot of heat that might damage some electronic components such as integrated circuits, capacitors, and motherboards.

The servers must be erected or kept in rooms with adequate cooling mechanisms to absorb the produced heat and ensure that the servers remain operational. Therefore, they are essential to any institution because they store sensitive data for various uses and operations within your business. Although data centers vary in complexity and size, they have a thing in common, producing lots of heat from the computers and networking devices.

The processors used in these server rooms consume a lot of power. As more power is getting used, more heat gets generated. Hence, the server room temperatures will increase above the typical ranges, causing overheating. If this heat isn’t eliminated from the server room, system failure and a significant financial loss could easily occur. Hence, you must ask a reliable air conditioning repair technician to install it powerful enough to cool the server room.

Cooling in a server room is complicated by the constant heat emissions from the devices. Hence, it is advised that you enlist an air conditioning repair technician in Frisco, TX, to install powerful air conditioning systems to ensure data reliability and prevent data loss caused by overheating. There are many types of air conditioners that you can install in your server rooms; they require frequent air conditioning service by an experienced professional. Ductless mini-split air conditioners are among the best options to cool your server room if it is small. Let us look at it in detail to ensure that you are properly informed about what server room air conditioning entails.

Why the Need for Server Room Air Conditioning?

To Regulate the Server Room Temperatures

Do the temperatures in your server room fluctuate too much? Then that might result in malfunctioning or faults within the system. They might damage your servers and hard drives, causing a sizable data loss. The heat might also be trapped behind your large server racks and result in overheating of the entire system. Equipment overheating could result

in the shortened lifespan of the servers and networking devices, affecting the normal functioning of the components. Hence, you must have an air conditioning repair technician in Frisco, TX install a reliable air conditioner in your server room to keep it cool 24/7.

To Prevent Server Shutdown and Data Loss

By circulating the conditioned air around the equipment, the air conditioners in a server room helps prevent the servers from shutting down and data loss. Additionally, they can help extend the equipment’s service life by preventing wear and tear. You won’t incur heavy losses caused by proprietary data loss and server replacement or repairs. Hence, have a licensed and reliable air conditioning repair professional install strong enough air conditioning units in your server rooms to protect your data.

Humidity Control

Like temperature control is critical in a server room, humidity control is too. Since the server room contains various electronic and electrical components, high moisture content can condense various electrical equipment, causing corrosion and permanent damage. On the other hand, a fully dry environment results in the buildup of static electrical power in the server systems. Fortunately, having an air conditioning repair technician in Frisco, TX install an AC unit in your server room can help avert all these problems. The unit can help you maintain the humidity levels by removing extra moisture and preventing uncontrolled condensation on the server equipment. However, the installation of an air conditioner isn’t enough. You should have routine air conditioning service done by a professional to keep the AC unit in the best possible shape.

What Are the Ideal Humidity and Temperatures in a Server Room

So, what are the ideal server room temperatures? Well, the temperatures in your server room should be between 64-81 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, the recommended humidity level for a server room is about 40-50 percent. Therefore, you must set the thermostat to ensure it reads the above temperatures. Fortunately, you can have an air conditioning repair technician install in-line duct fans and smart mini-split air conditioners that can readjust themselves to achieve these settings. Otherwise, ensure that you monitor the server room moisture content and temperatures using an air conditioner to ensure that the electrical and electronic components don’t become damaged.

Monitoring Server Room Humidity and Temperatures

Keeping your server rooms under cool and right temperatures is critical in ensuring that the servers and other networking devices run smoothly. Not all air conditioning systems are always reliable. Therefore, a monitoring system is critical regarding server room air conditioning systems. The monitors provide an early warning of any potential underlying issues to ensure you can institute steps towards preventing issues like server shutdowns caused by overheating. Devices that can monitor humidity in your server room can come in handy. Therefore, talk to your air conditioning repair technician in Frisco, TX, to install the humidity and temperature monitors when installing an air conditioner.

They should install the humidity and temperature sensors in critical locations like in the server racks to ensure that they can gather information from several critical measuring points within your server room network. Should the humidity and temperature levels deviate from the range set, the monitoring software or system installed by the air conditioning repair technician in your server room sends an alert or notification.

Most tools and devices that can help you keep track of your server room climate, including when you’re away, are available. When selecting one, look for remote monitoring and real-time alerts. For example, you can ask your techie to install a remote monitoring system such as the PA server monitor. After connecting it with the temperature and humidity sensors,

you can see alerts on your mobile application, email, or even a text message. So, what are the server room cooling options available?

Top Cooling Options for Server Rooms

As mentioned above, cooling your server room is critical to ensure that the networking devices and computers do not overheat to the extent that they shut down. Below are the main AC units that you can have an air conditioning repair technician install in your server room or company data center.

Mini-Split AC Units for Server Room

The mini-split air conditioning units are highly reliable and efficient options for cooling the server room. This is particularly true if the server room is midsized, small, and doesn’t have air ducts.

These air conditioning units use advanced cooling technologies with innovative airflow distribution mechanisms. This helps in even air distribution and eliminates the cold and hold spots in your server room. Wall-mounted air conditioning units are likely ideal for your server room since they can be configured to blow the cooler air precisely at the server, claims HVAC expert and founder of Household Air, Ray Charles. This makes it possible for the cooler air to spread uniformly across numerous systems.

Mini-splits are a fantastic fit for any area because they are simple to install and don’t need expensive ductwork. These units also use less energy while maintaining the required amount of cooling for the data center. Thanks to this feature, most server rooms and data centers can afford to operate them. These wall-mounted air conditioners for server rooms can be placed based on the needs and specifications of your data center. They can accommodate any size room and range in BTU output from 9000 to 60000. Hence, ensure that you have an air conditioning repair technician install a ductless mini-split air conditioner in your data center or server room.

Are you planning to expand your server room or divide it into various sections? Then you can call an air conditioning repair technician and have them add extra indoor mini-split air conditioning units and connect them to a single outdoor unit already installed outside your server room. As a result, you will be able to save on the costs of having an air conditioning repair professional replace the entire air conditioning system.

Under Ceiling AC Units

This flat unit is mounted on a wall under your ceiling. Under ceiling, AC units are powerful systems that could provide up to 14kW of server room cooling. They are an efficient airflow system that can deliver airflow up to 10 meters away from where the air conditioning repair technician installed the AC unit.

Do you want an energy-efficient server room air conditioning unit? Then you should enlist a professional and reliable air conditioning repair expert in Frisco, TX, to install an under-the-ceiling air conditioning unit in your server room or data center. Since they are energy efficient, you do not have to install several server room air conditioners. Hence, you’ll save on the installation costs. You will have enough space to install other devices since you won’t have to install multiple units.

Cassette Air Conditioners

Cassette air conditioners are mini-split air conditioners that are concealed in the ceiling. The air conditioner’s primary body is hidden inside your home’s ceiling void. It is positioned in the middle of the space and has four directions in which cool air can be blown. This could aid in providing server rooms with balanced cooling. Although concealed in the ceiling, cassette air conditioning units are simple to retrofit and may be installed with little inconvenience. Hence, have your air conditioning repair technician install a cassette air conditioner in your server room.

In-line Duct Fans

The other air conditioning component that you can have an air conditioning repair technician install in a server room is an in-line duct fan. These fans expel humidity and heat from a room. They also are used for ventilation purposes in a data center. in mining rigs, high temperatures can heat parts and cause the GPU core to fail. A common method for cooling mining rigs is to use in-line duct fans.

By removing hot, stagnant air from a space, they are fitted inside ducting to promote adequate air circulation. You can utilize the air ducts by having an air conditioning repair technician in Frisco, TX, install these fans if your mining equipment is situated somewhere where ducting has already been installed. Since in-line fans come in different airflow capacities and sizes, you can choose one that suits your server room’s ventilation and cooling needs.

High Airflow Exhaust Fan

A space can be ventilated and have better air circulation by using high airflow exhaust fans. It can eliminate moisture, heat, and dust from such an area because it has a strong engine. These exhaust fans offer a wonderful cooling solution for mining rigs by including a separate LCD monitor, temperature, and humidity sensors. They have steel shutters that close when not being used and blades made of aluminum extremely resistant to fluids and dust. The exhaust fans also include a programmable microcontroller that you may use to change the fan speed per your data center’s needs. Timer mode, fan failure alerts, alarm warnings, energy saving, and backup memory are noteworthy features.

Smart Air Conditioning For Server Rooms

To automate the server room climate, an air conditioning repair technician can use a smart AC controller that works with a window, portable, and mini-split air conditioners. Besides the temperature sensors, the controllers also feature humidity sensors that help them monitor and maintain the required humidity levels. With their ability to be globally controlled, you can constantly monitor the humidity and temperatures via your smartphone.

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