Heating And AC Repair Company: Programmable Thermostats | Frisco, TX

Heating And AC Repair Company: Programmable Thermostats | Frisco, TX

Are you aware that homeowners can save 10 percent annually on their energy bills by turning back their thermostat 10 degrees Fahrenheit for about eight hours a day? While you can manually set this up, you can save more money by using a programmable thermostat. The latter can store multiple settings a day. So this means that you can have different temperature settings every hour. You can save as much as $180 each year, and this can add up. In this article, we’ll talk more about programmable thermostat savings, why invest in ENERGY STAR appliances, and helpful tips on conserving energy at home. Call a heating and AC repair company in Frisco, TX, if you have more questions.

Types of Programmable Thermostat Models

There are three types of models that you can purchase for your home. For installation, make sure to only call a trusted and reliable heating and AC repair company.

7-Day Models – If you want to have more flexibility, we suggest getting the 7-day model as it allows you to set different programs with four temperature periods each day for seven days.

5+2 Models – For this model, you can set one schedule for Monday-Friday and then another schedule for the weekend.

5-1-1 Models – Like the previous model, you can set one schedule for the weekdays, and then a different schedule for Saturday and Sunday.

If you want to know more about the different types of programmable thermostats or are ready to install one, please contact a heating and AC repair company in Frisco, TX, for assistance.

Should I Buy Smart Thermostats?

To maximize your savings, we recommend buying self-programming or smart thermostats for your HVAC system. You can connect the smart thermostat to your WiFi, so that you can pre-set your temperature even when you’re not home. For example, if you’re away and there is a sudden drop in temperature and you’re concerned that the water inside the pipes may freeze, you can conveniently go online and adjust the temperature setting so that heated air can warm up unprotected pipes. This gives you peace of mind. Just make sure to only hire a reliable heating and AC repair company to professionally install the smart thermostat.

Another smart thermostat feature is that they have sensors that let them monitor light, motion, and humidity. It can learn a homeowner’s habit and automatically programs itself. It’s highly convenient, especially for those homeowners who are always busy. However, purchasing a smart thermostat can be expensive and you’ll need to have a Wi-Fi connection for it to work. You do get to save money in the long run. If you need more information, feel free to contact a heating and AC repair company for assistance.

Benefits of Programmable Thermostats

Below are some ways to save money on your programmable thermostats. Call a heating and AC repair company if you’re ready to purchase one for your home.

  1. It can be tiring to manually set the thermostat multiple times a day. With a smart thermostat, you can simply set it and then forget about it. And the good thing about a smart thermostat is that it can self-adjust based on the daily weather. This can potentially save you more money, in case you forget to adjust the temperature. Before using the thermostat though, please make sure to read the manual. Or you may contact a heating and AC repair company in Frisco, TX, for assistance.
  2. There is no need to worry if you forgot to turn off the heating or cooling and you already left for work. You can simply log in and turn it off while away. Also, you don’t have to keep monitoring the temperature regularly.
  3. If you have family members that constantly argue about what temperature to set your home to, buy a smart thermostat and set eight different climate control zones. This lets you heat or cool different rooms and set individual temperature settings too. It’s highly convenient especially when you live in a large home and you have children who might not be comfortable with the temperature that you like. For installation, please make sure to only work with a trusted heating and AC repair company to ensure proper installation of your thermostat.

Where to Place the Thermostat

Your energy savings also depends on the location of your thermostat. Where you position it is important to achieve maximum energy savings. It’s not going to work if you place your thermostat close to a heat source as it’s going to make your heating or cooling less efficient. If you need help deciding where to install the smart thermostat, don’t hesitate to contact a heating and AC repair company in Frisco, TX for help.

Keep your thermostat away from these:

  • Direct sunlight
  • Kitchen and hallways
  • Doors and windows
  • Above air vents

Ideally, you should place the thermostat on interior walls away from the spots mentioned above. It should be installed in the center, if possible.

More energy savings tips for your thermostats:

  1. Consider using energy savings setpoints for at least eight hours every day. Lower the temperature setting when it’s bedtime or when you’ll be out during the day.
  2. While you can override a setting without removing the pre-set program, constantly overriding it may not be ideal. Why? The override is automatically canceled in the next period, which means you may not be able to achieve more savings.
  3. Use the temporary hold feature in managing day-to-day settings. Only use the hold/permanent/vacation feature for longer periods of time.
  4. You can maximize savings by having different temperature settings for specific rooms. Also, don’t forget to change the batteries of your programmable thermostat.

Do you have more questions? Feel free to contact a heating and AC repair company today. Our technicians are more than happy to discuss the benefits of investing in a smart thermostat. We can also help you professionally install your device.

Why Buy ENERGY STAR Appliances

If your goal is to conserve more energy, save money and lower your carbon footprint — buying ENERGY STAR appliances is the quickest way to achieve results.

So what is ENERGY STAR? It started in 1992 as part of the federal Clean Air Act with the aim of helping people learn ways to save money and help the environment through energy conservation. The overall goal is to reduce energy consumption and pollution.

An essential part of ENERGY STAR is its rating system that focuses on products, homes, and commercial businesses. When an appliance gets an ENERGY STAR rating, it means that it meets certain guidelines regarding energy efficiency. The guidelines vary on the appliance or device.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, it would cost you about $260 to run an old washing machine model; about $243 to run models manufactured after the year 2000, and only $100 when buying an ENERGY STAR appliance.

While ENERGY STAR appliances may cost more, you get to save money each day and the savings can add up. For the washing machine, you get more than 100 percent savings when you purchase an ENERGY STAR appliance.

Call a heating and AC repair company in Frisco, TX, if you want to learn more about ENERGY STAR heating and cooling systems to install for your home.

Energy Saving Tips for your Home

We have compiled a big list to help homeowners save more energy at home. Feel free to contact us if you have more questions.

Insulate the attic – Proper insulation in the attic can keep the heat out during summer and warm air during winter. Also, your HVAC system won’t have to work harder to keep you comfortable year-round. It can keep your heating and cooling system more efficient, and you won’t have to call a heating and AC repair company for costly repairs.

Replace old equipment – How long have you been using the furnace or the air conditioner? If they are no longer efficient and you’re getting higher bills every month, you might want to consider getting a new replacement. We suggest calling a heating and AC repair company so that a technician can inspect your unit. We can help you determine if it’s time to keep the old unit or get a new one instead.

Replace dirty filters – As you know, dirty filters can affect the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. Change them every month or every two months to ensure proper airflow. Also, you need to follow specific manufacturer recommendations when cleaning air filters. If you have questions, contact a heating and AC repair company in your area.

Switch to an energy-efficient furnace or air conditioner – Invest in a brand new energy-efficient unit if you want to maximize your savings. Make sure to also get professional installation to avoid issues associated with poor installation.

Install outdoor solar lighting – Solar technology can be expensive but consider installing solar panels if you can afford it. You can save more with solar panels and your HVAC system won’t have to work harder to keep you comfortable. Call a heating and AC repair company if you need more information about solar energy.

Plant some shade trees – Shade landscaping can protect your home from direct sunlight. However, this might not be ideal if you’re thinking about installing solar panels. We recommend getting in touch with a heating and AC repair company in Frisco, TX, for advice.

Turn on the ceiling fan with the AC – Ceiling fans can help circulate cool air into your living spaces. This means you will feel a lot cooler and you won’t have to keep adjusting the air conditioner to stay comfortable. As a result, your unit won’t have to work harder. It avoids sudden breakdowns, which means you don’t have to call a heating and AC repair company for costly repairs.

Take care of your heating and cooling system – Get a professional tune-up at least a month before summer and winter to ensure that your unit is in top shape. Regular inspections can also detect problems that might lead to costly HVAC emergencies.

Fix air leaks and drafts – Check the windows and doors for any leaks, and make sure that you fix them promptly. If possible, invest in an energy-efficient window and roofing system to keep heated or cooled air inside your home. Call a heating and AC repair company if you need help with insulation.

Install window awnings – During summer, installing window awnings can keep the sun out. This way your AC won’t have to work harder. If you have south and west-facing windows, make sure to close the curtains and the blinds. These areas get the most amount of sunlight and your cooling system will have to work harder to keep your home comfortable during summer.

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