Heating And AC Repair: What To Do If Your Heating And Air Conditioning System Makes Strange Noises | Irving, TX

Heating And AC Repair: What To Do If Your Heating And Air Conditioning System Makes Strange Noises | Irving, TX

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Your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning System, or HVAC, is one of the essential pieces of equipment you can install on your property. The summer months can be dry and harsh to the point that it can sometimes seem difficult to breathe in the hot air. And it can be impossible to get through the winters without heating.

However, HVAC systems are also prone to breaking down without timely heating and AC repair. While the components are fairly robust, using the HVAC system continuously for weeks or months at a stretch can put additional pressure on them. If your system is more than a few years old, the wear and tear of the parts also need to be taken into account.

On the other hand, not using the HVAC system for months can also lead to some issues when you finally switch it on. One of the most common problems you might have encountered is strange sounds emanating from the sounds. The nature of the sounds may differ, and they could indicate a myriad of problems.

Opt for professional repair from Irving, TX, to look into the problems rather than DIY methods that can put your HVAC at risk if things are not done right.

Understanding HVAC Noises

To understand what you mean by noises coming from the HVAC, you need to have a clear idea about the model. Is the sound something you should be worried about? Or is it just how your HVAC is supposed to sound, given the make of your system? To know this, try to find out what kind of noise-canceling technology your HVAC uses.

Modern HVAC systems are quite silent, and they are built to keep noise levels below 55 decibels. This is primarily due to the use of sound-dampening technology that uses two-stage compressors with variable speeds.

So, it is easier to determine foreign sounds when you hear them. Most of the time, simple heating and AC repair can get rid of most issues. Ignoring them for too long can lead to undue expenses in the future if the noise culminates into something big, and you end up with a complete overhaul on your hands. Hence, with the expert help of heating and AC repair try to resolve the noise issues as soon as you can.

Here is a brief overview of the different noises that you might hear coming from your HVAC system and what you can do about it.

1. Banging Noise

The banging noises are often the loudest when conducting heating and AC repair, and you will hear them in sudden bursts. If you hear them late at night when everything around goes quiet, it cannot be very comforting. This could result from the indoor blower becoming unbalanced, and there is probably an issue with the compressor.

A connecting rod might have dislocated, or a piston pin or crankshaft could have been pushed out of place. You should immediately opt for heating and AC repair when this happens because the banging noises can be alarming and can destroy your compressor without repair.

2. Clanking Sounds

When you hear clanking sounds, it would seem that something around the HVAC is being moved around. There are sealed units inside the HVAC which might have failed, causing the sounds. The compressor itself might have been dislocated. Or the outdoor fan could have shifted, and the moving blades were hitting other parts while rotating.

The problems could be smaller at first, but they might quickly escalate if the issue remains unattended. Call the experts for quick heating and AC repair. You could also hear clanking noises if the body panels of the HVAC have come off.

This could happen after a thunderstorm, and although Texas is relatively dry, the bouts of showers can be pretty heavy. Call the experts to fix any physical damage that might have led to the strange sounds coming from your unit.

3. Clicking Sounds

These sounds are soft and could be difficult to detect at first. However, if you listen carefully, you will notice sounds like a switch going off. These sounds are made when some electrical component has failed inside the unit. It could also be due to a failing thermostat or a defective control mechanism.

Since there are several electrical components inside an HVAC system, the sounds could be coming from anywhere. You need heating and AC repair experts for a thorough inspection because leaving electrical issues unattended could also lead to dangers like the system catching fire.

It is good to schedule regular HVAC maintenance because the experts can detect problems that the inexperienced eye might miss.

4. Buzzing Noises

The buzzing sounds will appear as a soft hum, and you might even mistake it for the regular HVAC rhythm at first. However, if you have a sharp ear, you will soon notice that the sound is quite different.

The buzzing noises could result from the loose fan blades or the inner copper lines rubbing against the inner surface. The air filter could have been completely choked from dirt and grime, and the machine is straining to let air pass smoothly through the filters.

You need heating and AC repair experts to clean the condenser coil and check the blowers. Sometimes, the buzzing noise could also be coupled with the HVAC not cooling enough. This could be a result of the refrigerant leaking. Contact experts so that they can replenish the coolant.

5. Squealing Noises

Faulty blowers mostly cause squealing noises. You might notice that the outside unit is working fine, and yet you hear a squealing noise coming from within. You should contact heating and AC repair experts to inspect the duct system and the blower wheels.

It is crucial to resolve the issue as soon as the blower starts malfunctioning, or else you could end up having to replace the outdoor fan motors that can be very expensive. If the blower remains at fault, the HVAC might switch off abruptly, and you might be left suffering from intense heat or intense cold unless the experts for heating and AC repair arrive.

6. Chattering Sounds

When you hear chattering or rattling sounds coming from your HVAC, it means that the system has started to deteriorate and could require more than regular heating and AC repair. You could increase your machine’s longevity by replacing some parts and upgrading others, and it should keep working for another four or five years.

However, it would help if you always got an expert evaluation. They will make sure that the smallest components are in place and that the filters are free from clogged dirt, debris stuck in the outdoor unit like twigs and leaves, and all the components are up and running.

7. Screeching Sounds

This could seem like a person is screaming- at times, the noises could get so high. Most of the time, it indicates a sudden malfunctioning of the HVAC. If there is power fluctuation, your system might have shut off and on without the proper switching on and off procedure, leading to the noise. It could also be indicative of high internal pressure, and it needs to be depressurized right away.

If your HVAC comes with in-built pressure sensors, it will shut off on its own and prevent the system from blowing and causing serious hazards. Contact the best heating and AC repair experts in Irving, TX, when you hear such loud, screeching sounds.

8. Pulsating Sounds

Pulsating noises might come at intervals and is not often a severe issue. However, it could still mean something has come off inside. And if you find that the noise is coming from the outdoor system and you can hear it inside the house, you need to call heating and AC repair experts.

You might feel the system vibrating as well, and undue vibrations can also result in other kinds of damages like cracks in the drywall.

9. Whirring Sounds

When you hear whirring sounds coming from your HVAC, it is almost always indicative of fan or blower problems. You will hear something akin to the helicopter fans rotating. The indoor blower might have developed some issues, or the fan motor could need replacement. The blades could have lost their regular speed, or some loose bolt could have caused the fan to shift.

On the other hand, if your HVAC is very old, the components inside the unit could have started to rust. It could have corroded some component, and part of it could have become brittle and broken off. This usually happens if the condensation water happens to drip inside the machine. Not only does the rusted and broken part whirl around the unit, causing these strange noises, but it could also be a risk for short circuits.

Having the heating and AC repair experts in Irving, TX, check the system is a good idea to avoid unnecessary complications.

Dealing with HVAC Noises

Considering how HVAC noises could mean so many different things, it is best to leave the heating and AC repair to the experts. At the most, you could try to clean the filters on your own from time to time, but even that is inadvisable. The filters are delicate, and they become brittle after years of use.

The experts know the correct method of cleaning filters and use specially manufactured soft brushes to clean them. The same goes for cleaning condenser coils. The sounds from the system could often result from twigs, leaves, debris getting stuck in the coils. They have to be carefully disentangled without causing any wire or other component to shift.

At times, even pests manage to get into the outdoor units like roaches and mice. Although rare in general, Texas’s arid heat often forces them to find shelter and might get stuck in the outdoor unit. You might only come to notice it when your system starts making a noise or a foul smell spread through your home through the air.

Heating and AC repair experts are the best people to inspect and clean out the mess, ensuring that your system operates safely. You should turn off your HVAC as soon as you notice any anomaly or hear anything unusual and call the experts.

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Our heating and AC repair experts will also inspect the surroundings to make sure there is nothing like plants or other machines that could be causing trouble. You can also opt for regular maintenance services, and that will keep your HVAC troubles at bay, nipping many problems in the bud before they can snowball into bigger and more expensive problems. Our services are available round the year, so you do not need to worry about heating or cooling at any point.

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