How To Choose The Right Air Conditioning Service To Work On Your HVAC Unit | Plano, TX

How To Choose The Right Air Conditioning Service To Work On Your HVAC Unit | Plano, TX

If you have just purchased a home in Plano, TX, one of the things you will need to find is a local air-conditioning service. AC is not a luxury; it is something that every home needs to have because of how high the temperatures can get. Therefore, you need an air conditioning service you can trust to ensure you are covered in case something happens. You also need a company to take care of your monthly maintenance visits to ensure your AC is always in good shape before and after the summer season. 

However, not every air conditioning service offers the same level of care, which is why you need to do some research and make sure you have the right HVAC company on your speed dial. Of course, if you are new in town, you probably don’t know where to start, which is where this guide can come in handy. Take a minute to read over the following tips to make sure that you choose the right AC service the first time around. We have compiled a list of the top traits you should expect out of any AC service you find. 

While you can always look for reviews online and ask friends and family members, there are a few things that you want to make sure you are getting when you hire an air conditioning service to come to your home. Ideally, you want to use the same AC service if you can because they will get to know your unit and get to know your unit, which will help down the line when something comes up. With that in mind, here is a list of everything you need to know to find the best air conditioning service. 

Talk to Friends or Coworkers

To start, if you are new in town, you probably don’t have any names in mind, which means that you will need to talk to friends or coworkers to get some idea of where to start. Coworkers usually love to talk about things like who they recommend for a local air conditioning service, and it gives you a natural icebreaker that will help you make friends in your workplace. However, you need to be careful to evaluate what you hear since everyone has their own preferences. 

Hit Up Google for Reviews 

If you don’t really have anyone you can talk to yet and you are new to the Plano, TX region but need to book an air conditioning service, then you can always head to Google to check out reviews. While the internet is infamous for crazy reviews, you can usually see a trend start to evolve as you read through reviews. 

In general, companies that have more reviews have a proven track record, but that doesn’t mean a company with just a few reviews is not to be trusted. It just means you may want to investigate them a bit more. Keep in mind that almost any company that has been around long enough will have some bad reviews, but if most of the reviews are positive, this is a good trend. There is always one person who expects too much that needs to be accounted for, so it is impossible to expect every review to be positive. 

Find Out If They Are Certified

Once you have a few in mind, you need to check online to check their credentials. You only want a technician that is NATE-certified to work on your HVAC unit. Your HVAC unit is easily the most expensive thing in your home, so you don’t want to let just anyone work on it. It takes a few minutes to look online to see if an HVAC company is certified and insured. If you cannot find it, simply call and ask. The insurance is designed to protect you, not the company, so you want to make sure that they are. 

Ask for References / Look for Experience 

While on the phone with the air conditioning service you are thinking about using, you should ask them how much experience they have. You want someone who knows the needs of a customer that has a unit that will be used around the clock. You also want someone that is experienced working with the type of unit that you have. You should never be afraid to ask about the experience because it will pay in the long run. 

Find Out If They Have the Services You Need

While most of the time you will probably only need an AC service for your annual maintenance visit, sometimes you may need emergency repair services or general repair services. When that time comes you want to make sure you have chosen the right air conditioning service so that you don’t have to opt for someone else. With that in mind, ask the company you are thinking about using what their emergency services look like and how long the average wait is for repair versus emergency repair. This will protect you in the future. 

Keep in mind that different AC services also offer different maintenance programs. If you intend to make sure of the maintenance program, then check around to see who offers the program that will match your needs. It is always a great idea to choose a company that has a maintenance plan that is comprehensive and offers discounts to make it worth your money. 

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