Failing Blower Motor In Your Furnace? Call A Heating and AC Repair Company | Frisco, TX

Failing Blower Motor In Your Furnace? Call A Heating and AC Repair Company | Frisco, TX

A furnace is a critical appliance that ensures your home is warm and comfortable, especially during winter. However, the last thing you want is the furnace lower motor acting up, especially on a chilly winter morning. However, this is something that is at times bound to happen. After several years of blowing heating your Frisco, TX home, the wearing and tearing eventually catches up.

Besides aging, problems such as excessive vapor, dirt, debris, and overheating can quickly wear out some windings and bearings. Hence, it is recommended that you have a heating and AC repair company send a technician to conduct regular maintenance and inspections. This ensures that your furnace’s blower motor remains in great shape. How do you know that your furnace blower motor needs a replacement?

When There Is No Air Flowing From the Vents

Whenever you turn the HVAC unit, and no air comes from the air vents, that is a sign that there are brewing issues. The furnace blower motor may be broken. If this is the case, having a heating and AC repair company send a technician to replace it could be the best option. However, a broken blower motor fan is not the only cause of a lack of airflow. Other reasons include a fan control problem, a bad relay, or a faulty thermostat. Therefore, to be sure that it is the blower causing the airflow problem, have a professional conduct a thorough inspection of the unit and repair it.

Increasing Energy Bills

The blower motor uses energy most in the entire heating and air conditioning system. If the energy bills keep spiraling up, that means that the furnace isn’t efficiently operating. If you notice that the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning unit is reducing, the furnace will have to work harder to produce a similar amount of heated air. Since several issues may cause this, have a heating and AC repair company send someone to thoroughly investigate the furnace blower motor.

Weird Noises

Banging Sounds

If the furnace produces loud banging and booming noises, the problem could be caused by a gas explosion that arises in case of delayed ignition. The gas may build up within your furnace’s combustion chamber, especially when the gas burners don’t ignite as required and on time. Should the gas burners not efficiently ignite, that is a sign that they may be clogged or have a gas pressure problem. Don’t try to fix the gas burners yourself. Instead, hire a heating and AC repair company to handle the unit.

Shrieking noise

Does your furnace produce a highly-pitched squealing noise? That is a sign of a problem with the blower motor, such as an out-of-place damaged belt. If you discover this problem early, you can call a heating and AC repair company to have it addressed promptly. Otherwise, if the problem is missed and addressed early, it may damage the furnace to the point where you might have to replace it.

Scraping Sounds

Does your furnace produce a scraping noise? That could be a sign that its ball bearings are worn out. On the other hand, the furnace blower wheel may be loose. Regardless, it is advised that you have a heating and AC repair company in Frisco, TX, send a technician for a further inspection.

Rumbling and Rattling Noises

Your furnace will vibrate if something is loose inside. If a component in your electric or gas furnace becomes loose, it could break other parts. Enlist a licensed heating and AC repair company to inspect the heat exchanger, hot surface ignitor, furnace blower motor, and gas burners. A qualified technician is equipped with the equipment and tools to tighten the loose furnace components.

Humming Sounds

Most furnaces will produce a humming sound while they’re operating. However, this noise shouldn’t be too loud to the extent that it makes your home uncomfortable. Hence, if the noise has become noticeably loud, that is a sign that your furnace blower fan or even capacitor. To avert any damage to the furnace blower fan, it is recommended that you not repair it yourself. Instead, try repairing the unit yourself; enlist a heating and AC repair company in Frisco, TX.

Overheating Blower

Have you noticed that your furnace’s blower motor is overheating? That is a sign that you might need a hearing and an AC repair company to replace it with another one. But how can you notice that your furnace is overheating? It produces an uncharacteristic smell that comes from the air vents. Further, if the blower stops whenever the heater is running or completely turning off, it is an overheating sign.

Limited Air Flow from the Air Vents

The first sign that the blower motor might need repair is limited airflow. Leaky air ducts, bad capacitors, or dirt are additional factors that can affect the airflow from your vents. Have you noticed that there is limited airflow from your furnace? Enlist a reliable and licensed heating and AC repair company to conduct further inspections to determine the root cause of the problem. They will then conduct the required repairs to ensure your home is comfortable.

You Have to Adjust Your Thermostat Constantly

The thermostat can be said to be the brain of your furnace. It specifies how much heat the furnace should produce and which temperatures it should sustain. If your home is never adequately heated, then there may be an issue with the thermostat’s wiring. Alternatively, the burner may also be the component having a problem. Or, the furnace blower motor might not be pumping the heated air efficiently, meaning that you’ll have to enlist a heating and AC repair company to replace the furnace blower motor with a new one.

The Furnace Produces Cold Air

If the furnace produces much more cold air than hot, make an appointment for an inspection. Your furnace’s inability to create heat might be caused by several factors, including blocked air ducts, dirty air filters, or a clogged furnace blower motor. Some of these challenging issues will require you to enlist a heating and AC repair company in Frisco, TX, for further inspection and repair.

The Furnace Isn’t Powering Up

Does your furnace have a faulty blower motor? Then it will have issues turning on as it gets old. If you repeatedly have to restart it during the day, this is cause for concern. It implies that an evaluation of your unit is necessary. You have two options for your unit’s damaged components to fix this problem: repair or replacement. Whichever option you choose, you should involve a heating and AC repair company in affecting it.

Smelly Furnace

When you turn on your furnace, having your nose treated to various smells is the last thing you expect. Unfortunately, the furnace might produce uncharacteristic odors, with some being relatively harmless. However, others may be signs of an ongoing safety hazard and should be addressed by the heating and AC repair company. So, what are some of the odors worth worrying about, and what should you ignore?

Burnt Dust

You’re likely starting the furnace appliance for the first time in a while as you prepare for a wonderful winter. But just as underused items in your home can accumulate dust, so too does your furnace when idle. When you finally turn on your furnace, the collected dust ultimately burns away, emitting a distinctive burning smell.

Most of the time, burned dust won’t cause your furnace any problems. After a few heating cycles, the smell should be gone when the last dust particles are burned off. Nothing else needs to be done; you can vacuum and dust your furnace to eliminate some surface dust and lessen burning smells. This is among the smells that don’t require that you call a heating and AC repair company or even worry much.

Musty Odors

Does your furnace share the same air handler with the split air conditioner? Then the furnace might throw off a musty odor when you turn it off. The musty odors manifest themselves from damp and dark environments, especially after extended periods of inactivity. If the air filters are clogged or have gone for a long time without getting changed, then it might make the furnace smell musty.

Like the burning dust odor explained above, you can dry up the dampness and remove any musty odors after running the furnace for a few heating cycles. However, if the musty odor doesn’t disappear or even get stronger as time progresses, you might be dealing with mildew or mold. Regardless of the heating and AC repair company in Frisco, TX, send a technician to investigate the issue further.

Oil Odors

Do you use an oiled-fired furnace? Might it occasionally throw unwanted smells? If you had a repair by a heating and AC repair company and oil was spilled without refueling the heating unit, the smell might linger for several days before dissipating. However, this similar issue may be caused by oil leaks. Hence, whenever you notice this, have a heating and AC repair technician inspect the unit for oil leaks. If there are no leaks, the professional will inspect the furnace for incompletely burned oil and repair the burner.

Noxious Fumes

An entirely or partially blocked exhaust chimney will redirect the noxious exhaust smells back to your home. The chimney blockages also can make carbon monoxide accumulate within your home. Hence, have a heating and AC repair company send a technician to check the air chimneys and thoroughly clean them of any obstructions. The technician might also recommend installing carbon monoxide detectors alerting you in case of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Rotten Eggs

Propane and natural gas are colorless and odorless in natural states, which makes them highly impossible to protect. Because of this, natural gas suppliers add methyl mercaptan to the natural gas to make it more noticeable. Though also colorless, methyl mercaptan creates a potent odor that smells like rotten. You should notice the stench of rotting eggs.

Only when there is a gas leak in young eggs. After turning on your furnace, leave the house immediately if you suddenly notice a strong smell of this unpleasant odor. Call the fire department or local gas company once you are secure outdoors to turn off the gas to your home while you look for the leak’s source. Contact a heating and AC repair company in Frisco, TX, to get your furnace repaired or replaced if it is the cause of the gas leak.

The Furnace Blower Motor Over 15 Years

Most furnaces have an average service life of about 15-20 years. This depends on how well you maintain the unit and its size. If you have used your heating and air conditioning unit for too long, you might experience frequent major repairs and constant breakdowns. At worst, your furnace’s blower motor might even completely shut down. Furnace blower motor replacement isn’t a cheap undertaking. However, you could avoid all these costs by having regular maintenance performed by a heating and AC repair company.

Yellow Pilot Light

Your furnace’s pilot light should typically be blue and have a constant burn. The presence of a blue pilot light indicates that the blower motor in your furnace is burning natural gas. Additionally, it implies that it is performing well. Conversely, a yellow pilot light could indicate a toxic carbon monoxide leak that could endanger your entire home. When the yellow pilot light starts to flicker, don’t wait – call a reliable heating & AC repair company immediately to get it fixed.

Protect Your Furnace Blower Motor with Routine Maintenance

For your furnace to function efficiently, you need to service it properly. This means that components will not run into problems like broken or malfunctioning blower motors. However, should the unit run into a problem, you should leave the repair to a licensed heating & AC repair company in Frisco, TX. Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Dallas for any furnace repair.

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