How An AC Repair Company Can Deal With Excessive Condensation On Your AC Unit | Plano, TX

How An AC Repair Company Can Deal With Excessive Condensation On Your AC Unit | Plano, TX

The AC system works overtime throughout summer to ensure your home remains comfortable and cool despite the scorching outside temperatures. Due to this overworking, you might experience repair issues, especially if the air conditioner wasn’t properly serviced and maintained. During the seasons of heavy operation, you might notice some water droplets on the air conditioner of eve lining your vents. So, what does that mean?

Although your instincts might tell you it is the condensate accumulation or a dangerous harbinger of doom, that isn’t true, at least not all of it. An AC repair company in Plano, TX, can give you a better answer. Below are the main reasons you might notice water droplets on your air conditioner and when you should be worried about this.

Reasons For So Much Condensation on Your AC Unit

Several culprits are normally responsible whenever you notice condensate dripping from either side of your air conditioner or even water blowing from the vents. However, you must know them to ensure you know the action to take whenever you notice over condensation from your AC. Below are the main issues that might result in an accumulation of condensate around the heating and AC unit:

Clogged Drain Lines

Improper condensate drainage through your condensate drains is the main cause of many issues related to excessive condensation in your HVAC system. Are you the sort of homeowner that doesn’t prioritize maintenance? Then you will experience this problem because all materials might find their way into the condensate drains. Whenever this happens, mold, dirt, debris, and bacteria can accumulate within the drains and block the water flow through your drain lines. 

It then blocks the condensate from flowing into your plumbing or drains pan, making it start backing up into other places of your system. That is why you might notice the droplets of water accumulating on the sides of your air conditioner. If you notice this, you should contact a reliable AC repair company for a duct cleaning service.

Dirty Air Filters

How routinely do you change or even clean your air filters? Many homeowners understand the importance of regularly changing or cleaning the air filters. This is because dirty air filters will restrict or block airflow. It also prevents the evaporator coils from getting the right amount of air. The evaporator coils might get too cold whenever this happens, making them freeze.

As the frozen water melts, the ice will turn into water and be pushed through the air conditioner. A professional AC repair company in Plano, TX, should regularly inspect the air conditioning system. This ensures they can catch the small issues affecting the entire AC, such as clogged or dirty air filters. By noting and fixing these issues early, you will avert other damages such as cooling issues or deterioration of the AC.

Low Refrigerant Lines

An air conditioner doesn’t use up the refrigerant. Hence, if you notice that the refrigerant levels are low, it most certainly has a leakage. If the air conditioner has a hidden leak or the refrigerant level hasn’t been replenished for some time, other issues in the HVAC system might arise. Besides inefficient home cooling, evaporator coils might also freeze if the refrigerant levels are low.

When the evaporator’s frozen water evaporates from the condensate thaws, the water might overwhelm the system and flow where it shouldn’t. This is why you must hire a professional and reliable air conditioning repair company for routine maintenance and inspection of your AC.

Drain Pan Issues

The air conditioner features a drain pan to catch the condensate forming in your unit. Water might begin leaking whenever the pan has an issue such as warping, corrosion, or cracking. Fortunately, this is an issue your local AC repair company can address with a simple fix. If the pan has deteriorated, they might recommend you replace it.

Several problems might be caused by excess condensation from your unit. Though you might find it easy to wipe the condensate from the vents and turn a blind eye to the issue, it might impact the functioning of your air conditioner later. Below are some common issues caused by excessive condensation that might make you search for an AC repair company

Increased Air Conditioning Repairs

An air conditioner is an electrical appliance. Hence, if water is where it shouldn’t be, that can never be good. Excessive moisture or water makes various components degrade or corrode faster. Further, the excessive condensation might overwhelm the condensate drains, resulting in a total system shutdown. For this reason, a reliable AC repair company must come over whenever you notice the first sign of trouble. For instance, the professionals can thaw the frozen evaporator coils and fix any underlying issue when the problem is noticed early. If this issue persists, you might have to incur high repair costs.

Increased Humidity

It is only natural that increased condensation will result in increased moisture levels in the air. The same problem will create an ideal condition for the mildew and mold to start growing. Molds love mist but warm conditions to breed and thrive. It means that excessive condensation can have an impact on the well-being of your family. 

Hence, it is time to call an AC repair company in Plano, TX, if you notice some black spots around or on the vents. The spots are a telltale sign that you have mold accumulation near the vents. The last thing you want is your family to suffer the effects of mold or for it to spread to other parts of your home.

Water Damage

Whenever the air conditioner is properly working, all the condensate will drain to areas outside your home. However, the property can sustain water damage if the condensate drains into your indoor space. For instance, if the condensate drains in a room you do not use too much, it might accumulate and result in serious issues such as furniture damage, appliance, and floor damage. It might also harm the walls. This is an issue that an AC repair company can catch during a routine inspection.

Reputable Air Conditioning Repair Company

Have you noticed that there is excessive condensation from your air conditioner? That might be caused by several things, as explained above. Unfortunately, this might result in several issues. Hence, you want it inspected and fixed by a licensed AC repair company as soon as possible. Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas for any AC repair issue.

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