From Failed Capacitors To Tripped Breakers: A Guide To Electrical Issues In Air Conditioners By A Reliable AC Repair Company | Plano, TX

From Failed Capacitors To Tripped Breakers: A Guide To Electrical Issues In Air Conditioners By A Reliable AC Repair Company | Plano, TX

Air conditioners are susceptible to breakdown or some of their parts malfunctioning in their lifetime due to lack of maintenance, poor operations, and being outdated. The sudden malfunctioning of the unit can lead to discomfort during the scorching hot days in Texas and increases energy bills.

Sometimes the culprit behind the failure of your HVAC unit might be electrical issues that might lead to other adverse issues. An experienced technician from a reputable AC repair company can detect and rectify mishaps if called in the nick of time. Below are some of the electrical problems in air conditioners that might require emergency services.

Bad Electrical Connections

Another electrical problem that an AC might have is poor connections. It is an issue that arises from poor installation services from an unreliable AC repair company. Bad connectivity can damage your HVAC unit, especially if the contractor:

  • Fails to fasten wires, leading to arc faults.
  • Leaves fraying electrical wires
  • Connects the wrong cable or parts to the wrong unit

In addition, the problems can also cause corrosion, short circuits, or electrocution. If you don’t have circuit-breaking devices in your home, you can experience dire effects, including fires, burns, and destruction of properties.

The best solution to problems arising from poor electrical connections is to have HVAC specialists with extensive skills and knowledge inspect the wiring system, tighten loose wires and cables, and ensure all electrical connections are correct.

It is also wise to normalize hiring only trained, certified, and qualified professionals from a trusted AC repair company for the best services on their first visit.

Failed Capacitors

Capacitors, which consist of start and run, are essential to the compressor as they help start and operate an air conditioner. The motors powered by capacitors include an electric condenser fan motor and a compressor motor.

Capacitors are responsible for storing electricity and sending it to the fan and compressor motors in the air conditioner to ensure peak performance. After the unit starts cooling your home in Plano, TX, capacitors will retain a low energy supply to finish the cooling cycle.

The run and start capacitors are also prone to fail due to the following:

  • Wear and tears make the unit overheat and fail over time.
  • Excessive current due to power surges from lightning strikes and downed power lines create fluctuations in the electrical grid.
  • Overworking the unit
  • Excessive heat makes the capacitors burn out.
  • Damaged or worn-out parts in capacitors lead to overheating and eventually breaking down.
  • Life expectancy: aging of the unit makes it fail due to incorrect electrical loads.

Telltale signs that can make you call a nearby AC repair company to check and rectify your system include:

  • The cooling system takes longer to start
  • When the AC system fails to work, it’s a sign the capacitors are unable to charge the motors.
  • Warm air comes out of your AC instead of cold conditioned air, increasing discomfort
  • Humming sounds when operating
  • Increased utility bills.

Compressor Issues

Since the compressor has electrical components, it has chances to have numerous problems when it receives little or too much power. An undercharged and overcharged compressor are problematic and can increase utility bills and the probability of an electrical fire if they overheat for a long time. The unit, which is the heart of the AC, can fail to operate due to issues such as:

  • Low refrigerant
  • Excessive refrigerant
  • Damaged parts
  • Poor connectivity

A professional from an AC repair company can come in handy when you call them after noticing signs of a failing compressor that include:

  • Icy refrigerant coils
  • No cold air from the AC unit
  • Higher humidity levels
  • Longer cooling cycles

Tripped Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers installed in homes prevent electrical accidents, including short circuits and fires that account for massive destruction of property and loss of lives. They trip the minute they sense an abnormal flow of electric current, stopping it from causing harm to you and your valuables.

Some circuit breakers in residential properties include ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), standard circuit breakers, and arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs). But those likely to trip due to AC issues are the single and double standard circuit breakers, surge protectors, and AFCIs.

With proper installation and periodic maintenance, the circuit breaker can trip when your AC compressor overheats to stop a fire. So, once the power supply in your home is off and your neighbors still have theirs on, it’s wise to call a nearby AC repair company if you suspect the problem is emerging from your AC.

The contractor can link the frequent tripping of your circuit breaker to the following HVAC issues:

  • Insufficient refrigerant in the system can make the power demand surpass the cut-off point of the circuit-breaking device.
  • Dirty air filters can deny the AC sufficient clean air, making it overwork and draw more power that eventually trips the circuit breaker.
  • Unclean condenser coils cannot dispose of the hot air sucked from your Plano, TX house to the external environment, leading to overheating and consumption of more energy, making the circuit breaker cut the power supply.
  • Damaged coil fan: A reputable AC repair company can diagnose the issue causing electrical problems in your unit to be an optimally working coil fan that affects heat dispersion.
  • Compressor hard starts: when the compressing system starts to wear and tear, it can have problems starting and operating efficiently, consuming more power that might make it burn out.

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In a Nutshell

Electrical problems in an air conditioning unit can cause mild to dire effects in homes. It can lead to short circuits, overheating, and malfunctioning of the entire system, which will need expensive emergency services by a technician from a renowned AC repair company. Luckily, most electrical mishaps can be fixed by a trained, qualified, and certified HVAC contractor. The pro at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas can fix the identified and diagnosed problem or replace worn-out parts.

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