How Important Is An Air Conditioning Service? | Irving, TX

How Important Is An Air Conditioning Service? | Irving, TX

If you have an AC unit in Irving, TX then you will have to think about basic maintenance tasks to make sure that you take care of it properly. After all, an AC replacement is not a quick or cheap fix, so it makes sense to spend a little money to protect your initial investment. What you may not know is that there are actually additional perks that make it worth it to take a second look at the air conditioning service. It is a one or two times a year service with a lot of benefits that we will take a closer look at below.

As a new homeowner or just any homeowner in general, it is understandable if you feel overwhelmed with how many tasks you need to complete, but air conditioning service is not something that you can push on the side. It is something that you need to keep up with or you will end up paying for it in the future. The following will take a closer look at what air conditioning service is and how it will benefit you.

What Is Air Conditioning Service?

First up, before going any further it is helpful to learn what air conditioning service is because that is key to understanding just how useful it is. Sometimes referred to as AC service, sometimes as AC maintenance, the point of annual service is to check out the indoor and outdoor AC unit and ensure that everything is working properly. This includes a thorough inspection as well as a thorough cleaning of your unit.

The latter part is extremely important because over time a large amount of dust and debris will build up inside of your unit which can compromise the quality of air in your home. In fact, a lot of people are very surprised by how much dirt is hiding inside of their AC unit, and therefore hiding in the air you breathe. If you notice that there is always dust in your home regardless of how much you clean your home, there is a good chance it is because it is recirculating inside of your AC unit.

Of course, the inspection of components is equally important because this is how you can diminish the amount of AC repairs you need down the road and hopefully eliminate the need for emergency AC repair altogether. While an AC unit is a sophisticated machine and can break down at any time, an air conditioning service helps to reduce the chance of that happening because the technician looks for problems that can be solved in advance.

The electrician will carefully look over both your indoor and outdoor unit and analyze every component and piece inside of the machine. The purpose of this is to look for parts that are starting to wear down or showing signs of rust or fracture. If they see any pieces like this they will recommend proactive repair because these signs are indications that the part is going to break soon. By repairing the parts in advance after the air conditioning service you will save yourself from the stress of a broken part occurring at a random time.

In addition, you will be able to repair the part at a time that fits your budget and your comfortability. Nobody likes to be backed into the corner when a breakdown causes their Irving, TX air conditioning to quit. You can save yourself from hitting a financial wall by preparing for the future and knowing about the condition of your air conditioner. This can also be helpful when it comes time for AC replacement because your technician can tell you if your machine is aging and showing signs of replacement. It is always better to have a few months to prepare to replace your AC system versus finding out in the heat of summer that it is time to change your unit.

How Often Do I Need Air Conditioning Service?

How often you need air-conditioning service will heavily depend on your average use of your air conditioner, its age, and its overall condition. As a general rule of thumb, most HVAC technicians will recommend that you have one annual air conditioning service, however, your AC received heavy use in Irving, TX during the summer so it is not a bad idea to consider having a second maintenance visit following the summer months. During the second visit, you can also have your furnace service address to make sure that you are ready for winter.

If you are unsure of how often you need air conditioning service the best thing you can do is go ahead and book a visit with a qualified HVAC technician and speak to them about your concerns. The inspection of your unit will offer them an exclusive insight into the condition of your air conditioner and help them to make the right decision for you. If you have not had an AC service in the last year or two, then you should book one right away without delay. There are likely a lot of things that need to be addressed and at the very least an extreme amount of dust and debris that has built up over the last few years that needs to be removed.

Is an AC Service Something That Would Benefit Me?

Do you own an AC system in Irving, TX? If the answer is yes, then an AC service is something that would benefit you. Every single home with an AC system would benefit from air conditioning service because the benefits of a service are universal. Every machine is going to have parts that wear down at some point during its lifespan and every unit is going to come with a warranty that needs to be maintained. An AC service is the best way to take care of both of these situations.

If you own a home or are a commercial property owner in Irving, TX then you should seriously consider air conditioning service if you have not thought about it before. Most HVAC companies offer service plans that make it easy to stay on track with your maintenance plan and oftentimes offer you exclusive bonuses and benefits as a member. It is worth looking into to find out how you could be improving your homeowner experience today.

Common Benefits of Regular Air Conditioning Service 

We have talked a lot about what air conditioning services are and why you might want to look into it more, but now it’s time to look at the exact benefits of booking such a service. Sometimes looking at exactly what you stand to gain from making a proactive choice to protect your AC will be enough to push you over the edge. Here are just a few of the many reasons why AC service is not something that you should go without.

Reduce Risk of Heat Fatigue

In Irving, TX during the summer months there is always a chance of heat fatigue if you were outside in the heat too long. If your air conditioning system is not properly functioning you can also suffer from heat fatigue inside of the home. In fact, since your windows are probably shut through most of the summer if your AC stops functioning, then your house will quickly become a pressure cooker. Regular air conditioning service ensures that your AC is reliable all summer and that your family remains safe inside.

Sleep Better at Night

One surprising way that air conditioner maintenance will help benefit your health is by creating an environment for better sleep at night. Many people complain that their AC system does not properly circulate the air in their home, which leads to a warmer upper level versus lower level. Hot and cold pockets are actually a sign that your air conditioning system is not working at its full capacity, but this is something that can be solved with a thorough air conditioning maintenance visit. The end result is that you will be more comfortable at night while you sleep which will result in better sleep, and better overall health and mental disposition throughout the next day. If you suffer from sleep issues a good place to start might just be with an AC service in your Texas home.

Reduced Energy Bills

One of the major benefits that most homeowners notice shortly after they book their first air conditioning service is that their energy bills will drop. While the shift is not huge it is noticeable enough month to month, which can help make a case for spending those few extra dollars to book your maintenance call.

The reason why this happens is very easy to understand. Following the service, you will likely make small repairs. You will also benefit from a system that is clean of dust, debris, and other items that might get in the way of how well it functions. This allows your AC to work at its full capacity again, which reduces the amount of time that it runs which in turn reduces the amount of energy it consumes. The end result is a much more energy-efficient unit and a lower monthly energy bill for you.

Increased Ventilation in Your Home

As we mentioned earlier if you live in Irving, TX, your windows are probably shut tight all summer so that the hot heat cannot slip in. While that does help prevent heat from offsetting the work of your AC, it also means that the only fresh air in your home is coming through your AC system. If your air conditioner has not been maintained or cleaned in the last few years there’s a good chance that all of the air circulating around your house is full of dust and debris. By booking an air conditioning service you are hiring a technician to thoroughly clean out your system which will improve the quality of your air instantly.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

This brings up indoor air quality which is an important topic to discuss if someone in your home suffers from an upper respiratory disease like COPD or asthma. In the same way that dust and debris can get trapped inside of your AC system so can allergens and other particles that may be causing breathing issues. During the air conditioning service, the technician will carefully clean and remove anything they see which will help to improve the indoor air quality and make it easier to breathe inside of your home. They can also identify if there is are pests or rodents invading your system which leave behind droppings that can also reduce the quality of your air. Identifying this problem can allow you to take proper action to remove the pest from your home and therefore clean up the air you are breathing as well.

Maintain Your AC Warranty

Many people who have a newer air conditioning system think that they do not need to book a routine service because their AC is new. However, you actually might need AC maintenance in order to keep your warranty valid. Many AC systems come with a warranty that in the fine print requires you to have your system serviced each year. This means that if you do not pay for a service you will void your warranty and then if anything goes wrong you will have to pay for the replacement of your system out of pocket. When you consider the cost of that potential replacement, it’s just good sense to book a once-a-year air conditioning service.

If the benefits of AC service have you thinking heavily about booking a maintenance visit, call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas today. We offer flexible scheduling and trained technicians who will be happy to inspect your unit.

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