Heating And AC Repair Company Tips for First-Time Homeowners | Frisco, TX

Heating And AC Repair Company Tips for First-Time Homeowners | Frisco, TX

Have you recently purchased a home in Frisco, TX? Owning a home is exciting. But between choosing paint colors and furnishing rooms, don’t forget to take time to understand your home’s essential systems like its HVAC system. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Maintaining your HVAC system is crucial for its interior climate and comfort. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas is a leading heating and AC repair company. We offer a full lineup of heating and cooling solutions and are known for our fair pricing and high-quality workmanship. We’ve compiled several tips that we know are important for new homeowners to know. When you do need heating or AC service, you can rely on us, your trusted heating and AC repair company.

Check and Change Your Air Filter

A dirty air filter has the makings of an expensive problem. The air filter plays an important role in your HVAC system. Its job is to catch pollutants, dust, mold, and pet dander and prevent from reducing your indoor air quality. Over time, the filter can become caked with dirt, preventing the free flow of air, which your unit needs to function optimally. If the filter is dirty, your unit has to work harder to do its job, using more energy. At best, you’ll be paying for that energy in increased utility bills.

At worst, your hard-working HVAC system will become overtaxed and overheated. When overheating occurs, parts can fail, requiring a call to your heating and AC repair company. During the hot season, Frisco, TX, heats up; when your air filter is dirty, you may also notice that your house isn’t cooling off. A dirty filter is a problem waiting to happen. Ideally, you should change this filter every three months–or at least inspect it.

An important note: be sure that you replace your dirty air filter with the correct one. The wrong air filter can cause problems that require a call to your heating and AC repair company.

Keep Your Outdoor AC Unit Clean

Your AC unit is designed to stand up pretty well to the elements, but over time, dust and debris can detract from its efficient operation. Perform a visual inspection of your AC unit every month or so to make sure that there are no branches or leaves stuck in its fins. A heating and AC repair company can help you with a list. Some people opt to use a vacuum and soft bristle brush to clean off the fins; just be careful not to bend them out of place. You can wipe off the grime from the unit as well to prevent dirt from getting into the system.

Some Frisco, TX, homeowners choose to unscrew the panel of the unit in order to clean the coils; if you choose to do this, remember to turn off the power first! On the other hand, One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas performs this service as part of our annual maintenance visit. When your unit is clean, it’s going to function more efficiently. Many people choose to invite our heating and AC repair company to their homes in the spring to service their AC system before the hot summer season. Alternatively, we often perform furnace maintenance in the fall before the cool weather arrives.

Remove Debris around Your Outdoor Unit

In order to function optimally, your unit should not be covered up or surrounded by any items that could obstruct airflow. So, never pile outdoor items against or too close to the unit. Be sure that you trim any tall grass around the unit because it, too, could block airflow. Never plant trees or shrubs too close to your AC system either. As a heating and AC repair company rule of thumb, be sure that your unit has two feet of clear space surrounding it at all times. 

While inspecting the unit to make sure no obstructions are present, be sure that the concrete pads beneath the AC unit aren’t sinking. Sometimes this can occur over time. If that happens, it can result in a strain on the unit’s electrical and coolant tubes. If you notice that the pads are sinking, you can contact our heating and AC repair company to inspect the problem.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

When you first buy a home, you’ll probably find that there are lots of things that are necessary to buy. It’s not uncommon for home buyers to purchase everything from lawnmowers to power generators. One thing that you might want to add to your home improvement shopping list is a programmable thermostat? Why do you need this piece of equipment, especially when your current thermostat appears to be functioning well?

A programmable thermostat will help you save money on your energy bills; over time, that cost savings can actually recoup the cost of the new thermostat. A programmable smart thermostat gets to know your energy usage and makes adjustments accordingly with energy efficiency in mind. So, while you’re away at work during the day, the thermostat adjusts to reduce the heating or cooling operation to conserve energy. However, it can be readjusted to increase heating or cooling before you arrive home so that you enjoy the same interior climate comfort as when you left for work in the morning. 

If you’re interested in a new programmable thermostat, you can rely on One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas to install it for you. Our heating and AC repair company make these types of upgrades on a routine basis. Not sure which thermostat model is best for your home and your needs? Consult with one of our certified technicians for advice. We stay up to date on the best products and HVAC practices.

Invest in a Whole House Fan

By investing in a whole house fan, especially a solar-powered attic fan, you can cut down on your energy costs and save your AC unit from wear and tear. Solar fans, for instance, draw interior heat up and out of your home. That makes it easier to keep your house cool; your AC system will not have to cycle on as often to cool down the house.

A whole house fan can keep your interior climate more comfortable. A solar power attic fan is particularly useful because it uses solar energy to operate. Other advantages of this type of fan include:

  • Lowers utility bills
  • Reduce the risk of mold
  • Helps prevent roof materials from deteriorating
  • Reduces moisture damage

Clean the AC Unit’s Drain Lines

A dirty and clogged drain line can lead to AC unit breakdowns. Over time, the unit’s drain lines can become infiltrated by algae and mold. As these materials build up, they can cause a clog to occur in the line. In fact, if you notice water puddling around your furnace–which should never occur when your HVAC system is functioning properly, you likely have a clog in the condensate drain tube.

Our heating and AC repair company can clean your unit’s drain lines and then inspect the system to make sure that the clog hasn’t caused any interior leaks. We’ll clear out the blockage and ensure that your unit is functioning as it’s supposed to.

Remember to contact us for drain line inspection and cleaning if you notice a musty odor. This typically indicates that mold and mildew are forming in the drain line. We can send a heating and AC repair company technician to your home to address the problem.

Don’t Ignore Strange Smells or Noises

If you ever notice a burning smell coming from your units, you should turn them off and contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating to inspect them. Strange odors can occur when there are problems. If you notice a musty or mildew odor, there’s a moisture problem going on. Our technician can visit your home to check the lines for a clog or moldy buildup. As mentioned above, a clog can cause a serious problem for your unit.

Additionally, unusual sounds also require a call to our heating and AC repair company. Sometimes a motor may make noises before it fails. Usual sounds can also indicate that some debris is caught in your outdoor AC unit. Remember that what seems to be a small problem could indicate a more serious one. It’s important for you to contact a certified HVAC pro to inspect any unusual issues.

Inspect Your House for Cracks and Gaps

Any cracks or gaps in your home will allow an unwanted transfer of air. Your cool air will seep outside in summer and your warm interior air will slip outside in winter. Small gaps and leaks cause your HVAC system to work harder to maintain the temperature setting on your thermostat. If you spot any cracks or holes, be sure to seal them right away.

Schedule Annual HVAC Maintenance

To ensure that your AC system and furnace are working properly, invest in annual inspections of each. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas, your trusted heating and AC repair company, can provide inspection and maintenance services that include a tune-up of your HVAC equipment. Maintaining your AC unit, furnace, and ductwork supports the longevity of your heating and cooling systems. When you invest in annual maintenance for these systems, you can ward off breakdowns and ensure that the equipment is functioning efficiently.

When you contact our heating and AC repair company, we’ll schedule a time to visit your Frisco, TX, home for our inspection and tune-up services. As mentioned, many customers opt to have their AC system inspected and prepped for the hot summer season ahead. During our AC unit inspection and tune-up, we’ll first check the air filter and change it if it needs changing. Then, we’ll perform the following tasks:

  • Clean the evaporator and condenser coils
  • Check the refrigerant level (if low, we can add refrigerant and recharge it; we’ll also check to ensure that there isn’t a refrigerant leak)
  • Inspect (and clean) drain pan and condensate drain
  • Inspect the electrical controls, connections (making sure none are loose), and the wiring
  • Lubricate the unit’s moving parts
  • Check the thermostat
  • Perform a general system test
  • Check the ductwork (making sure there are no leaks)
  • Check the vents

Also, during our heating and AC repair company inspection of your unit, we’ll alert you to any wearing parts like fraying belts. If these parts fail, it can lead to a costly breakdown. When a part fails, it can damage other parts of your system. It’s much less expensive to replace these worn-down parts before they can fail.

Furnace Maintenance and Tune-Up

Many Frisco, TX, homeowners contact our heating and AC repair company in the fall to perform a furnace inspection and tune-up. During our visit, we’ll perform the following:

  • Replace the air filter
  • Lubricate moving parts along with motor bearings
  • Clean / inspect the burner
  • Check the voltage and current
  • Inspect the heat exchanger
  • Test the ignition system
  • Test the exhaust system
  • Check and tighten electrical connections
  • Check gas/oil line connections
  • Inspect the condensate drain (we will clean it if needed)
  • Clean the furnace inside and out
  • Inspect the thermostat
  • Check carbon monoxide levels

During our inspection, let us know if you’ve noticed anything unusual about your HVAC system. If our technician spots any problem, we’ll alert you and recommend the ideal fix.

Choose One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas for HVAC Service

As you’re settling into your new Frisco, TX, home, be sure to consider your HVAC system and its maintenance needs. As an essential home system, your HVAC units are an asset. Keeping up with their maintenance needs helps you support their longevity and efficient operation. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas can address any make or model unit with our comprehensive line-up of heating and AC repair company services. Our technicians are certified and experienced.

Call our heating and AC repair company to schedule your furnace or AC system’s annual maintenance and tune-up. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas is known for our fair, upfront rates and consummate expertise. We look forward to helping you maintain your home’s HVAC system and demonstrating why we’re the best heating and AC repair company serving Frisco, TX, and surrounding areas.

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